CPAC Weekly Podcast Anniversary Edition (#5)

Back in 2013 we saw the Weekly Podcast, hosted by former Nachos Leader 6789cool, and now he has returned with a one-off edition of this podcast to discuss the latest news within CP Armies. 6789cool was formally also known for his popular ”Autism in CP Armies” YouTube series. In his YouTube description of the recent new video, Cool stated that ”I decided to make a podcast like I used to back in 2013 for fun. If it wasn’t funny, in the slightest, I won’t be surprised. But I don’t really care”.

Below is the latest Weekly Podcast, make sure you like the video and subscribe to the channel!

We hope you enjoyed this video, a one-off anniversary celebration of the original ones in 2013.


Interim CPA Central Manager


Former Nachos Leader & Podcast Host


12 Responses

  1. gg

  2. Who the fuck is this autistic kid making videos about CP Armies?

    I’m gonna have to make Autism in CP Armies #2.

    • Notice me :3

  3. Nicely done m8.

  4. lit

  5. Thanks for pointing out the obvious! As if we didn’t already know that RPF are declaring war on everyone because their multilog game is strong, armies are dying and we need to end it all already!

    Jokes I genuinely laughed at this TBH

    • someones upset about the autism video mention *redface*

      • Would that be you? 😉

        • I wasn’t mentioned tho, check his video “Autism in Club Penguin armies”

          • I know, I’ve seen it.

  6. I would see it as a sign of maturity that we don’t fight on post results any more.

  7. cool your hilarious 😀

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