Top Ten Armies: 7/31/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters –  A couple armies return to the Top Ten this week, as well as one making its debut on the list.

Top Ten

1. Water Vikings [76.20] [+0]

2. Nachos [64.00] [+2] 

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [62.50] [-1] 

4. Wild Ninjas [61.82] [+2]

5. Lime Green Army [50.77] [NEW!]

6. Smart Penguins [50.57] [+4]

7. Golds [50.20] [NEW!]

8. Army Republic [50.00] [-5] 

9. Army of Club Penguin [48.50] [-1]

10. The Penguin Army Force [45.02] [NEW!]

Full Statistics Here


1. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings held on to the #1 spot this week, beginning with an AUSIA mining expedition where they reached sizes of 25. This was followed up by an AUSIA training where they maxed 25. Then, WV held their first UK event of the week, peaking at sizes of 33. The next day, WV held yet another AUSIA training where they achieved sizes of 25, respectively. To finish off their week, WV had their rescheduled round one Legends Cup battle against TPAF and won with sizes of 30. They will face ACP in the quarter finals.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.14.19 PM

2. Nachos: The Nachos had quite an eventful week, starting off with their win in the first round of the Legends Cup where they maxed 25. They topped off at 20 during a recruiting session, then had a UK practice battle against Golds where they reached 17 troops online. The Nachos then held an “alphabet” training and maxed 25. They invaded Mittens and Sasquatch with sizes of 20 and 14, respectively. Then, they battled RPF for control of Matterhorn, peaking at 25. Later that day, they defended Blizzard with sizes of 16. The Nachos ended their week with a U-Lead where they maxed 15.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: RPF took a lot of heat this week, dealing with bots at almost every one of their events, along with their chat being defaced. But despite this, they managed to post results for three events. First, they attempted to defend the server Matterhorn from the Nachos, but lost maxing sizes of 25. Then, RPF beat the Wild Ninjas in round two of the Legends Cup, where they achieved sizes of 30. To end their week, RPF held an unscheduled operation silverbird on their capital server, Tuxedo, reaching sizes of 25.

4. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas began their week with a training event which maxed 7. They continued on to improve their sizes during training to an impressive 15. This was followed by an AUSIA event, maxing 10. Their next event was the defence of Zipline from the Army of Club Penguin – in which the Wild Ninjas ended as the victors as they maxed sizes of 19. Throughout the rest of their week, the Wild Ninjas held numerous training events of each division, and they finished their week with the Legends Cup battle, attaining sizes of around 30 throughout.

5. Lime Green Army: The Lime Green Army began the week with an AUSIA raid of Ice Berg with a max of 11 and average of 10, then held a UK training session in which they maxed and averaged 11. The army held a US recruiting session wherein they maxed 17 and averaged 13, then executed an AUSIA invasion of Ice Berg where they maxed 11 and averaged 10. The Lime Green Army hit sizes of 10 troops at an AUSIA invasion of Ice Box, then held a UK invasion of Arctic, maxing 11 and averaging 10. The Lime Green Army finished off with a US invasion of White Out whilst maxing 12 and averaging 10.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.21.25 AM

6. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins began their week with an AUSIA training session, in which the army successfully attained sizes of 9 throughout. They then continued on to participate in the Legends Cup, which was unfortunately raided by bots. Followed by a UK training session, maxing 11, as well as a rematch of the LC against the ACP, the Smart Penguins finished their week with an AUSIA training session on Ice Breaker, maxing 13.


7. Golds: The Golds begin this week with a Legends Cup tournament battle against the Ice Warriors and claim victory, maxing 16 and averaging 15, then carried on with their week with a US practice battle against the Nachos whilst maxing 15 and averaging 13. The Golds held a US recruiting session wherein they maxed 13 and averaged 12, then maxed 13, averaged 10 at a US recruiting session. The Golds finished off the week with a US training session where the army maxed 12 and averaged 11.

8. Army Republic: This week, AR invaded Ice Berg with a top size of 14. Next, they maxed 16 while invading Fog, then tied NR in their tournament battle while maxing 11.

9. Army Of Club Penguin: ACP had 2 events this week, maxing 25 at a US division recruiting session, then winning their tournament battle against the Smart Penguins with a top size of 17. ACP will face the Water Vikings in the quarter finals of the Legends Cup.

25th july 2016 us 4

10: The Penguin Army Force: The Penguin Army Force began the week with a US invasion of Jackhammer in which they maxed 8 and averaged 5, then held a US training session wherein the aforementioned army maxes and averages sizes of 3. The army holds another US training session where they maxed 8 and averaged 5, then maxed 10, averaged 8 at another US training session. The Penguin Army Force faced off against the Water Vikings in a tournament battle in the Legends Cup, maxing 15 and averaging 11, then held a US training session wherein they max and average 6 and 5 (respectively). The Penguin Army Force maxed 8 and averaged 7 at a US training session, then held another US training session with a max of 6 and an average of 4. The army held an AUSIA training session and maxed 8, averaged 7 to finish off their week.

With two armies already at war with DCP, invading and defending back and forth, we see a third army join in the combat. Could the Doritos pull it off or will they face defeat?

On December the 20th, we saw the Light Troops issue a declaration of war upon the Doritos. They Doritos have also been at war with the two brother allies, the Nachos, and the Army Republic. While the war doesn’t look like too much of an overwrought, it’s impossible to tell now that the Light Troops, the current king of the throne have joined in the war. Not going unnoticed, the Light Troops have also mentioned that they will be joining the Nacho and Army Republic’s side, making the war a three versus one. You may see Waterkid’s declaration of war on behalf of the Light Troops by clicking HERE or looking below:

The Glorious Light Empire hereby declares war upon the pathetic Doritos

The Doritos are a fake army. They’re nothing but multi logs. They steal ranks on CPAC’s Top ten from armies that actually work hard and are legit. 

We will be working alongside the Nachos & Army Republic.

– Waterkid, Light Troops Leader

Although there has been no battles taken place regarding the Doritos and the Light Troops, there has been quite the few flame posts directed at each other. The Light Troops have also claimed that Doritos have been raiding their chat with constant nulls using different IP addresses, and even using xat raid scripts, which is something that is prominently against the XAT Terms of Services. Sadly, they provided no evidence backing up the allegations.

As we wait for their first battle to supervene, we see the Nachos and Army Republic assisting one another against the Doritos. Unfortunately, the Doritos have decided not to show up at the majority of the defenses and invasions, making the war a tad bit boring. However, on the other side, we see many invasions and defenses take place. I will be covering the invasion of Mittens:

Kicking off the first day of January, the Army Republic decided to invade the proclaimed Dorito server, Mittens. Arguably being a server that was lost in the Dorito-Water Viking war, we can’t keep track now that the server map is no longer in place.

Sadly, the Doritos failed to show up to the defend their server. Nonetheless, the Army Republic logged on and had the event maxing sizes up to thirty-five. Switching between four rooms: Town, Forts, Cove, and Berg, the Army Republic managed to have consistent tactics throughout the entire event. You may see a picture of the ‘battle’ below:

Just like every other war, there has been continual multilogging accusations thrown at one another, although no fingers were pointed at the innocent Nachos. On December 28th, we saw current Army Republic leader, Burr, publish a rather horrifying post. In this post we see Burr showing his router logs trying to prove that he was being DDosed before, after, and even during the event. We also saw something rather unexpected – Former Dorito’s Second in Command, Healthym3 stated that he saw nineteen nulls go off at the exact same. Yet again, sadly, there was no evidence backing up his claims.

The Doritos have already accused the Light Troops of multilogging in their normal events, and even went as far as accusing them of possible bot raiding. Just like almost every allegation in the community, there was no evidence to mark their claims valid.

Something that has gotten everyone thinking – Now that it’s past January the first, the Water Viking-Dorito treaty is no longer active. With the two armies being blood enemies, will they possibly join in the war? You may see a screenshot of the set treaty below:


As the war continues, what do YOU think? Will the Light Troops play a major role in the ongoing war? Will the Doritos pull off something surprising and take out all three armies single handedly? Do you think the Water Vikings will join as well?? What do YOU think? We want YOUR opinions. Comment them below!

” data-medium-file=”” data-large-file=”” class=”size-medium wp-image-85582 aligncenter” src=”″ alt=”Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 12.17.25 AM” width=”300″ height=”120″ style=”border: 0px solid rgb(0, 0, 0); display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; padding: 5px; background: 66px center;”>


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