Badboy and Taco Get Removed From RPF Leadership

Edit 1: With Pokemon Go becoming wildly popular, I decided to give you guys an ultra rare Pokemon card at the end of the post. Enjoy!

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Capital – Hello CPA Nation, it’s your host killer Chipstar and let’s get right into the news!

After the duo joined the Rebel Penguin Federation less than a week ago, Elmikey announces that Badboy and Taco are removed from the leadership. “What has caused this unexpected usurp?” is the first question that sparked in everyone’s minds.

July 27th saw a shocking post published on RPF’s website simply entitled “Bad and Taco Removed From RPF”. In this post, Elmikey states that the Rebel Penguin Federation had no internal problems until Badboy and Taco came along, and because of this, he has decided to usurp the duo.

You may see the post below,

“We have banished Bad & Taco from the RPF. Our army had no problems until they joined. I salute them for their willingness to fight the good fight. I hope they use what they learned here to become better people inside and outside of the CP Army community.”

-Elmikey, RPF leader

The Rebel Penguin Federation leadership believes that the reason their army is under attack by mass hordes of bots, hackings, doxes, and DdoSes is because of Badboy’s inauguration to Rebel Penguin Federation leader, chiefly because all of this has started since they had joined the army.

To dig in deeper and get a better understanding of what had entirely happened, I managed to grab an interview with RPF second in command, Shiny.

Me = Blue

Shiny = Red

Chip: Why did the RPF leaders decide to overthrow Badboy and Taco from the leadership?

Shiny: I’m not exactly sure yet as I haven’t had the chance to speak to them in depth. However, I believe that maybe one of the two hackers were Badboy or Taco.

Chip: Now that Badboy and Taco are gone from the army, do you believe RPF will fall or will they be able to sustain their sizes?

Shiny: RPF will continue rising. Badboy and Taco joined the Rebel Penguin Federation when we were big and did not have the time to help rise the RPF. This will mean no difference.

Chip: Although rather off topic, how does RPF plan to fight off the bot raids that have been happening recently?

Shiny: We plan on ignoring the bots so we can continue rising.

Chip: Thank you for the interview. Do you have anything else to add?


As you can clearly see from the interview above, Shiny believes that one of the two defacers were either Badboy or Taco, which led to their overthrow, however, please note that this is just an assumption.

So, what do YOU think? Did RPF’s OWN leader hack their chat? Will RPF manage to recover from such devastating events? How will RPF fight off the bots once and for all? What army will Badboy and Taco join next?

Here at CP Army Central, we value YOUR opinions. Comment them/it below.

~ Chip

CP Army Central Associate Producer


26 Responses

  1. Nice post Chip.

  2. Taco and Bad were not the hackers, as Shiny said in the interview. However, they were targeted by the hackers as well as the bot raiders which made a negative impact on RPF.


    • It is still not sure that Badboy hacked RPF Chat.
      RPF removed them because there was no difficulties before their arrival.
      I think that they were spies of the person who hacked RPF chat.

      • I kiked Badboy he said he didnt hacked He was the main all time

  4. “I believe that one of the two hackers were badboy or taco” what….

    I was on the whole time this was happening, so that statement is beyond ridiculous, and Taco is still on vacation with his family.

    And this has nothing to do with us being removed. Chat being defaced was due to the main owner link being found on a pastebin. If they could really “hack” anything they would’ve got the pass and reset chat. We were removed, or I was specifically because Elm and Silv feel I am the main cause that RPF is being bot raided, and that someone has an issue with me personally. Do I believe this? No. This raider has shown up to many army events besides RPF so I don’t think it has anything to do with me, but we’ll have to see in the upcoming days. Please makes these changes to the post, or add an interview with me so I can explain why I was really removed

    • LOL I TOLD YOU BADBOY, you got removed. I knew you would be removed. What are you gonna do now boy? Gonna cry in the corner? Oh cry me a river. =) You just won’t do. You got exposed in 5 armies now, and you won’t come back. What are you gonna do now? Hop off once more? You aren’t a good leader anymore, you see? This post shows a lot of reasons from you and Trader.

      • ^sighs. To anyone reading this there is a part of me that wants to light him up but I just don’t think I can do it because I’ll feel bad. It must be hard for what his family goes through. I can only imagine what raising a child with autism really can do to someones life. Again, i send my condolences

        • And you used autism pretty much, do you have autism? I think you’re familiar with using autism and l know that you have one too.

          • ……… my eyes

      • Yo shut the fuck up you’re the reason NR is literally dead lmao. Stop trying to roast Bad because you’re not any better than him.

        • Dead? What reasons? You shouldn’t be talking because you don’t help Night Rebels anymore, you got couped 4 in the row and you cannot disrespect a Night Rebels leader that you led with. You joined PCP, failed and now RPF. I bet you’re also gonna army hop.

          • Was this comment aimed towards me? Idk how you can put me on trial for “failing” any army when you’re the sole reason NR hit the dust. I led PCP to 3rd without even trying, and I was casted out of RPF because of some asshole with no life and a bot script, not my fault. I haven’t been involved in any multilogging accusations since IW a month ago so you can suck me off thanks

            • No l was talking to Carlos…

          • and the reason I don’t help NR anymore is because it’s literally dead and nobody ASKS me for help, so don’t expect anything from me if you don’t ask, but with you in the army, I wouldn’t help NR despite how much I care.

        • I don’t want to roast Bad, he insults me all the time. So l insulted him back, l don’t want to be better than anyone, but it prove Badboy that he got couped. That’s what also means. Hopefully you understand too, and right now you’re also brainwashed.

          • if what you think you’re doing is insulting then I’d suggest going to troll 10 year olds on CPPS chats, they’re more on your level, but I’m afraid even they would have no problem making you look bad

          • First of all, it’s proves not prove. Secondly, even though I got fired from NR four times, I led it to 15+ alone unlike you who always has to cancel events even when you had extra help from leaders that aren’t even in your division, so please note the difference between me and you, and I hope you notice that NR is actually dead because the last 50 times I logged in that chat it was only me and one other person. Have a good day lmaoo

  5. nice pokeman card

  6. Everything about this post is great, everything…

  7. Wow who would’ve guessed chip would be the one to post about Badboy and taco!!!

    • ^ LOL

    • Yeah bro, do you see the MASS AMOUNTS of BIAS in that post?!?! It’s crazy!

      • it was unprofessional, not much bias though I’ll give you that.

  8. Lmao

  9. […] along with Taco once again. They even made a satire post between the two of them. They both got couped together once also, and according to the following evidence, they might share multilogs […]

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