Legends Cup VII – Finals Predictions

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KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – A tournament that featured the best of the best facing off to claim the Legends Cup VII trophy has now been narrowed down to only 2 competitors. With both armies prepared to give, everything they got to capture this much-anticipated trophy, the CPA Central upper staff have cast their own predictions weighing insight on this final.


Rebel Penguin Federation (1) vs. Water Vikings (2)

To begin the tournament, all armies were given a seed in accordance with their rank on the CPA Central Top Ten. The Rebel Penguin Federation were announced the #1 seed, while the Water Vikings were the #2 seed. As both were expected to be the co-favorites in Legends Cup VII, both armies have been nothing short of dominant as they have conquered their competitors to reach the biggest stage in CP armies tournaments.

The Rebel Penguin Federation began their tournament journey with a battle against the Silver Surfers. As the Silver Surfers used to be a dominant force in this community, no one had any clear expectations on how SS would perform. Therefore, once the day of the tournament did arrive, RPF stole the attention with a dominating victory over the struggling Silver Surfers; claiming a spot in a Quarterfinal match-up with the Wild Ninjas. Going off the radar, for the most part, the Wild Ninjas grabbed the attention of many when they showed up to battle with a force of 20+ penguins to equal up to the RPF. With sizes canceling each other out, it came down to who would show off an advancement of tactic and art to get the win. Once it did come to the final say, the Rebel Penguin had been awarded  another victory and a place in a three-way semi-final matchup with Army Republic and the Night Rebels. Once again, RPF rose the bar and successfully out-muscled each army  to lock its spot up in the final.


Like the Rebel Penguin Federation’s first round matchup, the Water Vikings were paired up with a heavily weighted underdog, The Penguin Army Force. TPAF is a sub-division of the Wild Ninjas. After getting past TPAF, the Water Vikings have then been tasked to battle the Army of Club Penguin, an army who undoubtedly could put up a fight. At what was built up to be an anticipated battle, bots overshadowed the event resulting in another three-way battle between the Nachos, ACP, and WV. At this battle, ACP was quickly voted out of the battle due to insufficient sizes narrowing the battle down to the Water Vikings and the Nachos. After battling it out for a spot in the finals, the Water Vikings once again came out on top and closed the last spot into the finals with RPF.


Going through possible outcomes of this battle, I do expect to see both armies hitting sizes of up to 30+ at this battle; however, I do believe the tactics will be the factor in crowning the victors of this tournament. Quite possibly, this battle will come down to who has a better arrangement of experienced and battle-tested leaders. Although I do think this battle will be close, I will have to say that I expect the Rebel Penguin Federation to beat out the Water Vikings in a highly contested fight.

The Editors’ Predictions:

Jodie, CPA Central Interim Manager: Water Vikings

Lorenzo Bean, CPA Central Executive Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation


As the upper staff here at CPA Central have put forth their predictions, we would greatly appreciate hearing YOUR predictions too! Who do you expect to win the tournament? Do you think this battle will be a close battle or  heavily dominated by one side? Comment the predictions YOU have below!


CPA Central Executive Producer


10 Responses

  1. rpf will win

    • Yess. Fight The Good Fight.
      (BTW. Your dislikes are so stupid. You hate RPF, becuase we are the best. So laughty.)

  2. im a Nacho so my opinion should hardly matter,but I’m saying it anyway…

    • You should go help your allies (wink)

  3. gay

    • nice comment Lego…

      • stfu. I told you not to comment on gay sites!!! 😡 (no)


  5. WV undoubtedly will win. You have shady approval.

  6. Everyone wins and the world is now peaceful! :3

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