Night Warriors Return To The Community

Fog, Night Warriors Capital – Following the decision by BMX48 and SH80532 to shut down the Night Warriors on July 23rd, it was quickly overruled by Night Warriors legend XxToySoldier.

It’s no secret the Night Warriors have been recently struggling to keep up with the summer time sizes. Many armies are hitting 20+ consistenly, but the Night Warriors have recently plummeted to SMAC, currently sitting at 3rd place on the SMAC leaderboard.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 10.33.14 PM

The Night Warriors lost motivation last week after moving down 1 place. Following the loss of motivation, leaders BMX48 and SH80532 made a quick decision to close the army down. SH80532’s post entitled “Shutting Down” may be found below.


NW is shutting down. We can’t stay stable max 10 one day and max 3 the next. I’d like to thank all the loyal troops who have stayed with NW through hard times. Bmx and I currently aren’t joining an army the others idk. I will mostly be around RPF and NR if you’d like to find me I will be there and you might see me on nw sometimes aswell. Chat will be reset. I might bring back NW in a month or so idk.

Following this post, SH80532 must have had a conversation with XxToySoldier because he quickly crossed out the above post and wrote a new post. The new post explains they will be only entering temporary lockdown and will return soon. The post entitled “NW’s Back” can be found below.


NW is back because toy does not approve so I will be leading. Any former troops that want to join just pc me and I am hiring a few leaders if you are interested pc me. Hiring anyone who’s not a noob and has experience.




Following this post, XxToySoldier made a statement on the website regarding the current shutdown state. It was mosly a motivational post. An excerpt of his post may be found below. For the full post, please click here.

The shutdown of NW never occurred because it never received confirmation from Drake or I, which renders it as invalid. Everything is now restored to how it should be.

Following all these 3 posts created on July 23rd, posting on the site slowed down. They have announced their return event to be scheduled for Thursday, July 28th 2016. They have also announced who will be leading when they return.

BMX48, SH80532, Clade and Emberlem will be leading once the army returns, with Verum and Step to be rejoining weeks after.

According to the Night Warriors’ website, their last event was based on their capital server, Fog. In which they maxed 9.

Interview With TondraX – Night Warriors Leader In Training

Note: I thought it’d be nice to get a less biased perspective of the Night Warriors’ current situation. Hence why I interviewed their only leader in training instead of a current leader.

Do you think the Night Warriors could be on the brink of a huge rise following the return on July 28th?

I believe Night Warriors have a lot of potential leading into this return. Whether we live up to it is another story. We are going to come out swinging and show what we got.

Do the Night Warriors have any plans of war to expand their nation? Which servers do you plan to control and which armies could be affected?

We have some plans to take control of a few servers down the road. We want to establish a good base and rally up a good amount of events before that though.

The Lime Green Army own your capital server, Fog. What would you like to say to the Lime Green Army?

There may be some awkward tension between the Night Warriors and the Lime Green Army but it’s all in fun! I would say to watch out. 🙂 Some fun may be on its way soon.

Do you have any plans on hiring any new leaders? When will Verum & Step be returning? Will they be returning at all?

There is some talk amongst leaders of hiring but at the moment the line-up is okay. There is talk of Verum and Step, but we must wait it out to see what will come of it.

Any last comments?

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Thank you TondraX!

As you can see from above, the Night Warriors seem very optimistic about their return. They believe they have some nice potential to rise, but they need to work to get to that stage. They have some plans to war down the road as well but for now they need to work on events. They too seem to give a strong warning to the Lime Green Army for holding their capital server, Fog.  TondraX says that there may be some new leaders very soon, and it is also likely that Verum & Step could be returning to the army soon. His last comment refers to the fact that Night Warriors almost died, but came out of it alive and because of this experience, they will be stronger.

What do YOU think? Will the Night Warriors be able to return to their former glory? Or will they fail under their leadership? Can the Night Warriors expand their nation? What do YOU think. We want to hear YOUR opinion! Comment below!


CP Army Central Reporter


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  1. Mentally applauding SH and Bmx for not giving up.

    • ^

  2. Fake and invalid Night Warriors with no approval by Creator or Legends.

    • You realize both Tomb and Ven were on yesterday. Let’s stop being out of the loop, shall we?

  3. Gang Gang Gang

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