This Day in CPA History [28th of July]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – It’s time to get nostalgic, it’s time to learn your CPA history and it’s time to read outside school because this is a very special edition This Day in CPA History!

The Birth of CPAC

CPAC Legend, Woton had a vision. A vision to expand CPA and create a new site. Little did he know CPAC would become one of the most important things in Club Penguin Army history! On the 28th of July 2009 the site that brings us the Legends Cup, the latest army stories, the Top Ten Armies and this column was born. It was called CPAC (Club Penguin Army Central). Today CPAC celebrates it’s 7th birthday. Happy birthday CPAC, without you I’d be bored stiff with nothing to write about! This is what the first ever post read:

Welcome to Club Penguin Army Central! CPA Central provides accurate information about all of the news around Club Penguin Armies, upcoming battles and more. It strides to be only factual, and does not usually post opinions, simply facts. CPA Central is one of the only remaining Club Penguin Army News sites remaining. Enjoy!

-CPA Central Team

ACP vs RFW’s Epic Practice Battle

On 28th of July 2010 ACP, while it was considered the biggest army in history. took on and old army called RFW. The battle was considered to be very close. At the beginning ACP stormed ahead winning the battle but mid-way in the battle RFW became stronger and slowly took lead against ACP. The battle was too close to call and was considered to be a draw for between both armies.


ACP vs RFW in 2010.

Light Troops and Elites Go To War

On July 28th 2011 a war began between the Light Troops and Elites, who legendary armies in CPA history. The Elites had only returned 3 weeks before the war began.The reason for the war beginning was because Ioiouk, who was LT leader at the time, wanted the servers North Pole and Crystal so went out to try invade them from Elites who owned the servers at the time. Full post report can be seen here.

For a few days now, the Light Troops and the Elites have been at war. They have only had one battle but a lot more have been scheduled. Yet why did these two armies go to war in the first place? The Elites were restarted about 3 weeks ago by Khimo and 57to. In the time they had been on a ‘break’ they had lost all their servers. Khimo and 57to were eager to retrieve some more servers and to start to re-build their nation. They decided that LT’s servers North Pole and Crystal were needed and scheduled invasions. The Light Troops leader Ioiouk surrendered the servers without a battle being fought…

CPAC Legend Voting 2011

On July 28th 2011 the nominees for the 2011 Legends Voting was released. The candidates were, Roitors, Vendetta, Tomb, Sklooperis, Lucario564, Wgfv, ViolentAlletta and Khimo. To see which people came legends make sure to check out the legends page found on the side bar beside this post, or click here.

Legends Cup Results Post Released

July 28th 2012 was during the Legends Cup. As the first round came to a close the last 3 battles of the first round were finished. The battles and winners were as followed,

Night Warriors vs Watex Warriors
Winner: Night Warriors

Snow Troops vs Fire Warriors
Winner: Neither army showed up therefore Romans took their place.

Rebel Penguin Federation vs Water Warriors
Winner: Rebel Penguin Federation

AR & ACP vs Light Troops & Nachos: Battle of Toboggan

On 28th of July AR and Light Troops logged on to fight each other for Toboggan. AR then called ACP to help them. Since AR called for ACP’s help Light Troops brought in Nachos to help them. The battle was a crazy won which ended in controversy. Both armies claimed victory. Eventually the war ended and as we know AR got back Toboggan, their capital. The war was considered a great and exciting war during 2012.


ACP & AR vs Light Troops & Nachos during 2012.

Top Ten Armies Released on 28th of July 2013

CPAC released an edition of the weekly CPAC Top Ten Armies on the day in 2013. Rebel Penguin Federation got first, Nachos got 2nd, DCP got 3rd, AR got 4th, Dark Warriors got 5th, ACP and IW joint 6th, WV got 8th, SWAT got 9th and Black Rebels got 10th.


CPAC Top Ten Armies 7/28/2013

Elitesof Gets RPF Leader

On July 28th 2014 a guy named Elitesof, who seems to pop up a lot in CPA history, got appointed as RPF leader. When he got leader the rebellion against RPF ceased to exist. It was a very confusing situation because Waffles was hated by RPF and was still there but the rebellion stopped anyway. This was a very controversial time for RPF.

Light Troops Shut Down

My oh my, wasn’t Light Troops busy on the 28th of July? This time we’re looking at 2015 when the Light Troops shut down. It was a crazy thing at the time because LT was known as a legendary army. LT did a few more times but eventually shut down again after a controversy with Waterkid.

That’s it for this edition of This Day in CPA History! Happy birthday CPAC! 7 years in the making today!


CPA Central Associate Producer


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  1. lol

  2. Great times, l miss elitesof. He’s a great guy, l also miss Elites as well. Great golden day.

  3. I like this post idea but the way these descriptions are written makes me wanna hop off a bridge

  4. That TOP 10 ^^

  5. It sounds as if you had absolutely no idea of what you were talking about. Maybe do some research before writing those descriptions.

  6. >On 28th of July 2010 ACP, while it was considered the biggest army in history


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