Legends Cup VII: Rescheduled Semi-Final Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – After the first, undecided semi-final battle last week, the Nachos and Water Vikings face each other in an exciting rematch to decide who will move on in the tournament. Read more for the full recap. 

The battle began at 3:00pm EST, with the Nachos entering the Stadium doing an E+8 sick faces bomb, and Water Viking troops pouring in with a joke bomb. After the entrance, the armies formed crossing diagonal lines and began their tactics. To start of the battle, the Nachos were topped off at around 17 online, while the Water Vikings were well ahead of them with roughly 26 troops in the room. After a few minutes, WV pulled off an E+9 rake, and the Nachos chanted “power to the hat” in their line. Resetting after their rake, WV moved into a plus formation as Nacho troops attacked with an E+Q bomb. The Nachos then switched to exclamation points as they got into an ‘L’ formation.


The two sides exchanged emote and word tactics in this setup until the Nachos piled up in the bottom-left corner and pelted their opponent with snowballs. Then, as WV began moving into a circle around the room, the Nachos charged out with a well-executed E+W escalator (running diagonally). Then, they settled into an upside-down ‘T’, and both armies did E+P puffles at the same time. At 3:15, the battle moved to the Dock, where WV entered with an E+T bomb, and the Nachos spammed “boom”. WV troops then circled the pool, and the Nachos attempted to make a plus before doing a joke bomb. After their joke bomb, the Nachos got into an upside-down ‘V’ formation, putting up E+L flowers as WV told them “it’s over”. The two armies exchanged tactics in their formations for a bit, then WV stacked in the center of the room. After a brief pause, they did an E+9 waterfall against the Nachos’ jokes, then moved to form an ‘X’.


At this point, the Nachos had about 18 troops, and the Water Vikings were still bigger with 22. The Nachos had lined up along the edge of the room after doing an E+6 tongues bomb, and WV troops were scattered around saying “moo”. WV then formed a diagonal line and put up E+7 winks. To end the battle, they bombed with E+3, switching to E+8 while the Nachos bombed with “victory” and jokes.


At 3:30, the judges voted on the winner, and it was decided that, in a 3-1-1 vote, the Water Vikings had won the semi-final battle and will move on to face the Rebel Penguin Federation in the final battle of the CPAC Legends Cup VII Tournament. Congratulations to the Water Vikings for their victory, and the Nachos for putting up an admirable fight.

Battle Video

Stay tuned for the final battle times posted later today!

Who do you think won the semi-final battle today? Discuss in the comments below!

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


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