Legends Cup Finals VI: Water Vikings vs RPF: A Look Back in History

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The Legends Cup VII Final is boiling up to be a huge battle between Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation. However, this isn’t the first time they’ve faced off. They also faced on in the Legends Cup VI Final last year. It’s time to hop into the time machine and take a look at the battle they had last year!

Going into the battle it looked as if RPF were going to take the advantage. They had maxed 31 vs Water Troops, they maxed 60 vs Pretzels and they maxed 60 vs Army of Club Penguin. Water Vikings had maxed 25 vs Cobras, they maxed 42 in the rematch vs Cobras, they maxed 45 vs dark warriors and they had maxed 55 vs Blue Miners Army. This made it look as if RPF were just about going to pull it off and win the Legends Cup VI.

The battle started at the Ice Berg. Both armies looked evenly matched. However, Water Vikings just about had more in the room which made things look bad for RPF. Quite a lot of troops in both armies were locked out. Sadly for RPF, Water Vikings managed to squeeze more troops into the room before RPF could making Water Vikings take the advantage of the first room in the battle. However, they still had more rooms to go.


RPF vs Water Vikings: Legends Cup VI.

The next room was the Cove. In this room it looked as if Water Vikings were going to take another room. They managed to get into the room faster then RPF could, again. Both armies done really well in this part of the battle but it looked as if Water Vikings managed to get the room in the bag once again. This made things look really bad for RPF. Although, the room nearly had the same amount of people meaning RPF just about made the room a draw.


Water Vikings vs RPF: Legends Cup VI.

The next room was the Forest. This was the room where everything changed. This time RPF managed to pull together and get into the room faster then Water Vikings. Rebel Penguin Federation jumped into the room really fast preventing Water Vikings from getting into the room. Many WV did get into the room but, RPF managed to get more in the room then Water Vikings.

This is what changed the battle and made the battle go into overtime. The first room, Water Vikings won, the second room was a draw and the third room Rebel Penguin Federation won. This made things look great for RPF all of a sudden.


RP vs Water Vikings: Legends Cup VI.

The next room was for overtime. It was the Ski Village. At the start it looked as if Water Vikings were going to take advantage but then the tactics and size advantage for RPF took over. Suddenly it looked bad for Water Vikings. It was a hard fought battle between both armies but the fight was too much for WV. Both RPF and Water Vikings put on an amazing performance but in the end, RPF took the gold and won the tournament. Legends Cup VI went to RPF.


RPF vs Water Vikings: Legends Cup VI.

Water Vikings were really upset that they had lost. Meanwhile, while WV were getting over the loss RPF began celebrating. RPF had won the Legends Cup VI and took home the gold. Water Vikings were upset but eventually realized that it was a close battle and second place was a great place to end up.


RPF Won Legends Cup VI.

The finals of Legends Cup VII is drawing near and once again it’s RPF vs WV. Both armies are looking very strong going into the battle. Will RPF retain the title and prove that it wasn’t a fluke last year or will Water Vikings destroy RPF and claim the Legends Cup VII. It’s going to be a great battle to watch and it’s going to be interesting to see who wins the rematch between Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings.

What do YOU think? Who will win the Legends Cup VII? Did RPF deserve to win last year? Which army are you hoping wins?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


4 Responses

  1. Nice post Zoomey.

  2. Water Vikings had exactly twice the size of the RPF in the cove.

    • Berg: Tie
      Cove: MASSIVE WV victory
      Forest: Tie

      Overtime wasn’t needed.

      Overtime: RPF slim victory

      • Not that I look at it, WV had a +3 size advantage at Ice Berg as well. Lol

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