Darx Promoted to SP Leader

ICE BREAKER, Smart Penguin’s Capital – On the 25th of July Darx, one of Smart Penguin’s loyal troops, was promoted to the Smart Penguin’s leadership. How will this benefit SP? Well, only one way to find out!

On the 25th of July, Darx released a post saying he was now leading the Smart Penguins. He said now that he’s leading he will try his best and do all he can to benefit SP in a positive way. He also said this was his present do Superhero since he was promoted on Super’s birthday.

Hey Guys!

As the title says, I, Darx, am the new Leader of SP. I will try my best and do everything I can to benefit and keep this army successful. I am online on Ausia and UK times and i’m free to chat with. So let’s together build SP and bring it to success. Smartness to the Victory! And Happy Birthday Super!


P.S: This is my present to you Super:)


-Darx, New SP Leader

So far, since Darx got promoted to leader along side Astro and Superhero, SP have had two events. The first being a Legends Cup battle vs ACP where they got sizes of 8 and the second being an Ausia training session where they maxed a total of 14. These standards are quite good for SP but if they want to rise on the CPAC Top Ten Armies they need to aim and max bigger numbers. Only time will tell if they are able to get bigger numbers then 8 and 14.


Ausia event where SP maxed 14.

On the last released CPAC Top Ten SP managed to get 10th place but now with another leader at hand they will be aiming for bigger and better sizes and places on the CPAC Top Ten Armies. Will they be able to though? Right now it seems to be questionable but as time goes on and Darx settles into his new important role maybe they can rise to greater heights.

Sadly for SP they got knocked out of the Legends Cup but since they did it might give Darx a better chance to get used to being a leader of an army like SP. Will he be able to though or will he fail to fail it duties as leader?


Legends Cup battle, SP vs ACP.

Interview with Darx, SP Leader.

CPAC: What was your first reaction when you got promoted to leader?

Darx: Well, I was excited at first that I was given the opportunity to lead an army.

CPAC: What plans do you have for SP now the you’re leader?

Darx: Get more people to join SP and bring SP to success.

CPAC: How do you plan on getting people to join SP and bring the army to success?

Darx: On getting people to join SP, I would have to recruit as I said eariler. On bringing the army to success I would have to keep it active, bring SP to a hugher position on the CPAC Top Ten, get to great sizes and well, just don’t give up.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Darx: I will be able to do everything with the help of Super.

As you can see from the above interview Darx is fairly confident that he will benefit SP. However, will this confident shy away as his leadership progresses? Only time can tell. Until then we can only sit and watch and hope for the best that Darx’s leadership will help SP positively

What do YOU think? Will SP rise? Is Darx a good addition to SP? Will Darx’s leadership be a good thing are SP?
Here at CPAC we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Associate Producer


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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