DW Declares War on SP

UPDATE, 10:21pm GMT – SP release a response post, which can be viewed by clicking here

FROSTY, DW Nation – In a period of time where war is in no short supply, the Dark Warriors have declared war upon the Smart Penguins. The Dark Warriors have released a declaration of war post, but no response has been posted on the Smart Penguins’ site.

While the alliance/RPF war rages on, two other armies have decided to settle their differences on the battlefield. There has been plenty of tension between the SP and DW in recent times, with DW accusing SP of “poaching their troops”. The Dark Warriors have released their war post, which outlines the reasons for the declaration, and the times for their first invasion.

The post is titled “The Conquest Begins”, and written by Drake, DW Commander. Here is an extract from the post;

In our conquest to expand our nation, we hereby declare war on Smart Penguins. They have been a hindrance to our armies by blatantly chat recruiting and poaching our troops. We begin by taking their precious capital “Ice Breaker” this Sunday.

As we can see from this paragraph and of course, the title, the Dark Warriors are not only seeking to punish the Smart Penguins for their actions, but are also on a mission to expand their nation, presumably on the Server Map. As of today, August 20th, the Dark Warriors currently own two servers; Fog and their capital, Frosty. This is mainly due to the fact that they were only recently revived by former NW leaders Drake and Toysoldier. If you would like to read the full post, click here.

The Smart Penguins have not released a response post to this, so no details can be given to you at this time. Updates will be added as soon as the SP respond. The Smart Penguins currently own fourteen servers on the Server Map, making them a suitable target for an army looking to expand its nation.

The Dark Warriors returned to the community on Friday, August 12th, when they held their returning event. They averaged sizes of 22-23, and were raided by an army called “Blue Troops”, who they claimed were two people who multi logged to 6 on CP.


DW’s Event

The next they, they held an unscheduled recruiting event where they averaged 18 and maxed 20. They held two other events since the re-opening, one being the invasion of Sleet and the other being a battle against the RPF.

The Smart Penguins are just out of war with the Golds, where they were actively involved with their AUSIA division, holding 9 invasions, all with their AUSIA. Their sizes ranged from 8-12, claiming victory on all, with the Golds not showing up to most of them.


SP’s event

Today, a treaty was agreed upon by Coqui, Golds leader and Superhero, SP Leader that brought an end to the war. Superhero123 released the post containing the treaty on the Smart Penguin’s website;

The war with Golds and Security Army was being pointless due to each army invading the other in divisions they hadn’t developed. We decided to end is at a tie. Here is the treaty:


I was unable to get an interview with DW, as there were no representatives online at the time. I caught up with Madhav, SP Leader, to see what his thoughts were, and how he was going to deal with DW;

Interview with Madhav, SP Leader 

CPAC: What was your reaction when you first heard that the Dark Warriors had                                     declared war?

Madhav: I mean I was shocked. I knew DW was allied but our war with Golds just ended so                      I didn’t expect it.

CPAC: Do you plan on arranging some sort of treaty with DW, or do you plan on defending                 to the last man?

Madhav: Well, I don’t really want to go to war with DW, but we will invade back if we have                    to.

CPAC: How does SP plan on winning the war?

Madhav: SP has our AUSIA division and we use it to our advantage in every single war but I                   cannot get into more detail.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Madhav: I hope we win.

Upon reading SP’s interview, it seems that the SP do not even want war with the Dark Warriors. The Dark Warriors seem like the aggressor, with SP potentially attempting to reach negotiations with the Dark Warriors.

With the alliance/RPF war still going on, and DCP under attack from multiple armies, will this war be able to take the spotlight in the community, or will it be another 12 hour war, with both parties coming to an agreement and signing treaties? Who knows?

As always at CPAC, we want to know what YOU think! Leave your predictions of this war down below in the comments section. Thank you for reading.


CPA Central Reporter



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  1. odang

  2. DW VP – Bmx40 sends threats to ACP due to me joining ACP. Beef between us could be starting soon.

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