Water Vikings and RPF Make a Treaty, War Ends

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings’ Empire – What looked to be a huge war has ended. Both Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation have come to an agreement so that neither army can invade each other until 2017 and no server can be transferred to Nachos or any of WV’s allies. Is this a good thing?

The two main armies which have been fighting for number 1 on the CPAC Top Ten are Water Vikings and RPF. Tension between them had been boiling high for a while as both armies had events to try get to first place. Eventually, war broke out between both armies with Chip from Water Vikings releasing a declaration of war post. This seemed like a bad thing for RPF as they already have Nachos on their back and not to mention SP declaring war and DCP threatening war.

It’s been a while that the RPF have spoke crap about us, including their recent attempt to “expose” CPAC for being WV bias, which is just frankly hilarious. It’s time to take action against the Rebel Scums.

The Water Vikings hereby declare war on the frail >>>RPF<<<

-Chip, Water Vikings’ adviser.

All seemed to be bad for RPF. They were now worrying about many wars as well as worrying about DCP threatening to declaring war on them. How were they going to fight all the armies off at once? It looked as if RPF were going to have to work really, really hard. Harder then they had ever worked before, but just as it seemed that way, Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation reached an agreement and ended the war that had just begun.

The final agreement between both armies was that Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings cannot invade each other until the 1st of January 2017 which is just under 5 months away. RPF gave the servers Polar, Snow Day, Great White, Avalanche and Ascent to the Water Vikings with the agreement that no servers mentioned in the treaty are allowed be transferred to Nachos or any other army allied with WV. Both Badboy, RPF leader, and Buddy, WV leader, agreed to this.


RPF and WV agreeing to the terms of the treaty.

You could say this is a good thing for RPF as they now have one less army to worry about but, they are still at war with two other armies as well as another army threatening war. RPF have one less problem now but they are going to have to stay focused if they want to win war against the rest of the armies that they’re at war with.

I am personally sad this war isn’t happening. WV and RPF are arguably the biggest Club Penguin armies right now. They both constantly get first and second place on the CPAC Top Ten. I was looking forward to seeing these two armies battle but sadly it just wasn’t meant to be. The war with Nachos is still great though. I am enjoying watching it very much. Hopefully it continues to be a good war.

What do YOU think? Did you want to see these two battle? Will RPF win their war? What’s your favorite number? Do you prefer WV or RPF?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!




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