Mustapha10 Removed from Doritos

DISPUTED TERRITORY, Doritos Headquarters – In a shocking turn of events, Wwebestfan, Doritos creator and legend, has removed Doritos leader, Mustapha10 from the DCP leadership. How will this effect DCP?

A well known and controversial leader in the Doritos army has been removed from the DCP leadership as on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. Wwebestfan, Doritos Creator, released a post titled “The New Era of DCP – the Removal of Mustapha10”. With the Doritos being only recently revived within the last few weeks, will this coup prove to be a progressive action, or will it instigate a fall in activity and size within the DCP?

In Wwe’s post, he claims Mustapha10 “promised him that there would be no multilogging under his current reign”, and that “this was simply a lie”.

Before the re-opening, Mustapha promised me that no multi-logging would occur under his current reign. This simply was a lie, due to the fact that he did indeed multi-log. The chat sizes we’re mainly consisted of bots made by him, brought on hours before events to keep the chat size going.

He also goes on to say that “multiple legends have complained about this topic, explaining how Musta was still doing the same stuff he used to do”. Wwebestfan certainly makes it clear in his post that there will be no cheating, multilogging or any kind of scandals in the DCP. He also claims that “if multilogging is found, I will permanently shut down DCP forever. Cheating will not be tolerated, we will from now on play fair with other armies”.

The post also states that Jester and 13yearoldn00b will be the new leaders, and that any other leaders would have to be confirmed by him and him only. A new chat was assigned to the army, presumably to restrict Mustapha10 of chat control.

Mustapha is believed to be responsible for the return of the Doritos on August 8th, 2016. Since then, the Doritos have held 7 events, including the Defense of Walrus and the Invasion of Snow Shoe. Mustapha is the Doritos’ 32nd leader, and lead the army in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and this year, 2016.


DCP 2012

Mustapha is believed to be creating his own separate Doritos, could this mean a potential Civil War? An interview with Wwebestfan will be added as soon as he gets online.

As always at CPAC, we want to know YOUR opinion! What do YOU think will be the outcome of the coup? Let us know in the comments section below!


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10 Responses

  1. lul

  2. okay but like he couldn’t have done this 17 scandals ago?

    • Or maybe he did…Only time can tell…or until he admits it…who knows.

    • He more than likely did but people sort of just let it pass like with every thing in armies.

  3. PRAISE THE LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST FOR KILLING OFF THIS FUCKING BASTARD. recruiting… we will +1 your rank from whatever army you are in.

  4. he didn’t do it and we are in a civil war now

    • musty dindu nuffin! he wuz a gud boy!

      • He was on the honor roll!

  5. also it was someone who cooped him that did this and framed it on musta


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