New Club Penguin Means New Accounts?

This post was written by Skipper233 using CPAC’s YouWrite feature.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s been confirmed that Club Penguin will be shutting down and will be replaced by a new website that some people are already calling “CPNext”. What does this mean for the community if they shut down all of our accounts and Club Penguin?

As most of you know by now, Club Penguin will be shutting down at some point in time to release a new Club Penguin out onto the internet. This is part of the project Club Penguin has been doing for a few years now, known as “Project: Super Secret” in order to make the game more better/newer for all users currently using Club Penguin.

The official name of the new Club Penguin hasn’t been announced yet. Some people are calling it CPNext. But when the new Club Penguin is out and the original CP is shut down completely, it also means a huge migration in Club Penguin Armies as well.
A Club Penguin player named CpXpome has asked Club Penguin current CEO, Spike Hike, if players on normal Club Penguin will keep everything on their current Club Penguin account and transfer it to the new Club Penguin, so they won’t have to start all over again by getting items and other stuff they have worked up to get on the original Club Penguin. Spike Hike responded saying the new Club Penguin will have a whole different and newer system.

This means, everybody who plays current Club Penguin right now and gained all the new items/has all the old items from back from years ago will be gone. Most people are saying that, other people are saying that’s not how it’s going be, that we will keep all our stuff and it will transfer onto the new Club Penguin when it comes out and the original Club Penguin will then shut down for good.

The new Club Penguin is definitely coming out which means to original Club Penguin from 2005 will be completely shut down. All the players on it, including armies, will have to migrate onto the new Club Penguin once it is available for everyone.

Right now, there is nothing but confusion on twitter with people overreacting and neither Club Penguin nor Spike Hike has responded to people asking questions and settling out this huge confusion. Here are some messages from well known Club Penguin bloggers who have been fully updated about this new Club Penguin. Here is what they had to say.
Jdan1001 – CP Blogger:

King Boo – CP Blogger:

So what do you think? Will Club Penguin players have to start all over for what they worked so hard to get? Will they be able to transfer it to the new Club Penguin once it is released?

Skipper: Leave a comment telling us how you feel about Club Penguin players/Armies having to migrate onto a new Club Penguin, once the original is completely shut down. I will make sure to keep you guys informed when anything new comes up.


Army of Club Penguin 4ic


CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


36 Responses

  1. rip :^)

  2. Pretty sure people will keep their items. When this update comes out, I strongly suggest we move game/platform to something thats a little more mature. Think about it. Why do you think recruiting is dead? If we moved platform, it could open up a whole new level of recruiting ; social media. You cant DM someone on twitter and ask them to join a CP army, they would literally laugh.

    But if we move platform, we can find users that are interested in that game. For example, we could find fan pages/community groups on twitter of the platform we are on, then recruit the people that are following those pages in DMs etc. Im not saying pick a random game and go, im saying pick a platform carefully, it could open up a whole new world for this community.

    • Alright let’s do this.
      We’re switching to Call of Duty bois.
      Recruiting will become popular again.

      • Not everyone has cod.

        • The “not everyone has X” isn’t a good argument.Admittedly, COD is a terrible choice for a game to move to and ideally the new game that CP A moves to should be a PC game with fairly low spec requirements

          • Well i dont even have an xbox so I couldn’t play cod if i wanted to

            • It’s an awful game, especially for CPA to move to

              • Yeah. I wouldnt know i’ve never playes

          • Block N Load is a good alternative, as it doesn’t require fast pc’s and is quite fun, but ultimately, our other options are CPPS and Minecraft, unless people want to try out gay MMORPG’s like Runescape, Wizard 101, etc.

            • If we try to move to Minecraft (which is the best option really), people will inevitably say “but you have to pay for Minecraft!!”. Usually that argument comes from people who have spent more than £20 on memberships

              • just make the server(s) everyone plays on cracked so that anyone can create a minecraft account freely to join

  3. end of an era

    • was thinking of writing a DOAB lyric but i see thats not the line before “ice has melted back to life” my bad

  4. Grammar took an L in this post, bih.

  5. Club Penguin must change with the times if it’s expected to keep up with games like Minecraft, LoL etc. The people who are old enough to care about Old CP should’ve been gone a long time ago

  6. I mean it was expected to happen at some point but I’m still shocked

  7. LMAO Where are you guys getting all this information from? As far as I know, Club Penguin, Disney, nor any CP mods/devs have stated anything regarding CPNext.

    CPNext was confirmed to exist a long time ago. Why are people only questioning Spike Hike now?

    • Spike Hike and pretty much Megg confirmed the new club penguin is going to happen. It’s all over twitter, that’s how I get the information, knowing i’m a Club Penguin blogger/youtuber. That’s how I always get the latest updates in CP

      • Skipper, we should talk to each other more often. Do you go on Twitter often?

  8. R.I.P. Armies.

  9. ROBLOX has armies like CP ones; and I’ll be honest, they are more related to the word “armies”. It’s awesome. Some members of the CPA are already in ROBLOX colonial Armies and we are having the best of fun! But meh, CPA will stay CPA forever I guess..

    • No.
      Roblox sux.

      • .

    • Roblox is for 9 year olds who watch dan tdm. Not what it used to be

      • LOL no. DAN TDM SUCKS. Roblox is a very interesting game which you can create whatever you want. Trust me, it rocks.

  10. If this post was posted two years ago there would be 100+ comments.

    • So true!!

  11. Most of this is speculation and very little is actually confirmed, so I wouldn’t worry too much. CPNext has been “imminent” for almost 2 years at this point.

  12. I’m skeptical that the current CP will be shutting down anytime soon. As B2 commented above, all this CPNext business has been rumored for quite some time now, and it’s very likely that they had already been working on it when they first announced it. So after 2 years with pretty much no updates on exactly what they’re doing (saying there’s a “completely new system” and a single image are extremely vague), do you really expect them to even be close to finishing this project? Especially since they’re continuously laying off their staff.

    Let’s face it, Club Penguin itself is folding, I mean it hasn’t been relevant since arguably 2009. You hardly ever see members in the game anymore, there are only a handful of full servers at peak times, the mascots hardly ever visit anymore, the updates are sparse, and the sense of community (i.e. CP news sites) is gone. There’s simply barely a market for the type of game CP is anymore. Why would kids play Club Penguin when they can play Minecraft or Clash of Clans? And don’t even get me started on how the game has turned into a Disney advertising tool for all their new movies. Seriously, think about how nearly all of the parties in the past few years have had some Disney promotion shoehorned into them. Rsnail, Billybob, and Happy77 are probably rolling in their graves.

    I feel like at this point, Disney is grasping at straws, but still not really putting much effort into salvaging Club Penguin. Probably the only way they could turn things around for it is by having a game developer turn it into an actual game where there’s actual goals and meaning. But yeah, I’d say the game is safe as is for at least another year.

    • You say CP is folding, and that could be the exact reason why “CPNext” is, potentially, right on top of us. Everyone is bored of the current Club Penguin and they need to do something to once again bring interest to their franchise.

  13. Bingo

  14. To at war we go!

  15. This is just depressing, especially Lorenzo’s comment. We must only hope that Project: Super Secret either revitalises our game or we can move to an other platform that is large an easy access, I suggest Minecraft.

  16. Oh my… After the years of club penguin l played… When billybob and happy77 was there, and the
    Party they have made… Are so much fun. Those were the childhood days, and that will not be forgotten, it’s just fun as when l was a kid. This is very shocking when l see this post. I will not forget this at all, this isn’t the end of world for all of the club penguin fan who have their rare accounts. I don’t think they will lose them when you got them, you will still have them – as well as the items, background, pins, and furnitures.

  17. When Club penguin R.I.P.S does that mean New CP will have different Servers?


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