The 4th Annual CPA Central 25 Results


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After a week of voting in the hotly anticipated CPA Central 25, the original list of 57 people has been narrowed down to an ordered list of the most influential people in CP Armies, based on only the votes given from the public. With plenty of votes coming in for this column, we can now present you the Fourth Annual CPA Central 25.

The candidates selected this year were based on their leading ability, with most top ten leaders at the time of the release being included, as well as their influence, either positive or negative, towards the community as a whole. This list gives you the chance to vote on who the most influential people are for the first half of the year, giving unique access to an important column that is similar to the end-of-year Person of the Year. The order was done in a points system from each vote, with 25 points being given for being positioned first in a vote, 24 points for being put in second, until the 25th placed person was given 1 point. This was done for every vote until each candidate was given an overall total.

While it does, in part, come down to a popularity contest, many votes that came in did mirror the opinion of our staff in who were the most influential, with many important people through 2016 being named in the top ten. This list does give a good reflection indeed on who the most important and significant people were in the community this year to date, with the public vote creating an interesting order. Below is the 25 selected by the public in order, with the number of points from votes they received.

1. Commando717 (777)

2. Kingfunks4 (670)

3. Trader (601)

4. Chip (574)

5. Goblin (540)

6. Elmikey (518)

7. Silverburg (454)

8. Xxtoysoldier (447)

9. Drake (444)

10. Haroon (418)

11. Badboy (393)

12. Jodie (353)

13. Lorenzo Bean (339)

14. Bam (327)

15. Bluesockwa1 (297)

16. Antonio (275)

17. Taco (274)

18. Dan101 (272)

19. Tirodorgan (246)

20=. Mach (234)

20=. Iceyfeet1234 (234)

22=. Andrew24 (229)

22=. Ghost (229)

24. Bluesockwa2 (208)

25. Jack283 (199)

Some usual faces seem to appear on a yearly basis, as many legends’ influences continuing to resonate even today. Several new people do, as usual, appear on this list as their influence grows in armies, making it interesting to follow them and see how well they do. The Media and ”organization” influence does seem more relevant this year, more so than other years, with the Coalitions Project run by CPA and CPAC being a key aspect in the changing nature of our game. Several leaders do take a spot on this list as well, with successful runs for armies such as the Night Warriors, Rebel Penguin Federation and Water Vikings being particularly noticed. Notable names that did not make the list, with a close number to the lower candidates on this top 25 list, include Clout, Verum, Braveboy, Katie, Super Edwin, Buddy, Fluffyboy and Red Gush. All of these people were within 40 of the lowest placed person on the CPAC 25. As usual, descriptions and biographies are made for those who made the top ten, and they are written by figures close to those people, or staff of CPA Central. Descriptions are written by Jodie, Jack, Verum, Badboy and Funks.


It could be said that Commando is the longest serving person still remaining in CP Armies. It was nine years ago in 2007 that he created the RPF, who are a dominant force still today, where he proved himself to be one of the best leaders that we have ever seen. What began as a small rebellion inside the Underground Mafias Army, turned into one of the most politically smart and legendary armies this community his seen. His leadership saw his generation of the Rebel Penguin Federation be one of the largest in the decade of CP Armies with a perfect mix as a tactician and power-house leader. When you think of the most historical and best leaders in CP Army history, you think of Commando. 

It is not his involvement in the RPF, however, that leads to him being placed in the CPAC 25 list. Last summer, Commando attempted to organize and regenerate the way in which we battle by creating the CPA World Map. With a successful server draft and map system, this initially was a great success and ran smoothly among the community. However, several armies in the end revolted and as Commando became less active, the system collapsed and faded away. 

With the community declining through 2016, there was again calls from several corners for another server map. Working with Goblin, myself and others, he pioneered the Coalitions Project, Server Draft and CPA World Map once more – but seemingly to much more success. With a bigger and better team around him, as well as a greater demand from every army for such a project, the map now runs much more smoothly along with the cooperation of the Armies Coalition which creates the rules we use. After working with Commando to accomplish these things over the past month, I can confidently say that only such an intelligent and smart person such as Commando could successfully pull-off such an idea. Many people before him have had ideology and suggestions on what we should do, but it his him that has made it a reality. For his influences in the CPA World Map and how he has changed armies during 2016, he is placed in the top position on the 2016 CPA Central 25. 

Kingfunks4, Interim CPA Central Manager & WV Leader


Kingfunk4 is most well known for his time in the Army of CP , Water Vikings and Ice Warriors. He is a CPA Central legend and has created and lead many armies to great sizes like his own creation of the Federation, which merged into the Water Vikings to cause the ”Blue Summer” of 2014. He has also done an unofficial merge of many Ice Warriors owners, moderators and troops into Water Vikings in summer of 2015 which caused the Water Vikings’ biggest rise to date and still has a lasting impact of the success of the army – with leaders and owners such as Katie, Chip and Myself coming from this movement to the army. 

Even after he retired from the Water Vikings months ago, Kingfunks4 has always stayed relevant in armies. Returning to the Water Vikings 6 weeks ago sparked the return of a new generation and since then the Water Vikings have been top of the CPAC top ten 5 weeks out of 6. The Water Vikings reached a yearly-high top ten score with sizes consistently hitting 50+ two weeks ago and Funks is essential to this sucess.

His experience in CPAC got him shortlisted as a contender to lead CPAC once more, after two previous stints as Chief Executive Officer of the website. He returned last week following the retirement of Goblin as CPAC CEO and Kingfunks4 now servers as interim manager of CPAC alongside Jodie. This position put him at the head of the media and has allowed him make a big impact to club penguin armies in a very short time. Even after all these years and changes, Funks continues to be one of the most influential and important figures in CP Armies and once again makes the CPA Central 25 list. 

Jack283, CPA Central Reporter & WV Leader


Although being caught up in many scandals such as multilogging and bot raiding, Trader made his mark in this community in 2015-2016, leading four #1 armies, participating in many wars, and having some fun along the way. Trader was first recognized as a 3ic in the Golds Army, before making his name when he was promoted to ACP leader in October of 2015. After then, he never looked back.

Some may feel Trader comes off as a bit cocky or full of himself, but its these characteristics and his motivation to become the best and know hes the best is what kick started his career to begin with. The first big challenge Trader faced was leading the legendary Army of Club Penguin. Known for it’s rich history and achievements, ACP at the time was not in a very good state when Trader was promoted to the rank of leader. Trader brought a certain sense of excitement to ACP, and helped bring out the true personality of the army. And while at the same time took this opportunity very seriously, Trader always found a way to have fun, in good and bad times. Later on in his term as ACP leader, things began to decline a bit, and the army hit a dryspell. This didn’t look too good on Trader’s part, and it really wasn’t all his fault, but ACP began to question his ability to lead the army, which eventually forced him to step down to avoid being couped by corrupt ACP advisors. Trader didn’t sweat it, although, he got right back to work, and moved on to the next big part of his career, the Doritos.

DCP, welcomed Trader with open arms, and under the leadership of Mustapha, Trader, Sprite, and later myself, DCP reached 1st a number of times breaking sizes of 45-50 in the process. Unfortunately, due to threats that personal information of the leaders would be leaked, Trader stepped down from the army and stayed retired for a while before joining the Chaos Army. Chaos lasted for about a week, and reached 1st on CPAC for the first time in their history, before eventually merging into UMA. In UMA, Trader led for over a month, helping them achieve good size and stay atop CPAC’s top ten before the army eventually closed down for reasons unknown. Following UMA’s closure, Trader rejoined ACP alongside Bam and led there for a couple months before becoming bored and retiring from the army again.

One of Trader’s most recent terms took place in the Ice Warriors, who were revived by him, myself, and Bam117. During this new generation of IW, sizes of 40-50 were reached, and IW reclaimed 1st on CPAC, and all seemed well until Trader was accused of multilogging at events, which resulted in him being removed from the army. After this, Trader underwent a number of different phases where he was either being doxed, ddosed, or accused for bot raiding. In mid July, Trader joined the Pretzels Army, helped lead them to 3rd, then found himself in FW a couple days later who merged into RPF just after a week. Currently, Trader is leading the Ice Warriors once again, in hopes that he, Andrew, and DrMatt can bring IW back to the top, and hopefully show how much of a skilled and talented leader he can be, hopefully without having to face accusations every day.

Badboy, CPA Central Reporter & RPF Leader


From relative anonymity in 2014, Chip has come from lower ranks in the Ice Warriors to become a hugely influential figure in CP Armies. He began to make a name for himself when he left the Ice Warriors in my conflict with Andrew, to follow me to the Water Vikings joining as High Moderator in the summer of 2015. It is incredible to think that Chip has gone from a 4ic rank in the WV only a year ago, to the position he is in today. In his short stint as Night Rebels leaders a few months ago, he showed how good he could be as a leader by taking them to the top of our rankings, and he was also highly important in the RPF’s success when he was a co-leader.

Without his involvement in the Water Vikings, I do not feel that we would have the success that we have seen over the past year, in both the Summer/Autumn of 2015 and the current generation we have now, where he is central to the consistent first placements. While he has never officially been leader, he acts as effectively a leader of the army in his role as ”Main Advisor” and also helps to improve the leaders that I work with – he has made leaders such as Jack, Katie and Buddy even better than they were before.

It is not only his role in improving armies that is impressive, but also his constant battle against the issue of Multilogging. Chip has famously unraveled huge multilogging scandals that have taken place in multiple armies, most notably in the Doritos during the Summer of 2015. His investigations into other armies have also eventually seen their collapse as he exposes those who have tried to bend the rules and cheat. Without Chip, there could be a case to say that many of the multiloggers across the past years would not have been found out, and they could have still been doing it today. They call him ”detective chip”, and this detective has left a huge imprint on CP Armies since he rose through the Water Vikings ranks – landing him fourth on the 2016 CPA Central 25. 

Kingfunks4, Interim CPA Central Manager & WV Leader


Throughout the past year or so, Goblin has become a rather important figure to our community, with everyone becoming aware of his existence. Taking over from Mach as CPA Central Chief Executive Officer, Goblin put his hardest efforts into trying to reform CPAC on his own, unfortunately to no avail. Just before his departure from CPAC, Gobby began finalising The Coalition with CPA, which lead to the server map’s relaunch in order for armies to keep track of their current invasions, defences and who owns what land. Fortunately, this project has been a huge success so far on the community, influencing battles and warfare to return to the community. In his more recent activities, Goblin temporarily took over the role of Chief Executive Officer over at our sister site SMAC, as well as joined the Pretzels/Fire Warriors before their merge.

After personally working alongside Goblin, I will be the first to admit that he can be difficult to work with at times. However, he is generally one of the most persistent, willing-to-work and outgoing characters that I have met. Generally easy to get on with, Goblin has made himself a figure for members of the community to look up to, even to aspire to be. I personally believe that, should Goblin continue to hold high aspirations, he will achieve all of his goals before exiting the community. From the standpoint of a friend, I’m proud of him for what he has achieved, as I hope he also is with himself.

Jodie, CPA Central Interim Manager


Probably one of the most controversial and unique characters to enter the community, Elmikey has been a true pioneer since 2007, with his inventive and revolutionary ideas that have shaped the way armies work today. If it were not for Elmikey’s influence, armies could not be where they are today, or as organized as they are today.

Elmikey, already holding a CPA legend status, entered the community in 2007, and joined the army he’s been with for nine years, the Rebel Penguin Federation. From then on, it was obvious Elmikey had a particular set of skills no one else could match. He started out as RPF’s first 2ic in 2007, and worked his way into becoming the leader, the legend, he is today. He helped contribute to the rise of RPF in its first golden generation, and would play a similar role in all golden ages to come. ter 2007, Elmikey hadn’t been seen since then, he’d only rarely visit RPF chat before returning to shape armies in the year of 2013.  In this year, Elmikey took the community by storm, recognizing that chat recruiting would no longer work, and he strongly encouraged to go back to using more traditional, easier ways of recruiting. Elmikey had convinced the community that autotyping was the way to go, and they followed in his steps. RPF completely took over the community in 2013, reaching record sizes of 100+ multiple times, winning the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos tournament, and simply being known as the strongest army since Boomer’s ACP, which is quite the feat. RPF was filled purely with club penguin recruits, and Elmikey always knew how to make them feel at home and keep RPF the best and most fun army it could be. In this year, Elmikey took on a young prodigy by the name of Silverburg, who would grow to become one of the greatest RPF leaders in their history, and one of Elmikey’s closest companions. In what was seemingly an unstoppable RPF, like all great things, RPF’s golden age had come to an end, with Elm being cruelly ousted from spies within. But for Elmikey, this wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning. He joined RPF’s allies, the Doritos, and declared war on RPF maxing sizes of 55+ on Tuxedo against a smaller RPF force.

In 2014, Elmikey took his talents and shifted to the Dark Warriors, where he started one of the biggest phenomenons this community has ever seen, the Agents Era. Elm convinced DW godfather, xiUnknown who owned the DW website, to let him take over the army where he staged one of the biggest coups in history, even removing the DW creator from power. Elmikey began his attempt to make DW stronger than he made RPF. This ownership of DW consisted of so many big names in armies, it was almost too good to be true. Elmikey and his RPF comrades combined with DW legends, Freezie66, and Spi101, former DCP, leader, XxToysoldier, and many more to complete an insane team. In this year, DW stood atop the community, reaching sizes of 80-100 during the summer of 2014, beating Waterkid’s LT, and winning both the Champions Cup and Christmas Chaos at the end of the year. Unfortunately for Elmikey, he was ousted by Unk at the end of the summer, who was encouraged by outside forces, thus leading to Elmikey’s legend status in DW being stripped not too long after. But despite this, Elmikey continued to hold his head high, knowing that it was him who had built the foundation for one of the most amazing run any army had ever seen. After DW, Elmikey shifted back to RPF, where, to his surprise, he was couped by Snaily and Waffles.

In 2015, Elmikey was army-less until Waterkid asked him to re-open the Light Troops, where he led to sizes of 70+ before quitting the army and claiming he hated Waterkid the entire time he was there. After his short stint in LT, Elmikey found himself back at home, once again, because RPF had finally shut down, and he was given administrator by Flen to hold on to site. Soon after, Elmikey convinced Silverburg to re-open the army with him where they won both the Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos, before retiring once again. In the beginning of 2016, RPF struggled to stay alive, seeing weekly changes in the leadership to spark some kind of rise, but nothing seemed to work. That was, of course, until Elmikey became active again Silverburg rejoined in the summer to help RPF rise once more. Currently, Elmikey and RPF stand atop CPA, leading with more servers than any other army, and continuing their quest to win their 3rd Legends Cup in the past four years.

Badboy, CPA Central Reporter & RPF Leader


Perhaps one of the most humorous and fun loving members of our community, Silverburg deserves a place among the top, being most known for his sense of humor, but at the same time a very serious and determined army leader. Silverburg began his career in the army he is legend in, and the army he can always call home, the Rebel Penguin Federation.

In 2013, Silverburg joined his first army officially, being ranked 4ic in RPF. Silverburg quickly caught on, achieving an owner rank in just less than a couple weeks, and playing a major role in their rise to the top. Silverburg was destined to become a leader of RPF, and saw his good friend Elmikey as a great teacher. In January 2014, Silverburg was granted AUSIA leader by Elmikey, and led that division to sizes of 40-45 consistently for a while before Elmikey and others returned to the leadership. Silverburg remained RPF’s AUSIA leader from January all the way to April before joining the Dark Warriors in June to help Elmikey and others kick-start the legendary Agents Era. Here is where Silverburg really established himself as one of the top leaders in the community, helping lead DW to sizes of 80-100 during the summer before eventually retiring in August 2014, and returning to RPF with Elmikey.

By this time, Silverburg was no longer living in an AUSIA timezone, and emerged as a strong recruiter and outstanding leader of RPF’s US division. From August – October 2014, Silverburg helped keep RPF at a consistent size of 40+, before returning to DW in December and winning the Christmas Chaos alongside Toy, Drake, and Pufpuf103. This was a temporary stay for Silverburg, however, as he would retire yet again before returning to RPF months later. Silverburg was crowned both RPF and DW legend for his efforts in the year of 2014.

In 2015, Silverburg didn’t lead until April where we returned as RPF leader and led them to consistent sizes of 50+ for months, beating the Water Vikings with sizes of 90+ in the Legends Cup final, before once again taking his leave from the army in August. After this, Silverburg would return to lead in both October and April, where RPF hit short strides of success with Silv at the helm before he retired again. After Silverburg made a surprising attempt to lead the Ice Warriors in July, he returned home to bring RPF back to the top and with the help of Elmikey and others, RPF stormed the world army map, peaking at more than 40 servers, and are currently on a quest to win their second Legends Cup in a row. Silverburg’s journey in armies is a primse example that hard work does indeed pay off, and you can start anywhere on the bottom and work your way up to becoming one of the best leaders in the entire community.

Badboy, CPA Central Reporter & RPF Leader


Xxtoysoldier has remained a controversial figure in this community since we first led the Doritos of Club Penguin. Toy joined the Doritos under Mustapha10 and helped lead them to prominence where they maxed sizes of 50 alongside Elmikey. He soon got in a fight with the leadership, and decided to join the Dark Warriors, alongside Elmikey, Silverburg, Freezie, Vo Yo and Andrew24. Under the so-called ”Agents”, he helped create one of the most legendary eras to ever exist in the Dark Warriors. They managed to max 50 consistently through the use of auto typing. Toy was one of the conspirators in the coup d’etat of Elmikey and he soon took over the role of the de-facto main leader, and proved himself as one of the greatest recruiters around in 2014/2015.

After two years of pioneering Dark Warriors to prominence and another golden age, he retired. In 2016, he returned to remake Night Warriors with Drake and Myself. Night Warriors were able to accomplish sizes of 40, and win wars against Water Vikings, Nachos and Army Republic. Toy was sometimes a controversial leader due to his methods of DoSing, Doxing and Rating other leaders, but he was one of the greatest leaders in 2016. His success in the Night Warriors saw them be a dominant force in the early parts of 2016 and his ability as a leader was one of the main reasons for the incredible success that they had. 

Verum, Former CPA Central EP & Retired NW Leader


Drake first joined Night Warriors in 2009 under the legendary leadership of Tomb and Vendetta. He quickly rose up the ranks, and became a Night Warriors Legend. He retired in 2011, but returned as a Second in Command under Elmikey in Dark Warriors during Agents Era. He became a leader after the coup d’etat of Elmikey and pioneered Dark Warriors through the rest of 2014 as a key and important leader within the army, before eventually retiring because of constant DDoS attacks.

He returned to create Night Warriors in 2016, and brought them to prominence along with XxToysoldier and Myself. Drake was able to sustain sizes of 40 in an era where maxing 20 was near impossible, which saw the Night Warriors dominate the top ten in the early parts of the year. Drake’s ability as a leader and his influence in trying to push the community towards a better future mean that even in his current retirement he still holds an important role in CP Armies, leading to his placement in the Top Ten of this year’s CPA Central 25. 

Verum, Former CPA Central EP & Retired NW Leader


During his time in armies, Haroon has managed to stay loyal to two armies; the Dark Warriors and the Night Rebels. After the closure of DW, he felt that it was necessary to find the remaining members of the army a place to go without feeling lost – guiding them forward like a true leader. From the moment that Har joined the Night Rebels, he was assisting them in their journey to the highest point in our weekly Top Ten; leading his first event as a solo leader and getting them to 2nd place in the self same week. As Haroon found himself in the Night Rebels, holding the army up always seemed to be his immediate priority. Throughout numerous coups, slumps and even a leadership turmoils, his persistence to keep the army going never failed to amaze both the members of the community and I.

Haroon appears to have his goals set, helping those around him to achieve nothing but their full potential whilst around him. I’ve been friends with Haroon for a while now, and the amount of effort he puts into the every day events of an army never fails to gain my praise. Ensuring that anything that happens is for the best of his troops, Haroon is rather selfless – putting those around him first. Not only this, but he makes sure to create a welcoming environment, generally making those around him feel like they’re home.

Jodie, CPA Central Interim Manager


The CPA Central 25 continues to intrigue me, with the positioning of people within armies causing a difference in opinions from one person to the next. It is often the start of our summer plans at CPA Central, but this year it goes right into the heart of our Summer @ CPAC and leaves us some more exciting events to go. Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote for this column, and congratulations to those who made it onto the list itself.


Interim CPA Central Manager


18 Responses

  1. Well done everybody who made it onto the list, but let it be known that it’s not always the leaders that matter, but also the troops. Although it’s not said in the post itself, I would like to thank everybody who has been around armies and helped the leaders listed be put in the spot they were. Without you guys none of it would have happened. It’s a hard time in armies right now with certain armies getting bot raided and certain people getting booted offline. It’s the things that you do now that count, stay strong CPA.

    Congrats everybody on the list & the ones who helped make it.

  2. Good job to all those that got into the top 25, let alone the top ten!

  3. Congratulations to Commando!

  4. Very good Rank.
    My special congratulatios to:

  5. Well done to everyone on the list!

  6. Congrats Haroon! ;D

  7. This really was hotly anticipated

    • I’m glad to hear you were so excited about our column.

  8. Congrats everyone!

  9. tfw me and andrew dont make top ten but chip does rip

    • Andrew24 hasn’t done anything in 2016. Although he is a good leader, he hasn’t done anything noteworthy this year. As for you, you have led a few armies in 2016, however your leadership always ended in the first two weeks or so. I led the Night Rebels and Water Vikings to 1st many times without being accused nor caught for multilogging, you’ve led the Ice Warriors to 1st while being exposed and caught for multilogging, hence why you aren’t marked as the top ten most INFLUENTIAL people. Spreading bad acts is not referred to as influential.

      • I led SWAT for almost 2 months. lol.. Many times? LOL You “led” WV with 10 other people and NR got first once cus every other army sucked that week. I’ve been way more influencial than many people in this community since 2013, you weren’t relevant until 2015 so hop off the high horse please. I should be around 3rd that list but unfortunately its a popularity contest and the list means absolutely nothing so you can keep tryna flex but you’ll see who’s accomplished more when the legends inductions bios come out 🙂

      • May I remind you Chip that you were never an official Water Vikings leader, but an advisory or second in command. The Night Rebels got 1st once and sat at 5th or less. Now, you did lie in this statement because everybody does know that the Water Vikings multilog, but nobody has spent time trying to get proof because WV are irrelevant. Nobody else has the time to sit on all day and attend every single event and count stamps. Even if I did do that you’d make up some excuse like you always do.

        > “We DDoSed your owner and all the bots went off at our event”
        > “Well it’s not him lol, proof”

        > “Funks went offline and 5 penguins went off”
        > “Well lol, you guys made those penguins and attended our events all summer then logged them off when Funks was DDoSed”

        > “You guys multilog”
        > “Yeah well I might not have proof for your multilogging but im gonna say it anyway and you can’t say it back because I’m chip and I don’t multilog”

        Chip you’ve led 1 army to 1st then died down. If I knew any better I would say Antonio960 did the same thing, why isn’t he on the Top 5? You are on that list because all you did was bitch and moan all year and you got attention for it. It pisses me off you even responded to Badboys comment because he is right. He has led multiple armies to first this year and is more influential than you..

        • led iw swat dcp to 1st
          realizes he multilogged 30 at each

          • led 1 army to first with sizes of 15
            only got first cus every other army maxed 10 that week

  10. There all bums. Where are the people. The army? These leaders lead for fame. Not for the loyalty of troops. That is why over 100 people hated everyone of those people. I mean, just look at Toy. Disgusted.

    • You left me when I desperately needed you, yet you talk about loyalty. If I were to lead for the fame, I wouldn’t have risked my career in remaking NW, when there is a massive chance it could have been a fluke and a massive disappointment. If I was leading for the fame, I wouldn’t have declared war on anyone for their corruption or called them out for their corruption. I’m one of the few people in the community who stands up and is willing to take a hit in my reputation, because either outcome will benefit our community as a whole.

      These people are here because CPAC is a democracy, however armies are a meritocracy, which is probably why you’re “disgusted”. Stop expressing your anger toward me and NW when I am the sole reason why you even discovered this website in the first place.

  11. Congrats to all of you! You guys deserve to be up there 🙂 Special congrats to my dudes Jack, Chip, Funks, Har and Ant! Love you guys! ❤

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