Coalitions Project: Update & Meeting Times

After a week break, due to the opening of the Legends Cup Tournament, the Coalitions Project returns this week with another meeting to discuss further issues to change and eventually vote on.

In the previous meeting, several things were discussed on how the CPA Map and other war rules would work. Among the agenda was the reassessment of Badboy’s ban status, which was overturned in an overwhelming majority vote – meaning he was unbanned officially from CP Armies. In terms of war rules, merges during wartime was discussed and it was agreed that there would be a ”Merge Freedom Rule” which meant that merges could occur freely during any war and conflict. The second law was the ”Invasion Locking Rule”, which meant that servers could not be traded if there was an invasion already scheduled for that particular server.

The agenda for the next meeting was agreed to be the followed by CPA Representatives:

  • Public Forum: Open Discussion about Three Weeks with the Server Map
    • What can be done better?
    • What loopholes have armies already exploited?
    • What other ideas do you have for the map?
  • Public Forum: Open Discussion on Current Territories 
    • Do Both Major and Minor Armies Have Advantages?
    • Lime Green Army vs. Hairy Bears – Small and Deadly vs. Small and Neutral
  • Public Forum: Open Discussion on The Battle Ruling Committee
    • What do you think of the candidates?
    • Why a Judge System when we could just use Server Level?
  • Voting Panel: Coalition Voting Agenda
    • Battle Ruling Committee Vote
    • The SMAC-Army Protection Rule: The Reassessment [Continued]
      • What happens when a SMAC army ranks within the Top Ten… on the map? Immune or still justified?

It is important to note that before you attend the meeting, if you wish to be on the battle ruling committee you must leave a comment on this page to apply. Below are the times for the next meeting, with the public forum available and open to all and the following vote only open to two representatives from top ten armies.

Coalition General Assembly

Sunday, July 31st

Army Central Chat

1 PM – 2 PM EST

12 PM – 1 PM CST

11 AM – 12 PM MST

10 AM – 11 AM PST

Following the conclusion General Assembly, ArmyCentral chat will be reset. After the reset, we’ll begin to grant two delegates from each army moderator on chat. They’ll then make their way to the Private Voting Forum pool on chat, and the voting process will begin.

Coalition Private Voting Panel

Sunday, July 31st

ArmyCentral Chat





I hope to see as many of you as possible there as we continue to work together to form a better community with better rules, and a more efficient way to run.


Interim CPA Central CEO





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