KLONDIKE, 6789cool’s recording studio – After working on it for 2 or 3 days, I’m proud to release my next video – THE TOP TEN ARMIES RANT. In this video, I poke some fun at each of the top ten armies in what turned out as some sort of strange cross between Sir David Attenborough and LeafyIsHere.

Below is the embedded video – if you enjoy it, it would help me greatly if you could visit the youtube page to like and subscribe!

My next upload will most likely be another face-cam video. Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for it!


Former Nacho Leader and CPA Content Creator





5 Responses

  1. We need more CP army videos. One way we could take the direction of this community is to establish a presence on the Club Penguin section on youtube. At the same time, let’s not make cp armies something to cringe at. I’m pretty sure a video on club penguin wars went viral at some point. Let’s make content and advertise the hell out of it. With the size of this community, we can spread anything on the internet to a decent amount.

  2. Sorry if I misheard you in the video; however, I do believe I heard you mention all WV leaders have some sort of involvement in CPAC. Frankly, the only WV leader in CPAC is Funks of course and he doesn’t even make the Top Ten so I’m not sure what basis you have to claim bias.

    • ’twas merely a social experiment and a prank my brethren

      In all seriousness I’m a lot less informed about armies these days than I let on, and most of the things I said probably weren’t to be taken as fact. Pretty much just for light humor haha

      IMO everyone got the same treatment to some extent in the video anyways so yeah

  3. Yo the vid was funny. I’m a SP leader and we smarter than than all ya dumbasses. Jk good vid bro

  4. I honestly felt this more of “hey don’t mean to offend you but there’s this one thing I’m bothered by” more than a “roast” If someone were to roast these armies they’d be probably the most hated faggot in the community.

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