Jack Promoted to Water Vikings Leader

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings’ Empire – A few days after Buddy left Water Vikings for RPF, in a rather odd way, Jack has been appointed leader to take Buddy’s place. Will this effect the army in a positive way?

Jack has a good leading history. He’s led Marines twice and the two times he led Marines, they were seen with good sizes. Now that he’s in Water Vikings, an army that gets first on the CPAC Top Ten Armies quite a lot, he is in hope that he will take his sizes from Marines and bring them over to Water Vikings.

Jack was promoted on the 13th of August, yesterday. Funks was the person who made the post crowning him the leader. His post was entitled “New Leader”. Here’s what the post said:

I, along with the rest of the leadership, are proud to announce that Jack, a long-serving owner of the Water Vikings, will be promoted to replace Buddy as leader. His experience elsewhere in other armies and the strengths he has shown as an owner will be more than enough to ensure he does a fantastic job.

Congratulations to Jack!


WV Leader

P.S. we now have two people called jack as leader *yay*

As Funks said, this makes two Jacks as leader, which might get a bit confusing, especially if people say “Hey Jack” and both of them say “Hello!”. However, it’s not about their names, it’s about how well they do as leader. Both Jack and Jack are good leaders. Jack, who has been leader for longer, has shown he can lead WV. Can new Jack do the same? Can he live up to how WV already do?


Recent Water Vikings event before Jack was leader.

Thus far, there has been two events since Jack got leader, one where Water Vikings maxed 27 and the other where Water Vikings maxed 25. These are both quite good. With the legends cup today, it’s going to be interesting to see how Jack does at it.


Event while Jack is leader.

Interview with Jack, new Water Vikings leader

CPAC: What was your reaction when you got leader?

Jack: I felt proud and relieved because I’d been working hard to try and get leader for quite a long time.

CPAC: What are your plans for WV?

Jack: Well, I plan to get everyone in the army recruiting again, to try and cement the top pot we’ve held onto for so many weeks now but and I also want to make the army fun for people in it.

CPAC: How long do you plan on staying?

Jack: I plan on being in the army as long as possible.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Jack: Join WV!

Jack is fairly confident that he will be able to rise Water Vikings and keep them at the very top. Will this be true? It’s going to be an interesting few weeks in WV. Will be be able to help Water Vikings? Only time will tell.

What do YOU think? Will Water Vikings stay first? Is Jack a good leader? How do you think Jack will do as leader?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!

CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


7 Responses

  1. hail

  2. congratz jack. well deserved.

    • Good replacement. Hopefully he doesn’t get the chat defaced with personal pictures of others as the background and attempt to transfer all the army’s servers to the other army, am I right?

      • someone has nothing better to do than harass me, eh?

  3. Ohh nice

  4. Congrats Jack!

  5. My dude! ❤

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