Doritos Announce Return Under Mustapha10’s Leadership

SUMMIT, DCP Capital- It was announced a couple of weeks ago that the Doritos of Club Penguin would be returning, with key leaders and legends such as Mustapaha, Trader, and Jester in the leadership role.

The Doritos have had several on and off era’s this year and have battled heavy multilog accusations since summer 2015. While the army was alive throughout January and some of February with very good sizes, once Trader retired, the army became inactive. Bam brought back DCP in June, the army had several events, and then died about a week later.

Since the middle of July, there have been posts on DCP site hyping for a return. Such posts included pictures of previous events and videos. On august 7th, Trader posted a plan for DCP. In the post he attacked Sharktank, a known bot raider that has previously raided RPF, “Not to be confused with the show Shark Tank, which pits contestants who desire to sell products and start entrepreneurial careers into the ring with some of the largest business moguls in the United States,” as Trader explained. In order to ensure Sharktank does not raid, he has been made owner on DCP chat, along with several other army chats.

In the post Trader also announced they would be invading the Lime Green Army. In his words, ” Since they (LGA) are small and lack a US division, we can easily steamroll their entire nation with ease.” However, the Lime Green Army has merged into RPF, giving the Rebel Penguin Federation all of their servers.

On August Eight they were expected to have their first event. Despite claiming to have over 60 on chat, the event was postponed. Below are Mustapha’s exact words regarding the event

The return of DCP was taken lightly, with our chat being flooded with people every single day, we decided not to recruit a single person into the army before reopening. This was a mistake and we should have done better for ourselves. We only deserve to see greatness from the Doritos, nothing less. This event was not in the Dorito Standard and I believe we could have done better, and thus we will be reopening next Sunday instead. Every Dorito is expected to be there.

DCP will be reopening next Sunday, and will obviously be recruiting in preparation.

DCP will be led by DCP legends Mustapaha10, Trader, and Jester. Other legends such as Possum and 13yearoldn00b hold the leader in training rank. The three leaders listed before have all had major success not just in DCP, but in other armies as well. Trader has led a plethora of armies in 2016, including DCP, the Ice Warriors, the Fire Warriors, the Pretzels, and several others. While some say Trader is a great leader, many others believe him to be a major multilogger. He has been removed from armies such as the Ice Warriors because of these claims.

Will DCP become a world power once again? Leave your opinion in the comments below!


CPAC Associate Producer





4 Responses

  1. Yay.. they’re back ._.

  2. Maybe, but who know?

  3. Bruh


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