Snow Ninjas Declare War on ACP

Belly Slide, SN Headquarters – A recently revived army known as the Snow Ninjas have declared war upon the Army of Club Penguin. Both sides have scheduled invasions of each other’s land. Will the Snow Ninjas be able to take a bite out of ACP’s empire?

On Tuesday, August 9th, Snow Ninjas leader and creator released a declaration of war post on the Snow Ninjas website. Jack does not go into detail as to the reasons of the war act, but it seems Snow Ninjas are determined to bring down the ACP’s empire.

The Mighty Snow Ninjas hereby declares war upon the Army of Club Penguin

The ACP are a dead army. They have been dead for ages. They are rude and a irrelevant piece to this great community.

The Army of Club Penguin released a response to the declaration, which is significantly longer than the post the Snow Ninjas released. The post is titled “Snow always melts ; don’t forget that”. In the post, Super Edwin, ACP Leader, states the Snow Ninjas are “extremely sore losers”, and that they “offered you the chance to regain your capital through invasion”. Super Edwin also orders them to cancel the invasion of Breeze, before they “screw themselves over”. If you want to read the full post, click here.  There have been multiple other flame posts released on both sides, which of course is not supported by CPAC and will not be linked on this post.

So far in the war, there have only been two battles, which were the invasion of Belly Slide by the Snow Ninjas and the Invasion of Blizzard, also by SN. The Snow Ninjas claimed victory, and Belly Slide was changed to SN control on the server map. Here are two pictures taken from the battle of Belly Slide.



On Tuesday, August 9th, the ACP successfully defended Breeze from the Snow Ninjas. The ACP maxed sizes of 30, while the Snow Ninjas did not show up after 5 minutes, meaning ACP automatically won the battle.  Here is a sample picture from the battle:


The Snow Ninjas have scheduled two other invasions of the ACP for this week so far; those being the Invasion of Frozen and the Invasion of Ice Cold. The ACP has scheduled two invasions, those being the Invasion of Belly slide and Patagonia.

I decided to interview Jack Frenzy, Snow Ninjas leader, to see what his reasons were for declaring war, and how he plans to win.

Interview with Jack Frenzy, Snow Ninjas leader

CPAC : What are the reasons for declaring war upon the ACP?

Jack : They wouldn’t give us our home server

CPAC : How do the Snow Ninjas plan on coming out victorious from the war?

Jack : Hard work and recruiting.

CPAC : How long do you think this war is going to last?

Jack : However long it takes

CPAC : Do you plan on seeking help from allies, or is this war only going to be SN and ACP?

Jack : We shall see but I much rather just SN and ACP. 

CPAC : Any personal comments?

Jack: Winter is Coming

Well, it certainly seems Jack and the Snow Ninjas are very confident about winning the war. After hearing from the Snow Ninjas, I caught up with Super Edwin, ACP Leader, to see what ACP’s plans were and how they are going to deal with SN.

Interview with Super Edwin, ACP Leader

CPAC: How were you informed of the declaration, and what were your thoughts upon                        hearing the news?

Edwin : We knew SN were going to declare war on us after they scheduled an invasion of                     Breeze. It wasn’t really a surprise to see after the Defense of Belly Slide that they                     had declared war on us.

CPAC : How does the ACP planning on winning the war?

Edwin : We plan to work on attacking Snow Ninjas’ weaknesses whilst working on our own                  but overall we’re going to win this war with dedicated troops who’ll work hard                        and fight hard for ACP.

CPAC : How long do you think the war is going to last?

Edwin : We don’t really know how effective snow ninjas are yet as we’ve only faced one of                   their divisions so it’s hard to tell but I’m sure however long or short it is that it’ll                   be a decent war.

CPAC : Do you plan on forcing the SN to surrender, or killing them off until they are serverless?

Edwin : In my opinion there’s no point in killing them, although they only have 2 servers                  so that might happen. Our aim is to force them to surrender before they get to the                  point where they have no servers.

CPAC : Any personal comments?

Edwin : Best of luck, Snow Ninjas

As we can see from both interviews, both sides seem confident as to who the victor of the war shall be. Both sides also maintain a certain level of respect, which is good  to see, considering all the cheating and flaming from many armies these days/ ACP are known to be bigger than the SN, but the SN seem determined, and with hard recruiting, they could match ACP. But of course, nobody cares what I have to say, they never did, so as always;

We want to hear YOUR opinion! Let us know in the comments section below who you think is going to win the war.


CPA Central Reporter



4 Responses

  1. SN is WEAK, even their own troops helped ACP today with breeze.

  2. ACP is gonna win this war, and that’s a fact. We’re gonna take out SN once and for all, we will find their weak spot and hit it there hard. They brought this upon theirselves. And like they say, “karma comes back around” so they gonna get their karma.

  3. Yeah SN sure did win Belly Slide… if you are ignoring them maxing less the us and under performing. Watch out SN you have awoken the sleeping giants.

  4. R.I.P. Snow Ninjas if I say so myself.

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