LGA Merge Into RPF, Greeny Gets RPF Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, RPF Nation – In the mists of a crazy war between RPF and Nachos LGA have decided to merge into RPF. As soon as the merge was done RPF leaders agreed to give Greeny leader. How will this effect the war against Nachos? Let’s take a look!

RPF’s empire is growing at a crazy rate. Now with LGA’s merge it’s growing even fast with RPF now having a total of 66 servers and an overall score of over 2000, which is very impressive. LGA’s merge has already benefited them significantly.


Server Map as of 7th of August. (RPF is the black)

It’s not all celebration for some however. Once the merge was complete Skill, former LGA leader decided to go to SN instead of RPF showing he isn’t interested in RPF in any way. Memmaw however, he was given RPF 3ic. A post was made on LGA’s website entitled “Merging Into RPF”. It was a small post released basically saying that LGA was merging and giving everything to RPF such as servers. This is what the post read:

The Lime Green Army is merging into RPF. Everything that belongs to us will be transferred to the RPF.

~Greeny, LGA Founder

In an interview conducted with Greeny he said he will help the RPF vs Nachos war “by contributing both size and servers”. The servers bit has already come true, obviously since RPF now has 66 servers but will Greeny be able to live up to his word about sizes? Well, he was able to get LGA to the top 5 on the Weekly CPAC Top Ten Armies twice. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can do the same with RPF as he did with LGA. RPF already get great numbers but Greeny hopes to expand on them numbers and make them bigger.


Most recent CPAC Top Ten Armies where LGA got 5th.

LGA merged themselves into RPF during the Nachos war which LGA were already getting involved with already.Thus far it has been a war which is tilted slightly towards RPF’s side. Meaning RPF are just about getting the advantage. As said, Greeny hopes to keep this up and use servers and size to benefit the war for RPF. It’s going to be interesting to see if he can keep his word for it.

LGA were also at war with Golds. At the time of merge they were at cease fire but were ready to go back to war with Golds. Since LGA merged it now officially means they war between LGA and Golds are over, or is it? This could mean Greeny could take advantage and use RPF to declare war on Golds. At the moment though RPF are more focused on the war with Nachos and Greeny seems like he’s going to stay loyal with RPF.


LGA and Golds agreeing on cease fire.

Interview with Greeny, new RPF leader

CPAC: Why did you merge LGA?

Greeny: I felt like it was the best decision because of many things happening at the time.

CPAC: Are you looking forward to leading RPF?

Greeny: Very much so. I feel like this will be a great path for my army career.

CPAC: What plans do you have for RPF?

Greeny: Well, I’ve been told I’m a great strategist. I plan to use my strategies to benefit RPF in many ways.

CPAC: How do you plan on helping the war vs Nachos?

Greeny: By contributing both size and servers.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Greeny: Fight the good fight!

It’s clear to see that Greeny is looking forward to leading RPF. It’s going to be interesting to see if he will benefit RPF. Thus far he has benefited RPF server wise but will he be able to benefit them in the war against Nachos. All we can do is wait and see but he is confident that he will.

What do YOU think? Was the merge a good idea? Will Greeny do well as leader? Do you like RPF? I love Suicide Squad movie and album, do you?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Editor-In-Chief


4 Responses

  1. fuck.

  2. Congrats Greeny, you have come far.

  3. correction not sp its sn (wary)

  4. Welcome Greeny to RPF Leadership! Good Luck leading!

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