Nachos vs RPF: Battle of Matterhorn

MATTERHORN, RPF Nation – Today, the Nacho Army’s conquest for more territory led to an invasion of RPF’s server, Matterhorn. Read more for the full report.

Both armies have enjoyed good performance in the last couple weeks, with RPF coming in at 2nd on last week’s Top Ten, and the Nachos at 4th. While the armies aren’t at war, the Nachos decided to tread on RPF’s Nation, and RPF welcomed the conflict with open arms. The invasion of Matterhorn began at 3:00pm EST, with RPF troops starting off at the Ice Berg, and Nachos at the Town. Just as the invasion was getting under way, RPF had about 21 on the server, lined up along the bottom of the Ice Berg, and the Nachos were at the town, forming a circle with 22. To open up the battle, the Nachos charged into the Ice Berg with an E+9 mad faces bomb, and RPF defended themselves by also doing E+9 in their line. After their opening attack, the Nachos swiftly formed a plus, and the two armies wentat it with their tactics. They ended up doing E+K cakes at the same time at one point, which was also when a line of blue light bulb-headed bots appeared to raid the battle.


RPF did an E+5 bomb, and the Nachos responded with jokes in their plus. Right after their bomb, RPF moved back into their line along the bottom of the room and did E+I igloos while the Nachos put up exclamation points. Then, the Nachos did an E+F clovers waterfall, and RPF defended with E+9. The Nachos then sat on RPF’s line and did E+T into E+M coins, and RPF retaliated with E+P puffles. RPF then did a joke bomb, Nachos E+G bombed, and RPF switched to E+9 while the Nachos changed to jokes. RPF troops attempted to circle the Berg, but ended up more scattered around the room. Meanwhile the Nachos did an E+D bomb, then got into an ‘X’ formation and put up E+Q. At this point, the Nachos were maxing 21, and RPF 22, making tactics highly important for gaining an edge.


RPF split up into two groups on each side of the Berg, and the left side bombed with E+8, while the right bombed with E+9. The Nachos chanted “winning” for a bit, then broke their formation to do an E+3 straight face bomb, while RPF put up E+M before also forming an ‘X’. The Nachos lined up along the Berg, and the two sides continued to exchange tactics. Next, RPF circled the room again, doing E+Z pizzas during the Nachos’ E+5 bomb. 24 minutes in, the battle finally moved, as RPF went to the Stadium to form a plus. The Nachos followed and bombed with E+9 before moving into a diagonal line. The two armies were both hovering around 21 troops each at the Stadium, and they exchanged a number of emote and word tactics in their formations. This included several politically-charged statements, which certainly added to the amusement factor of this battle. At 3:38, the battle ended, the Nachos claiming victory and RPF declaring a tie.


This was a very close and well-fought battle from both armies. Their sizes were basically the same, making tactics a top priority. The Nachos outpaced RPF in tactics at the Ice Berg for the most part, but RPF came back with some good word tactics at the Stadium.

As for my personal thoughts, this was one of the best battles I’ve seen this summer. The fighting went well past 30 minutes, and clearly both sides were having a good time. Neither army made a big deal about the bots and pushed on fighting until the end. It was a prime example of what the CPA server map is meant to encourage: Healthy competition between armies striving to take over the map and become the best. Hopefully, there will be plenty more battles like this for the rest of summer and beyond.

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer



7 Responses

  1. Fight The Good Fight RPF!

  2. Wess with the best, die like the rest. Proud to be a Nacho!

    • *Mess

      • How dare you made a typo in a legendary quote? And how is that even possible? M and W are miles apart from each other XD

  3. gg RPF 🙂 Goooo Nachos <333

  4. inb4 war

  5. CPAC, why haven’t you released a post on RPF declaring war on the Nachos? A rank 3 army fighting a rank 2 army is big news… is it not?

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