WV Chat Password Leaked by RPF; Bad Poses as Joffrey

UPDATE: Inerview with Badboy added.

BREAKING UPDATE: Katie, WV Leader, regains control of WV Chat.

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Capital-  Only 2 weeks after the RPF chat, RPFvictory was hacked, the chat group for the Water Vikings has been hacked, but a little differently than how RPFs was hacked.

Update #1:  Buddy joins RPF, and gives Badboy/RPF the password to WV chat (as I’ve been told).

Update #2: Buddy “merges” WV into RPF.

Update #3: After the hoopla of RPF accessing WV chat dies down, Joffrey takes over the WV chat.

Update #4: People watching this unfold say it’s not the real Joffrey, but it’s still unknown who it is, many speculate it is Badboy.

Update #5: People confirm it’s not Joffrey and that it’s Badboy on a null, but Badboy keeps up with the act.

Update #6: “Joffrey” asks me for an interview.

Update #7: WV Leader Katie regains control of Water Vikings chat while I was interviewing “Joffrey.”

Update #8: Buddy issues an apology to WV and the CPA Community.

Update #9: I finished the interview with “Joffrey” aka Badboy.

Interview with Badboy

CPAC: Why did you take over the Water Vikings chat?

Joffrey: Actually, the Nachos put me up to this, because they were fed up that WV made a treaty with RPF and backed out of the war.

CPAC: So you side with the Nacho Army?

Joffrey:  Not entirely, but in a way, yes.  They will claim they had nothing to do with this but they put me up to it right when Buddy said he wanted to declare war on the Nachos.  Here’s a picture of that:

CPAC: Considering that Katie has regained control of the WV chat, do you have anything else planned against WV?

Joffrey: I willingly gave her the chat password back.  There was no need to hold on to the chat all night just for it to be retaken by whoever owns it tomorrow.  And no, WV is dead after this week.  They don’t need anything else to kill them any quicker.

CPAC: Final question, do you have any armies you plan to target in the future?

Joffrey:  No, just as WVs case, armies are on their way to death as a whole and I’ll sit back, eat some popcorn, and watch the whole thing happen.

Update #10: Buddy/Silv revokes the transferring of all servers to the RPF Nation.


41 Responses

  1. I would like to apologize to the community, and all of WV as a whole. I was under the impression that I NEEDED to do all of this to get into RPF, but that is obviously not the case. RPF would have welcomed me nonetheless. What I did was reckless and flat out stupid. This does not represent RPF as an army, at all. This is simply me being an idiot.

    I do not regret joining RPF. I regret HOW i joined RPF.

    • I wonder how long before you jump to another army.

      • Considering that Buddy has been in no other army other than WV majority of this year, I don’t understand how that comment applies to him.

        • Ladies.
          Settle it in Smash.

    • The amount of dislikes compared to the likes on your pathetic comment summarizes your pathetic mindset. You are no longer respected, rather on the same boat as Badboy.

  2. Well, that’s crazy…

  3. After receiving a skype call from Sharktank when I was having a nice beer with my friends, he told me that someone took over the Water VIkings chat and is trying to pretend he’s me. I would like to say that you interviewed the fake joffrey and I do not take responsibility for anything said in the interview and/or on the chatbox or in pc with anyone.

    On a site note, Buddy’s foolish and sadistic actions will not go overlooked and unpunished.

    • CPAC would like to inform you that we recognize that isn’t the “real” Joffrey. The interview was added to get into the mind set of the “fake” Joffrey to find out why he had taken over the chat.

      If you have a look at “Update #4” you’ll be able to see that most people see that isn’t you! It’s the same for CPAC. We realize that isn’t you and your friend has confirmed that for us!

      We’d like to say sorry for any confusion this may have caused!

      • Damn it Zoomey I just sent a reply.

    • We knew that we were interviewing the fake Joffrey, as stated in the title and the previous updates. I was also contacted by shark tank telling me it was a poser. We only interviewed the poser to see what HIS motives were for taking the chat, and called him “Joffrey” to avoid confusion.

      • Damn it DMT I sent a reply.

    • ^sweats

      • mega sweats

        • triple sweat

    • >Joffrey

      • >Turkandjd

    • On the contrary, the fake Joffrey attempted to deflect any blame off RPF by saying WV was now the target and RPF was innocent of any multilogging accusations. Considering the chat was given willingly by Buddy, it was pretty obvious that Badboy was behind the impersonation. Buddy giving up the war to join the ranks of RPF was a cowardly move, but RPF taking advantage of this situation was frankly disgusting and dishonorable.

      • I (Not reflecting CPACs opinion just me) agree.

    • Lil kid. Sit down. We all know you can’t hack for shit. You legit looked up my real dox and told me “Carsyn Sanders, Middletown” when all of that was on the dox. To all of you retards who think this guy can actually hack, drink bleach. He can’t.

      • Lol* autocorrect.

        • You’re embarrassing yourself Phin.

          • Nobody asked you. Shut the hell up WV scum or whatever trashed army you’re in now.

            • Phin stop for the sake of your self esteem.

              • I don’t need irrelevant people in my life. Kill yourself.

                • That was very uncalled for. It’s the internet, you really need to chill out.

                  • Does it look like I give a shit?

                    • Yea, you’re still replying lol.

  4. … Buddy

  5. I am Joffrey,
    I am legion,
    I do not forgive,
    I do not forget.


    jk don’t hurt me Joffrey.

    • lol rocks. This is why ily ❤

      • eewwwwwwwwwweeeweewwwwwww

        • COOTIES.

  6. It’s all a big pile of dogsbollocks to me

  7. gg bad and buddy. This is the type of person you are now working with Buddy.

    • Not like WV was actually a legit army anyways.

      • Lol Phin stfu

        • Hey, here’s a better idea: Don’t make stupid replies to comments.

  8. I like pie

  9. I say SP next.

    • Why SP?

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