RPF vs Nachos: Invasion of Sardine

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – The RPF and Nachos end another day of battling with a showdown on Klondike, fought for control of the server Sardine. Read more for the full report. 

The battle for Sardine began at 8:00pm EST at the Cove, where both armies were set up in ‘L’ formations. They traded tactics here for a few minutes before the Nachos decided to take the battle to the Ice Berg. There, they formed an ‘L’, which ended up turning into an anchor, while RPF troops made a line across the room. Once settled, RPF and the Nachos were maxing about 21 and 22, respectively. Both armies stayed active with tactics, and after a few minutes, RPF troops moved out for an E+9 mad faces waterfall. Nachos countered the move with jokes in their formation. After the waterfall, RPF troops sat on the Nachos and attempted to cover them up with E+M coins. The Nachos fought back with E+W, then did an E+D suns waterfall. RPF defended themselves with E+F clovers, switching to E+C coffee cups as the waterfall ended.


The Nacho forces moved into a diagonal line, putting up E+B light bulbs while RPF did E+5 shocked faces. Next, the Nachos said “Elm go to college”, a word tactic frequently used against RPF, and the RPF troops responded by chanting “viva las allies”, referring to the fact that several Army Republic troops were assisting the Nachos for the battle. A few tactics later, RPF broke their formation with an E+8 sick faces bomb, as the Nacho troops chanted “multi the good multi”. The Nachos put up E+M coins as RPF troops took over their formation again and did E+P puffles. Right after this, the Nachos bombed with E+T before stacking up on the Aqua Grabber. They charged out with a joke bomb, and RPF countered with E+9 in their line.


Afterwards, the Nacho troops got into a line across the Berg. At this point, RPF had dropped to about 18 online, and the Nachos with AR were just above them with 20. After a brief stagnant moment, RPF did an E+I igloos waterfall, then tried to cover up Nacho troops again by sitting on them and doing E+Z. They continued exchanging tactics in this setup for the rest of the battle, then RPF claimed victory on CP and logged off.


Once again, the Nachos and RPF were locked in another close battle. Even with the Nachos’ reinforcements from AR, neither side had a significant size advantage during RPF’s invasion. Both armies had consistent tactic performance, although the Nachos moved around a bit more than RPF. At the end of the battle, RPF claimed that the Nachos automatically lost the battle due to getting help from AR. However, despite situations like this being looked down upon by some people, there is no official rule that bans allies during battles in CPA, and since the Nachos and RPF never agreed to a no allies rule for this war, the Nachos technically weren’t breaking any rules.

The war continues tomorrow with RPF’s AUSIA invasion of White House.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


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