Update: Elmikey took back the chat from Joffery and his friend

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Nation – In a shocking turn of events RPF’s chat has gotten hacked by people under the name of Joffery69 and Smoochpie. They have done this act because they want RPF “to stop multilogging”

RPF’s chat as suddenly gotten hacked. The reason the hackers done this act is because they are sick of multilogging and are taking a stand against it. Not only have they hacked the chat but they’ve released doxes of people they believed multilogged and have been caught multilogging in the past.

The people who hacked RPF are Joffery and a person who has not revealed their identity. Some people support the act and others do not. The reason people promote this is because they feel it’s a good vocal way to stop multilogging in the CPA community. Others hate it because they think it’s too far and unfair.

Not only has RPF’s chat gotten hacked but other armies such as the Ice Warriors and the Water Vikings have gotten threatened because the people doing the act believe these armies multilog as well. Is this just a threat though? Only time will tell if this situation will spread to other armies.

Lately RPF and other armies have been also bot raided because they’re being accused of being multilogged and now not only are bot raids are happening but also chats being hacked starting with RPF.

Last night Water Viking’s chat was nearly hacked but Buddy managed to get control back of the chat pretty quickly. It’s unconfirmed whether it was the same people who took over the Water Vikings chat.

All of RPF, including Badboy, RPF leader, are angry that their chat has been taken over and are denying any multilogging happened. Thus far there is no proof of multilogging from RPF but the people who took over the chat believe different and say it’s obvious multilogging happened.

Although the chat was hacked Badboy, Silver and other mains were not demoted. They can still be seen as main owners. This is pretty weird. Even though they are main they cannot access the chat because the people who took over changed that chat password preventing the leaders from resetting the chat.

Interview with Joffery69

CPAC: Why did you hack RPF?

Joffery: To prove to armies that you SHOULD be scared. If you multilog, bot raid or chat recruit you will be targetted. RPF Multilogged. Their leadership is horrible too, Badboy is a cretin with an ego larger than his own penis.

CPAC: Will you be giving the chat back?

Joffery: I would, yes in time, but it appears Elmikey will be on soon so no point.

CPAC: Who else will you get targetting?

Joffery: Any army who multilogs, bot raids, chat recruits etc.

CPAC: Any final comments?

Joffery: CPAC will survive, I do bad things, but they will help CPAC in time.

As you can see Joffery gave a big warning to all armies and you know he’s serious when he already hacked RPF. Sadly for RPF they were the first victim but they might not be the last army to be attacked for “multilogging”.


CPA Central Associate Producer


Interim CPA Central Manager



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  1. Thanks Zoomey. Ufff…

  2. Good report Zoomy. It has lots of detail and it was put together soon after the incident.

    • Good, thank you 🙂

  3. I don’t need a gun to get respect on the streets.

    • yeah all you need is that null account and a lucky pastebin to get respect you know what i mean ayy

      “His ego is bigger than his own penis” thats not what ur mom said lol xd and you’re one to talk about ego when you find a main owner chat link in pastebin and claim you and your boys “hacked the chat” lol get a life kid. You say you fight for justice yet you’re ruining shit for everyone else by having people post pornography on a chat where we have 8 year old recruits????

      And since when is chat recruiting an offense? I must send my condolences to your family it must be very hard to raise a child with autism hang in there bro

      • Well, altho this was bad for RPF…. but ok…. If someone helped remove Bad from army then he’s my man :). Bad stfu nd get a life

        • who are you LOL

        • you just repeated the same shit and who are you lol

      • the pastebin was leaked afterwards and it had no title, im pretty sure he hacked it because you can’t exactly find a pastebin with no title. Elm also said it wasn’t through a pastebin but he exploited xat like C CeonZ did back in 2013.

        • They admitted to finding the pastebin after Elm reset chat, and I knew right when it happened that was how they got the chat because the same shit happened a couple months ago when I was leading DCP

  4. I;m ultimate.

    • ur a dick

      • #Get_Rekt xD

    • This kid thinks he can hack. No, I’m not saying I can hack either. He’s like 9. Do you think he did it on his own? Probably paid someone to hack RPF chat and then claim it was him. No hate, just truth.

  5. I hate multi logging, and l am glad that this happen. I want multilogs to stop and l want it to be a normal army.

    • you’re glad that this happened? So if your chat was taken over when you had 8 year old recruits on it and they’re seeing porn and wanting to quit you’d totally be ok with it? Eh why am I asking you anyway, you send dick pics to girls who are 11, you obviously wouldn’t understand how serious this is.

      “I want multilogs to stop” wheres proof that anyone in RPF has multilogged, we’re pure CP recruits. autotyping WORKS, and just because we’re the only army who can get 50+ no problem doesnt mean you gotta run around yelling multilog just stop lol

      • The more you repeat the inappropriate words content towards other, the more you are brainwashing yourself and you have no idea what’s going on. I didn’t say RPF multilogged, l said it because l wanted the mutilogs to stop, and that’s not even funny nor is it fun. The armies at this year prove nothing but being lazy to recruit and you should read carefully. I have never done it to 11 years old and you can keep asking that yourself. I have a lot of kids who are in Night Rebels right now, and you are expecting me if porn is allowed around them? Hell
        No, your it is unacceptable and you’re just trying to blame me. You’re just a dick, and you always will be. You aren’t unloyal, you aren’t controlling the army, you are taking so seriously and you reply to every people that doesn’t make complete sense but negative. You army hop, you failed, and you have no idea what you’re doing to the army, you’re just not thinking right kid, just stop. Haters gonna hate.

        • Arent loyal* Jesus autocorrect…

        • ^someone please find this kid some help its coming to the point where I’M actually becoming concerned

          • I’m on mobile retard, l have autocorrect on and it’s hard to make sense sometimes when lm not even using that word it changed to different word.

        • Nothing you said here made any bit of sense so I’ll choose not to respond because I’m not a dick and I don’t feel obliged to embarrass you for the 100th time

          • I’m on mobile retard, and you are a dick. You aren’t loyal, and you wayy worse than Dunno who army hops to each armies in 2 weeks.

            • who the fuck is dunno LOL you just get worse and worse

              • Nice to know you don’t know him, but I’m just saying – go hop even more to different armies and you will understand that you aren’t loyal.

                • You’ve hopped on more occasions than I have so that’s a bit inaccurate

                  • How? LOL

                    • The amount of times you hopped back from IW to DW is more than the number of times you were evaluated for autism, which is a huge milestone

                    • What? I never hopped, this was the past and you were talking about the past. DW is dead, l have been loyal to NR since Jan.

                    • And you’re saying I fail with armies when I’ve led armies to sizes you dream of. You’re like a mouse trying to be an elephant, I don’t have any beef with you and every time I check a post on CPAC with my name on it you’re sitting on comment section talking shit.

                    • okay, l’ll stop l was roasting you cause you roasted me first…

                    • you never roasted me but ight lets stop this im bored

      • u multilog soooooo rpf isn’t legit at all niga

        • proof

          • You got exposed on Elites, Ice Warriors, Pretzels, Fire Warriors and now RPF.

            • i got exposed in RPF???? lolwut. I got fired because of some idiot with a bot script can you please stop being so ignorant and actually state things that are true

            • rpf never had an event with him leading we got bot raided on bad’s first event

              • ^^

            • FW never got exposed either, keep going Kyle, I’m loving this

              • I don’t have to say you did, but you failed at leading FW! LOOOOL!!! You failed at PCP as well.

                • I got PCP to 3rd without even trying and FW merged because I don’t have enough patience to deal with jackasses. This is funny you’re criticizing me for ANYTHING when the only thing you’ve accomplished in armies is managing to get videos of you rubbing your nipples and jerking your 3 inch wonder leaked all over the internet so congrats. Guess that’s more productive than anything I’ve ever done

                  • By that, you should know it was scream getting them leaked. Just stop.

                    • They are leaked LOL, everyones seen them if I posted them on these comments I’ll get IP banned

            • or Pretzels

            • Pretzels – No valid proof was seen to prove multilogs and support the accusation.
              Fire Warriors – No valid proof was seen to prove and support the accusation.
              RPF – Do I need to explain myself or do you get the gist again.

              I’ll repeat myself again, your pebble for a brain may be taking a lot of stress right now.


              • Actually there is, the same troops who were in Elites, IW, PCP and now RPF. The same troops with a same name is known as multilogs in each of these armies Badboy have been used and it’s pretty easy. Bad multilogs A LOT and you should know that Apollo; not the army as a whole but him and Trader. That’s also the reasons why PCP failed to rise but lockdown, as well as FW. Badboy got fired from RPF as well for not doing anything, but there’s more reasons then that.

                • No you’re just utterly autistic.

                  • Says the one who started acting like a total dick, and you’re just getting mad at me for no reason but insults me. Lol how sad of you. Your whole comment is futile.

              • I hate to say this as well Apollo, but ganging doesn’t prove a point and you are getting brainwashed by him. FW and RPF may not have valid proof of him multilogs but when he joins an army he’s in – he will mutlilogs. There’s proof of PCP being exposed by multilogs from trader and Badboy. I can show you proof.

              • “I’ll repeat myself again, your pebble for a brain may be taking a lot of stress right now.”

                Yeah. well your sticks for legs take a lot of stress every time you attempt to stand up.

                • LOL

                • Just because you can’t reach the 5ft high shelf for your growth pills doesn’t mean you can be salty. If you don’t mind, take the step stool and get the gun off the counter to shoot yourself.

                  • I don’t believe medically backed growth pills exist. You’re just a victim to porn site click bait.

                    Oh, and you are most definitely tilted.

          • can give u proof te proof is u all the armies uve been in had multiloging problems and u were multiloging in each 1 of them so thts my proof

            • Can you learn to spell? Probably not, but I’ll tell you this, no proof of me doing ANYTHING like multilogging has been brought up since IW almost a month in a half ago so you can go eat a dick thanks

  6. This is nothing new. People with good intentions become the part of the problem instead of the solution. If you have proof of the multilogging, show it! That is, if you actually have it of course. I can take botting, but chat hacking is several steps too far.

    • Actually you can’t take botting, because CP doesn’t do shit about it. Its easy to reset an xat chat you own and recover the password. Trust me I’d rather deal with this every once in a while than get raided every event

  7. Just a vigilante thinking he can change the community alone through unjust methods.

  8. Didn’t Joffrey expose Bad and Trader for bot raiding? Or am I trippin

    • Yeah exposed us by showing pictures of Trader making shit up cus he threatened to leak his dox. How is cpac even giving this joffrey kid an interview he legit got laughed at by everyone at the coalition meeting.


    • Interesting. Thanks.

  10. uhh whats wrong with chat recruiting, isn’t that one of the most original ways of recruiting? (I’m talking about chat recruiting from other non army chats).

  11. A white knight haxor?

    • Yup.

  12. The RPF does not multilog… If they did, they would not have 50 on chat and 30 online. Anyone who has ever been at an RPF event in the last month can testify to that…. Taking a stand against Multiloggers is great and stuff… But doxing was too far… RPF does not multilog.

    • If you think that, then why Badboy is in RPF? He multilogs, and people hired him – so that he makes RPF multilogs.

      • What the fuck are you saying please stop

        MY EYES

      • Quick question, why do you accuse every army of multilogging without any PROOF of them doing so? Unless you’re in the army, or attended an event, you wouldn’t know if any army multilogs. Bad hasn’t multilogged and I don’t believe he multilogs anymore. Make all the false accusations, see if I care, but I’m just saying, if you’re gonna accuse someone, or even an army of multilogging, at LEAST provide PROOF of them doing it.

        • “Every army multilogs” those armies who multilogged, not every army. I never said anything by every army. Phin, I still don’t understand why you are here if you hate CPA so much. You come here to reply comments and go on chat right? I don’t make false accusations, l am active, Phin; l can see, heard, and even the news here. I don’t go around unlike the other haters who think l make false accusations. There’s a few armies that doesn’t mutlilogs, and l am thankful for that. I want the multilogs to stop, even tho it got so popular during this year and l don’t like it – no fun at all. Anyways, lm not that type of person to talk negative but l have proof from the previous armies. You know that l am just saying, because offrom the comments l replied to Bad. But I’m not gonna name again because that’s just gonna cause even more dramatic.
          (Sent from mobile)

  13. To help clear up what happened, they did use a pastebin to get the link to get main owner on chat. It’s obvious because with the main link to the chat the said person can’t reset, and RPF was never reset. @Chip You don’t need the title of the pastebin, you can do it by searching pastebin with the chat id.

    You can think he hacked it, but you can’t hack xat chats.

    • I think it’s a little gay that he lied and said he hacked it when it’s obvious he didn’t.

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