The Buddy Controversy: What Really Happened?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the community know, Water Vikings were struck with a vile act as one of their leaders, Buddy, who had decided to give WV’s chat password to RPF as well as attempt the merge of Water Vikings into Rebel Penguin Federation. Today we take a closer look into the build up of the carnage and what was going on in Buddy’s mind building up to the events.

Please note: This does not represent CPAC’s views on the situation

On August 11th Buddy decided to give Badboy, Rebel Penguin Federation leader, Water Vikings’ chat password. Not long after this act, Rebel Penguin Federation took over the entire chat preventing Water Vikings’ leaders from getting main owner on the chat. Not long after, Buddy announced that Water Vikings were merging into RPF as well as giving all the servers Water Vikings’ own to be transferred to RPF . Buddy then added “RPF Leader” to his name instead of “WV Leader” which made it look as if it was true. It was then confirmed that WV wasn’t merging, however, Buddy was still joining RPF for leader. It was also confirmed that Buddy made Silver revoke the server transfers so that WV kept all their servers. Not long after it looked as if Joffrey took over the chat. This was shortly confirmed that it was just Badboy pretending to be Joffrey. After about an hour of pure chaos Water Vikings managed to get the chat back but Buddy left for RPF. One question remained, and still does; Why did Buddy do what he did? Well, after an interview conducted with Buddy, I managed to get into the mind set of Buddy to see what he was thinking.


Water Vikings’ chat while hacked.

In the interview, Buddy said that he was getting abuse, especially from Army Republic and Nachos, for making a treaty with Rebel Penguin Federation and ending the war. He explained that he was getting his “daily abuse” and that this time he “just snapped”. Right at that second, he went onto RPF’s chat and gave the password and before you knew it, RPF took over the chat.


Picture of the treaty between RPF and WV.

However, he pointed out in the interview that, although RPF looked bad in this situation, RPF are not actually that bad. He said, once he asked Silver to stop, RPF stopped destroying the chat and gave it back to Water Vikings. We do know that Water Vikings got their chat back after Badboy was apparently posing as Joffrey. Badboy gave, the new leader, Jack the password and Jack saved Water Vikings’ chat.

It’s pretty obvious that Buddy made a bad decision without thinking. Mistakes that everyone makes every once and a while. Sadly for Buddy though, his mistake was a big one. However, he did fix his mistake by telling Silver and RPF to stop and give back the chat, which they done.

Buddy has now retired from armies and said that he will be helping Water Vikings for the rest of the Summer. This is his way of saying sorry, which is quite nice. Most of WV have forgiven him and he is even back to owner on chat. He’s now looking for forgiveness from the hole community, which is a pretty big thing to ask. Are you going to forgive him?

I managed to catch up with Buddy to see what his mindset was before, during and after the controversy. Let’s see what he has to say!

Interview with Buddy

*Note: this is an untouched version of the interview to avoid any confusion.

CPAC: So, Buddy, explain your side of the story.

Buddy: Okay, here we go. Last Thursday I had just come back from a long trip (a hockey tourney) and I had a rough day, came on WV and held an event. After the event, I was getting my daily dose of hate for the treaty with RPF & for helping RPF, mainly from Nachos and AR. However, this time I just snapped, and did something very, very stupid. Never did I want to leave WV and I especially didn’t want to harm the army. The next morning, I already had serious regret for the stupid things I did. I couldn’t care less that RPF is 1st, all I know is that I ruined some friendships by doing what I did and I feel like a real jackass. During my time in RPF, I did not feel at home, as I did through my time in WV. So I’ve decided to step down from RPF leader and from CPA, I’m going to take some time and help WV now. It’s as if I was caught in a 15 minute span of really bad shit happening and I snapped. I should have handled it better. Take me back to Thursday night before I did what I did. I would I of done it? No!

CPAC: What were your thoughts while RPF was in control of the chat?

Buddy: What a disaster. It stopped being funny real quick, thankfully it was stopped before it got too out of hand. Giving the chat pass away was a disgusting thing to do. I regretted it straight away, still do.

CPAC: While Badboy had control, did you ever tell him to stop?

Buddy: I had told Silverburg to have this all stop and he did in fact fix everything.

CPAC: What would you of done if Silver said no?

Buddy: I would of retired then and there. I don’t want to lead an army with bad people. RPF doesn’t have bad people leading it, RPF is just not for me. WV is my home. Hence why I stepped down.

CPAC: Will there be any chance of you returning in the future?

Buddy: If there is any army, it’s WV. That’t about it, all my friends and people I care for are there which is why I will be helping WV for the rest of the summer. It’s where I belong.

CPAC: Although it was a short run, do you regret leading RPF?

Buddy: Regret is a strong word, I kind of enjoyed leading RPF for the short time I did, however, if I could go back in time, like I said, I wouldn’t have joined.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Buddy: I know that I have tarnished my reputation in the eyes of many people in this community, but I’m glad most of my friends have stick by me and helped.

It’s clear that Buddy is definitely regretting his actions. However, does he deserve forgiveness, even after he explained his side of the story? That’s where you come in. It’s your choice weather you want to forgive him or not.

What do YOU think? Does Buddy deserve forgiveness? Is Buddy a good person? Should Buddy be trusted as main owner again?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


5 Responses

  1. My apologizes to WV for the trouble I’ve caused & for wasting RPF’s time.

  2. respec

  3. Shambles to be honest

  4. fuck you buddy

    • Why are you still upset? You got another alliance to fight your war for you!

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