Legends Cup VII – Rescheduled Semi-Final Battle

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Over two days we had our two Semi-Final clashes, with one running smoothly and the other having many issues and hitches, leading to a reschedule called by the acting Head Judge of the battle between the Nachos, WV and ACP.

It was decided that the Army of CP were the outright and clear losers of the battle on the weekend and, even without the problems regarding the judges’ announcement of the rooms, were dwarfed by the other two armies. For this reason, it was decided that the ACP would be eliminated from the Semi-Final and it would be a straight battle between the Nachos and Water Vikings in the rescheduled battle for a place in the final. CPA Central hopes a two-way battle will help to make sure things run more smoothly and efficiently. Furthermore, the Head Judge will be changed to a more experienced member of the website next weekend for the reschedule.

Below is the information for the rescheduled Semi-Final.

Nachos (6) vs Water Vikings (2)

Server: Klondike

Date: Sunday, 14th August

Time: 3pm EST

2pm CST

1pm MST

12pm PST

8pm UK

The scheduled date for the Final will be pushed back to the following weekend to allow for this reschedule, with the winner of this facing the Rebel Penguin Federation. The Judges have discussed what wrong in the last battle and hope that this experienced for relatively unexperienced judges, alongside the help of higher ranked people at CPA Central, will allow for a better and clean battle this time around.

Good luck to both armies in this rescheduled Semi-Final!


CPA Central Interim Manager



7 Responses

  1. Bias, we were locked at at least 8 troops. What you should of done is give us a reschedule with WV considering they were our opponent! Not only that the one room we all got into we out performed the Water Vikings.

  2. BULLSHIT. You faκing made wrong room announcements on perpus so WV gets a rematch so: 1) They can have bigger size because they didn’t in that battle and 2) To fight Nachos alone so they can outnumber them. You bίas shίτ. Oh, I forgot that more than half of CPAC Staff are WV….

    • It wasn’t faked. It happened.

      If youre talking about having bigger size, WV had 45+ in that battle which is about twice as much as the Nachos. The Judges at the time of the battle said that the ACP were eliminated, thus that is what has been put into the reschedule. They requested a reschedule, this is why we have a reschedule.

      Literally none of what has been done was to do with the Water Vikings, all of the judges were not in WV and they all decided this without me.

      ”More than half of WV work for CPAC”. Me… Chip is an AP…. that’s about it?? And I hire anyone who has a good ability in reporting and administrative work.

      • Oh btw, I never said it was faked. That word is fucking, but I wrote it like that so it doesn’t get pending approve. lol gg

  3. Is ST still around?? Trying to find their chat

    • Hey Commando here st chat

  4. Dramacuntz

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