Legends Cup VII – Quarter-Finals Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After an exciting opening weekend, with several close battles and the odd upset, we now have eight armies remaining who will fight for the right to be in the Legends Cup Semi-Finals.

Legend cup

RPF (1) vs Wild Ninjas (7)

RPF are wearing white, while Wild Ninjas are wearing Brown.

Both armies comfortably won their opening round battle. The RPF had sizes of 15+ as they beat the no-show Silver Surfers by default, while the Wild Ninjas had 10-12+ and easily dealt with the much smaller Striking Raiders, who had only a few troops online. Both armies were favorites to win their battles and met expectations. The Wild Ninjas, in fact, created history as they became the first foreign-based army to reach the Quarter-Finals of the Legends Cup. Going into this battle, the RPF as holders of the tournament are clear favorites to win as they have the easy capability and expectation to hit sizes of over 20-25+. They are one of the armies expected to challenge for the title itself, and they would hope to beat the Wild Ninjas.

The RPF pictured winning their opening round battle.

The Wild Ninjas have risen in previous weeks to become a major force in CP Armies, just outside the top five in the last top ten. They have consistently been getting 10-15+ on CP and would hope that the hype of a Quarter-Final battle against the top seeds of the tournament would give them the chance to reach sizes even above this. They will need to greatly exceed their performances of late to challenge the RPF, but in the Legends Cup anything is possible.

The RPF go in as the bigger army, so I will be predicting and tipping the Rebel Penguin Federation for victory. However, it would not surprise me if they were pushed all the way by the Wild Ninjas and there is a possible upset on the cards in this one.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Jodie, Interim CPA Central Manager: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Superoo, CPA Central Vice President: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Zoomey, CPA Central Associate Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation


Night Rebels (5) vs Army Republic (4)

In the previous and first round, the Night Rebels defeated the late entrants, the Hairy Bears, as they reached sizes of just under 10. The Army Republic had a slightly harder battle against the stronger Tacos Army, but with the AR’s sizes of 15+ they easily dealt with the Tacos who had just under 10 on CP. The Night Rebels have struggled in the past week or so, with the attempted closure of the army by Haroon and Tiro. Their last UK event was actually their Legends Cup battle a week ago, and it will be interesting to see if NR can pick themselves up for the tough challenge ahead.

NR beat the Hairy Bears in Round One.

The AR have turned into one of the top contenders for the title of this tournament, and that should be the case with them being effectively the third seeds. In most of their events through the week they have been getting sizes of around 15+, and this in the current state of armies is enough to challenge in almost all battles. With the boost of a Legends Cup battle, they could expect to get sizes of over 20 and get enough to deal with the challenge of the Night Rebels.

With the consistency of the Army Republic, and struggles from within the Night Rebels leadership, I think the Army Republic will find it pretty easy to pull through with victory. Can the NR prove me wrong?

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Jodie, Interim CPA Central Manager: Army Republic
  • Superoo, CPA Central Vice President: Army Republic
  • Zoomey, CPA Central Associate Producer: Army Republic


Golds (14) vs Nachos (6)

The Golds came into this tournament as one of the lowest ranked armies, and had their opponents changed two times from the Pretzels to Fire Warriors, to eventually the Ice Warriors. Their battle against the Ice Warriors was the best of the opening round, as both armies had 15+ in size, but the Golds’ far superior formational organization won them the battle. The Nachos had a far easier battle, against the IAE who had sizes of 2-3+, as the Nachos had the second biggest sizes of the opening round reaching over 20. The Nachos will hope to continue such sizes into the Quarter-Finals and take their tactical knowledge to use it as best they can against the Golds.

The Nachos form a plus in round one.

The Golds know that they have already surpassed expectations by reaching this round, but they will hope they can add slightly to their round one size to cause yet another upset as the only SMAC Army in the tournament, to reach the Semi-Finals. Their tactics were good in the opening round, but they will need to be even better against the Nachos.

The Nachos should win this battle as the higher ranked army, but the Golds have the capability to cause a major shock and challenge the Nachos.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Jodie, Interim CPA Central Manager: Golds
  • Superoo, CPA Central Vice President: Nachos
  • Zoomey, CPA Central Associate Producer: Nachos


Army of CP (8) vs Water Vikings (2)

Both armies had to face a midweek rescheduled battle for Wednesday, due to raids on their weekend battle, and were the first to test the Puffle Wild room. The ACP had fairly good sizes of around 15, with good formations and tactics, while the Water Vikings maxed sizes of about 30 and easily dispatched the Penguin Army Force who had sizes of 10+. The ACP will hope that they can upset the top ranked army on our rankings, and second seeds in this tournament, but they know that they will have to greatly increase in size to challenge the WV.

The Army of CP beat the Smart Penguins in round one.

The Water Vikings will hope to reach the final for a second year running, and will hope that they can achieve the same sizes they had against TPAF, or even more, to have enough to beat the ACP. The Water Vikings have been ranked first for five times in the past six weeks and will expect to achieve that for another week, alongside a possible victory over the ACP.

I will not be setting my own prediction for this battle, but the WV will expect to beat the Army of CP and the ACP will need to up their performances to beat the stronger Water Vikings.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Jodie, Interim CPA Central Manager: Water Vikings
  • Superoo, CPA Central Vice President: Water Vikings
  • Zoomey, CPA Central Associate Producer: Water Vikings


Now it is over to you and YOUR opinions. Which armies will win in the Quarter-Finals, will there be any more upsets and who will win the tournament overall? Comment what YOU think about the latest updates in the Legends Cup VII.


CPA Central Interim Manager


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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