Mustapha Returns to DCP

SUMMIT, Doritos of Club Penguin’s Empire – After being fired from Doritos of Club Penguin, Mustapha made his own version of Doritos. However, this wasn’t needed after all because only a few days after being fired, he was brought back by WWE as leader once again. Does this spell out more controversy?

As the community knows, Mustapha was fired from Doritos of Club Penguin after being accused of multilogging by  Jester. Thanks to the accusations against Mustapha, he was quickly fired from Doritos. It was then said that leading the new era of Doritos would be 13yearoldnoob, Trader and Jester. However, shortly after Mustapha was fired, he was brought back into Doritos because apparently it was proven that Mustapha didn’t multilog. Here’s what the post about firing Mustapha said:

Before the re-opening, Mustapha promised me that no multi-logging would occur under his current reign. This simply was a lie, due to the fact that he did indeed multi-log. The chat sizes we’re mainly consisted of bots made by him, brought on hours before events to keep the chat size going.


Since the post was made a new post has been made to say something else. Mustapha, once added back to DCP’s website, decided to make a post to make it official that he is back in Doritos. He states in the post that WWE “discovered who actually multilogged”. The real people who multilogged, according to them, were Jester and Trader. Here’s what some of the post said:

As of 8/23/16 I have proven to Wwe that I did not ever multilog. He’s discovered who actually multilogged (trader and jester) and they will never be welcomed here ever again.


-Mustapha, DCP Leader

To see the full post made by Mustapha, click here! In an interview conducted with Mustapha, which you can see below, he says he now has plans so big he feels “uncomfortable telling most people”. This basically means he has huge plans for Doritos and has high hopes for them.

Since returning to the read Doritos Mustapha or fellow leader 13yearoldnoob have not had any events. However, Mustapha did hold an event while in his own version of the Doritos. At the event he held he managed to average about 15. The event was the invasion of Summit. However, even though they invaded Summit, they had to run because of attacking bots. According to Mustapha on the original results post he said the invasion was “void and must be rescheduled”.


Doritos invasion of Summit.

Interview with Mustapha

CPAC: Why were you fired before being rehired?

Mustapha: Jester convinced WWE that I “multilogged”, WWE, being irrational, had removed me from the site.

CPAC: Why were you brought back?

Mustapha: Because I didn’t actually multilog lol.

CPAC: Are you happy to be back in DCP?

Mustapha: Yeah of course, I’m looking forward for future endeavors.

CPAC: Are you still angry at WWE for firing you?

Mustapha: At first I was, but we chopped it up.

CPAC: What plans do you have for DCP?

Mustapha: I have plans so big, I feel uncomfortable telling most people.

CPAC: Any final Comments?

Mustapha: I duck these cold faces, post up fi-fie-fo-fum basis

It’s clear to see that Mustapha is looking forward to leading Doritos once again. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can make DCP do well, like in the past.

What do YOU think? Is Jester a bad person? Is Trader a bad person? Does Mustapha deserve to be leader again? 
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!

CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


3 Responses

  1. dee see pee

  2. Well I brought it up a few hours before this post…Oh well welcome back Mustapha 🙂

  3. Hey an important note for your post, please include they were invading from UMA and they knew we had 30+ in the town so they didn’t come to us. 🙂 Heres proof: (

    Also, Mustapha wasn’t removed solely for multilogging, it was a plethora of reasons; however, due to the simple fact that he manipulated enough kids to stay with him, Wwe had no choice but to give him the site back. Also you should include DCP is on their last leg with one server after 3 successful invasions from the UMA last night…

    Lastly, to your “What do YOU think? Is Jester a bad person? Is Trader a bad person?” portion at the end, no. They are not bad people, they were fighting a valiant effort but it was hopeless when people were willing to stand with parrot boy over their army. And DCP doesn’t have enough troops to dislike this so expect any dislike bombs to be from Mustapha. 😉

    ****ALSO ANOTHER NOTE**** In your intro you put Summit as their capital in the intro, but they don’t own the server, UMA does.

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