Coalition Meeting Agenda: Sunday, August 28th

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week we see- Oh wait, wrong post. What do you mean Goblin already used that joke? Well, I just used it again. Anyway, below are the times and agendas for the coalition this Sunday.

Sunday, August 28th

Coalition General Assembly

1 PM – 2 PM EST

12 PM – 1 PM CST

11 AM – 12 PM MST

10 AM – 11 AM PST

6 PM – 7 PM UK

Army Central

Coalition Private Voting Panel

2 PM – 3 PM EST

1 PM -2 PM CST

12 PM -1 PM MST

11 AM – 12 PM PST

7 PM – 8 PM UK

Army Central

Topic to be Addressed: 

Public Forum:

  • Adjustment to CPA and the Coalition
    • What proposed policy changes should take place? (Proposed laws to be created to be passed in a future meeting)
    • What can CPA do to make itself better? CONSTRUCTIVE criticism?
    • Announce addition and how to use the new page to propose new topics and laws to be passed at Coalition Meetings.
  • Reflection
    • How should mulitlogging be handled?
  • Preparation for the Voting Panel
    • What role should CPA have in treaties?
    • Discuss new candidates for Battle Ruling Committee (same procedure as before)
    • How many troops must be present for an invasion to be made valid?

Voting Panel:

  • What role should CPA have in treaties? (vote)
    • Should we just keep documentation of said treaties?
    • Should we enforce the consequences of if a treaty is broken?
    • Should there be a standard consequence that all armies who break their treaties must follow?
  • Amount of time allowed for an army to post event results following a battle. Or the side to post results first is declared the winners.
    • 5 hours.
    • 10 hours.
    • 12 hours.
  • How many troops must be present for an invasion to be deemed sufficient?
    • 3.
    • 5.
    • 10.
  • Elect members of the Battle Ruling Committee
    • Mark attendence of the applicants and read the rules
      • All applicants must be present throughout all the election process, each applicant will be asked (in pc to the coalition moderator residing) if they would like to make a short 2 minute speech about why they should be elected (to list their qualifications and such) or would just like to move onto the next person to decide, once all applicants have been asked if they would like to make a short speech and have done so each army will pc the coalition moderator presiding their top 3 picks for Battle Ruling Committee Member, announce elected members at the conclusion of the voting session
    • Read list of applicants:
      • TryMe79
      • Spyguy202
      • Ant
      • Harooniaz
      • B Batman3
      • Superhero123
      • Lights717
      • Security
      • Lenco
      • Drake8893
      • Xxtoysoldier
      • Adden433
      • Fluffyboy3

CPA Central Editor-in-Chief

CPA Director

Red Gush24
CPA Chief Executive Officer

CPA Chief Executive Officer

CPA Coalition Moderator


3 Responses

  1. Zoomey we need to have a serious discussion about jokes & their patent rights

    • Please, I’m sorry, please! Put the whip away! Gob, I’m sorry! AAAH!

  2. Did I really just read “should it be whoever posts results first wins the battle?”? That line gave me cancer.

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