Top Ten Armies: 8/14/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – A couple of armies return to the CPAC Top Ten this week. Read on to find out who they are.

Note: WV’s score has been updated.

Top Ten

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [67.10] [+1] 

2. Water Vikings [67.00] [-1]

3. Army Republic [65.00] [+4] 

4. Nachos [63.00] [-1] 

5. Smart Penguins [58.48] [NEW!]

6. Army of Club Penguin [58.36] [+0] 

7. Wild Ninjas [47.50] [+1] 

8. The Penguin Army Force [46.66] [+2]

9. Dark Warriors [46.00] [NEW!]

10. Golds [45.19] [-6] 

Full Statistics Here


Note: The sizes in the descriptions may not reflect the sizes used to calculate the Top Ten.

1. Rebel Penguin Federation: They continued their war with the Nachos this week, leading to a lot of events being scheduled. They saw the Lime Green Army merge into them to kick-off their week. Their first event was a successful invasion of Tuxedo, averaging about 20. They also successfully took Deep Snow as they had a range of around 30-35 in terms of size. They took Ice Cube at AUSIA times with sizes of around 5+. The Water Vikings agreed a treaty to not go to war with the RPF, with RPF giving over five servers. RPF had 25+ in a battle for Aurora. They had slightly less than 25 for their battle for Fjord, against the Nachos. They topped roughly 18-20 in a battle for Mullet, and then about 10 in a battle for Elevation. They had another AUSIA battle, this time for Bunny Hill, as they averaged about 9. In their defense of Outback they maxed about 18. RPF successfully took Caribou with sizes maxing 15-20. They then defended Blizzard with a maximum of about 20-22 online. They fought for Cream Soda, RPF claimed to win, they maxed about 20. In an invasion for Mountain the Rebel Penguin Federation claimed to max 33. RPF took Shiver in an AUSIA event, with sizes of 12+. In another clash for yet another server, the RPF invaded Icebound, and won again with sizes reaching about 20. They fought for Mittens too, and they claimed to win again, hitting about 15-20+ online. They maxed about 18 in their defense of Sled, in which both armies claimed to win. Their AUSIA division invaded another server, with about 7 online, as they successfully claimed Big Snow. They faced off for Downhill and again claimed to win, with sizes of around 25. Similarly in their battle for Yukon, RPF had about 20-25+ on CP. The Nachos and RPF would then face eachother for the server of Mukluk, with the RPF having again about 20+ on CP. The Nachos surrendered in their battle for Matterhorn, as the RPF topped 15-18 online. They had many more events, such as their battle for Sardine with RPF maxing 15. They invaded again at AUSIA times, and again uncontested, as they had about 5. In their battle for Marshmallow, the Rebel Penguin Federation maxed an impressive 30 online. They also defended Walrus and had 20-25+ online. They also defended Arctic with about 20+. They then proceeded to invade Down Under, with Nachos not attending, as they maxed 22. They faced eachother for Yukon, again, as RPF had about 12-14 on CP. In an AUSIA battle for Ice Box, RPF had about 7 online. The Nachos again did not attend this AUSIA battle. RPF maxed 6 in an AUSIA battle for Sasquatch. Migrator was the next server to be battled for, as RPF maxed about 20. They had similar sizes of about 20 in their clash for Deep Snow. RPF had about 13-14 in their clear invasion for Ice Cube. In one of their last battles for the week, RPF had about 20-25+ for Fiesta, with both armies claiming victory. The RPF come in at second again this week.

2. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings began their week with their Legends Cup semi-final battle against ACP and the Nachos. They claimed to have reached sizes of 45, but the battle was rescheduled due to poor judging. They declared war on RPF, but almost immediately worked things out and agreed to a treaty. Their next event was a training session with a top size of 34. They had a USA training session with sizes of 20-22+. WV trained again twice with sizes of 25 and 32. 

3. Army Republic: The AR had a very busy week with many invasions. They finished their war on Sunday with the Lime Green Army, by maxing 10 in their defense of Christmas, Freezer and Toboggan. They then had a training session with sizes of 10-12+. Later that day they conquered three servers, Jackhammer, Snowbound and Alpine, with sizes of 20+, 17+ and 10+ respectively. On August 9th, they had sizes of 15+ in a training session on Ice Age. They had a raid of Belly Slide, topping 16 penguins, and then another Ice Age training session, again with a max of 16. AR successfully took Zipline with sizes of around 25, from the Wild Ninjas, then finishing with two training sessions on Icicle with sizes of roughly 16-18 in both.

4. Nachos: This week, the Nachos continued their war with the Rebel Penguin Federation, meaning more clashes for servers. They started, however, with a Legends Cup Semi-Final against the Water Vikings and Army of CP. They maxed about 20-25+ in this battle, but it was rescheduled due to disorganization. In their first posted battle against RPF, they lost in a battle for Outback and Caribou with sizes of 10-15+. They maxed 20 in battles for Blizzard and Cream Soda. They lost the battle of Icebound with a maximum of 17 troops. Clashes for Mittens and Sled soon followed, with a maximum of 20 and 23. Their battle for Down Under saw them hit similar sizes. They claimed victory in their battle for Fiesta, as they maxed 25 on CP and defeating the RPF.

5. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins start off the week with an AUSIA training session in which they maxed and averaged 10, then had an AUSIA invasion of Snow Day whilst maxing and averaging 12 in troop size. The aforementioned army reached a max of 14, average of 12 in the AUSIA invasion of Bunny Hill, then had an AUSIA training session whilst maxing and averaging 12. The Smart Penguins held a UK practice battle with the Golds, the latter maxed and averaged 15, then maxed and averaged 14 troops at an AUSIA training session. The army held an AUSIA training session while maxing and averaging 14, then ended their week with a US training session where the army maxed and averaged 8.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 11.58.09 PM

6. Army of Club Penguin: The ACP began their week with a UK patrol of Breeze, maxing 15+. This was followed by the defence of Belly Slide from the Snow Ninjas, maxing sizes of 13+. Their next event was the defence of Breeze, in which the ACP claim to have reached heights of 30. Continuing to defend Frozen, they finished their week with the UK invasion of Patagonia and the UK re-invasion of Belly Slide – coming out as the victors of both events. 

7. Wild Ninjas: WN started their week by training on Polar Bear with sizes of 9, which was followed by another training session that also saw sizes of 9 the next day. After this, they trained two times more, reaching sizes of 5 and 12 at those events, before failing to defend their capital server, Zipline, from the Army Republic where they were able to achieve sizes of 15. After losing the server, they made an official statement that they would be opting out of CPA’s server map. On the 12th, WN held a recruiting session, claiming sizes of around 27 before finishing off their week with yet another training session that saw sizes of 9.

8. The Penguin Army Force: The TPAF improved this week, with a UK and USA event on the opening day with both divisions hitting around 7. They had many events on the Monday, starting with an AUSIA event with sizes of 5+. They then had 4, 7+, 8+ and 5+ in their events on the same day, including battles for Jackhammer, Alpine and Snowbound against the Army Republic. They had sizes again of around 5 in an AUSIA event on Tuesday. On the next day they had a UK event topping at 7. In an AUSIA battle on the 11th of August they had sizes ranging from 5-7. They decided to have another AUSIA with 6+, and then a USA event maxing 3. To end the week they maxed 6+ and 3 in training sessions from both their AUSIA and UK divisions.

9. Dark Warriors: The Dark Warriors returned to the community this week, beginning with a recruiting session. In this, the army saw heights of 22. They continued on to hold their official return event which saw heights of 25+. They finished their week with another recruiting, which saw sizes of around 18. 


10. Golds: The Golds started off their week with a recruiting session, during which they maxed 11. After that, they recruited again with a top size of 10. Then, the Golds faced the Smart Penguins with a max of 9. They faced the departure of AUSIA leader Shady, then did an unscheduled AUSIA recruiting session and maxed 9. 

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Interim Manager


CPA Central Interim Manager


 CPA Central Associate Producer


27 Responses

  1. CPAC = satanists confirmed

  2. writing rpf’s description was legit the death of me

    • You wrote it? BIAS BIAS BIAS

  3. ACP 6th after maxing 30? Armies have hope? Oh, never mind SP maxed 15…

    Wait WHAT?!? This top ten confuses me deeply…

    • and I like how we had no improvement from last week

    • Doesn’t matter Zoomy, it doesn’t matter what we do. If you were to ask Lorenzo or Funks they will say “SP had more events” which is bullshit because if we are using that logic RPF should be first and WV wouldn’t even be here.

      • That’s clearly not the reason because both armies had maximum event quality points.

  4. WV have had 4 events – 1st place.
    RPF have had 35 events – 2nd place.
    Now i know, why nobody read CPAC. (ULTIMATE_WARY_V.6.0.EXE)

    • Spamming 35 events with sizes of 15+ in a large majority of them doesn’t automatically warrant first.

      WV had a much higher size average.

      • or cpac is bias. How tf is penguin force ahead of dw??? they maxed like 7 and dw had a higher size average but they aren’t ahead now are they?

    • If no one reads CPAC how do you know who got first and second on CPAC? :O #Exposed rekt rekt rekt

  5. Looks like I was wrong to mock The Penguin Army Force

    They’re maxing 7 now.

    • XD

  6. Good job RPF & nice work again WV

  7. Wait, we were at war with snow ninjas? who? who? who? Oh, was that the army that talked shit after a close battle that would’ve resulted in ACP victory if it was a tourney battle, then proceeded to get smashed in every other battle. L

  8. Keep up the good work, WV! ❤

  9. Ugh it doesn’t matter what ACP does, even if we max 30, 21, and 22 the simple truth is CPAC doesn’t like us there for we will never see top five again.

    • ACP complaining about bias? How times have changed.

  10. How is The Penguin Army Force 8th????


    • ur army tried mass invading our Ausia division. Cowards!

      • what ausia division?

      • ^lol


  13. Great Job PAF and WN 😀

  14. Great return DW!!! I know we were hoping for 8th but we still did amazing. Burn the Light. -DaffyDuck

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