WV Declare War on RPF

FROSTBITE, WV Empire – After a heated Legends cup semi-final, the Water Vikings have declared war upon the Rebel Penguin Federation. Three other armies are believed to be joining the Water Vikings’ cause. How will the RPF react to these actions?

As of August 7th, 2016, the Water Vikings released a declaration of war post on their site. The post was released by Chip, Water Vikings adviser. Chip brings up their “recent attempt to expose CPAC for being WV bias. The post does not contain a lengthy explanation, so I decided to interview Chip, WV Adviser, for the reasons behind the declaration.

Interview with Chip, WV Adviser

CPAC : What are the reasons, other than the accusations, for the declaration of war on the RPF?

Chip: Well, we declared war on the RPF chiefly because they think they’re so big and mighty and think they can non-stop shit talk to WV without us taking action. Silverburg literally thinks he’s god. Like izz jussa CP gayme bro.

CPAC: Do you plan on simply taking the RPF’s nation, or going all out and putting them to an end?

Chip :  Depends how much they talk shit. 

CPAC : How long do you think the war will last?

Chip : Depends how long they can withstand 4 armies invading them every day. Probably not long. 

CPAC : How do you plan on winning?

Chip : I recently got a 16gb RAM computer with an i7 processor and I tested it, it can load over 60 tabs

CPAC : May I remind you, one can only have 50 connections per IP to Club Penguin.

Chip : I have as many IP addresses as I have multilogs… so like 70


I caught up with Silverburg, RPF Leader to see what he thought about WV’s actions.

Interview with Silverburg, RPF Leader

CPAC : What were your thoughts when you got word that the Water Vikings declared war?

Silverburg : Didn’t think much of it.

CPAC : Do you plan on negotiating with the army leaders, or fighting them head on?

Silverburg : WV is not worth RPF’s time, we will not negotiate anything with them. If they want to fight against the RPF, they’ll get a fight. 

CPAC : How does RPF plan to respond to Nachos, DCP and SP declaring war? 

After this question was asked, I was banned from RPF chat because “no one is taking interviews”. 


The Water Vikings and the RPF have been battling for first place on the CPAC Top Ten for weeks now, with both armies claiming to be Number one. Up until now, there has been no raids of each other servers, but as we can see from the interview with Chip, RPF have apparently been trash talking the Water Vikings.

It’s clear to see that both sides seem very confident as to who they believe will be the victor of this war. With LGA merging into RPF, will RPF be able to seek an advantage? Or will WV live up to their Top Ten position of #1 and dominate the Rebel Penguin Federation?

What do YOU think? Who will win the war? Will WV prove victorious? Will RPF strike back?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter


10 Responses

  1. Oh God… I knew this would happen eventually…

  2. might wanna add WV’s first two invasions of us arent 24 hour notice

    • lol are u really pulling the 24 hour bs

      • Yeah because it isn’t 24 hour notice. You’re already 3v1ing us, follow the rules please 🙂

        • Over Throw Elmikey please

      • He’s got a point, you need to follow the 24 hour rule.

  3. Time to unleash hell

  4. Oh my! 😉

  5. Good first post! Please place your interviews closer to the end of the post in the future.

  6. This’ll be interesting. Maybe.

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