Legends Cup VII – Round One Review

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – The Legends Cup returned last weekend with the usual mix of shocks, winners and top performances. Despite two battles being rescheduled as a result of raids, we have a good set of results to give you for the opening weekend.

Only eight armies could advance to the next stage from the eventual 17 armies that started the tournament, with a hotly contested Quarter-Final spot at stake for the winners. In the predictions post there was some difference in opinions for who we thought would be the winner, so several battles were wide open.


Rebel Penguin Federation (1) vs Silver Surfers (16)

[MAXIMUM SIZES: RPF – 17 || SS – 0]

The RPF came in as top seeds and remained in the top two on the latest CPAC Rankings, meaning that the Silver Surfers were heavy underdogs for this battle. The Silver Surfers, in fact, were not even on the latest SMAC Top Ten as they failed to hold an event throughout the week. This difference in class resulted in an easy and expected win for the RPF, who did underachieve with sizes only maxing at 17. The RPF saw out the five minute period of no attendance for victory, to easily move onto the next round.

The RPF use an E+P Puffle Tactic.

In the next round, the RPF would face the winners of the next battle between the Wild Ninjas and Striking Raiders.


Striking Raiders (10) vs Wild Ninjas (7)

[MAXIMUM SIZES: SR – 3|| WN – 10]

It promised to be a decent battle, with two top ten armies at the time facing off for a place in the next round. The Wild Ninjas had consistently been reaching double figures in size through the week, and this was continued into their Legends Cup Battle as they maxed about 10 on CP. The Striking Raiders, however, were not prepared for this event as last minute preparation and planning meant that they could only reach sizes of about three. The SR Leaders surrendered about halfway through the battle as they conceded victory to the Wild Ninjas.

An early picture as the SR and WN logon.

The victory for the Wild Ninjas means they will face number one seed, the RPF, in the Quarter-Finals. Will the WN be the fairy tail story in this year’s Legends Cup?


Night Rebels (5) vs Hairy Bears (-)

[MAXIMUM SIZES: NR – 8 || HB – 3]

Confusion and a risk of death for the Night Rebels meant that their first round battle was in the balance, but they did proceed to face the late replacements the Hairy Bears – they came in on the day to replace the Night Warriors. The Hairy Bears were led by the unexpected interim leadership of our former CEO, Goblin, while the NR had sizes maxing just under 10. The superior size and domination for the Night Rebels, who were almost 3x the Hairy Bears’ size, meant that over the 20 minute battle in the Stadium, the Night Rebels were dominant. The Judges voted 3-0 in favor of the Night Rebels.

The NR finish an E2 tactic, as the HB use an E3 tactic.

The triumphant NR would go on to face the winners of the next battle, between the AR, Tacos and Lime Green Army.


Tacos (-) vs AR (4) vs LGA (13)

[MAXIMUM SIZES: Tacos – 7 || AR – 15  || LGA – 0]

In the first and only three-way battle of the tournament, as the LGA were mistakenly pulled out of the tournament, the Tacos, LGA and AR all had hopes of reaching the next stage. The Tacos were a new and returning army, reaching consistent sizes of 5-10, while the LGA were a stable medium army. The Army Republic, of course, are the third highest seeded army in the tournament and had hopes and expectations of reaching the latter stages. The Lime Green Army failed to turn up, leaving the battle between the Tacos and Army Republic. It was a close battle to start with, with sizes not too far apart, but the AR grew into the battle and eventually pulled away to a comfortable victory. Their domination in size and tactics meant that the judges voted 3-0 to the Army Republic. 

The Tacos use a ”Tacos” tactic, while the AR use smiles.

The Army Republic won in the final battle of day one, to set up and interesting clash with the Night Rebels in the Quarter-Finals.


Ice Warriors (-) vs Golds (14)

[MAXIMUM SIZES: IW – 17|| Golds – 15]

The returning Ice Warriors came in as a late replacement for the Fire Warriors, and their hype and expectation made them strong favorites to beat the struggling Golds Army. This was the IW’s first event since returning, while the Golds had held several events of sizes in and around double figures for the previous two weeks. It was set to be an interesting battle, and it proved to be so as it was the closest and best of the opening round. The Ice Warriors had a slight size advantage towards the start and end, with sizes being even in the middle of the battle. The Golds had good tactics and were pretty organized, while at times the IW were very unorganized and at times went minutes without a tactic as they searched for a stable and successful formation. It was a close battle, but the judges voted 2-2-0 (middle being overtime vote), in favor of the Golds – who caused a shock to advance.

The Golds use cakes as the IW form a curved line.

The Golds would face the winners of our next battle between the Nachos and IAE.


Nachos (6) vs Imperial Argonauts Empire (11)

[MAXIMUM SIZES: Nachos – 23 || IAE – 3]

The Nachos always do well in tournaments and went into this one with great hope and expectation as usual. The IAE, on the other hand, had never been in this tournament and in their Legends Cup debut were hoping to cause a huge upset. They didn’t have the best of weeks going into this battle, and did not reach great sizes in their preparations. They, in fact, only had sizes of roughly three at this battle and were easily overpowered by the impressive Nachos, who reached sizes of nearly 25 in this battle. The IAE surrendered about halfway through to see the Nachos push through to the next round.

The Nachos form a plus and use E+8 tactics.

The Nachos’ victory will see them face the Golds after their win over the Ice Warriors, for an exciting Quarter-Final clash.


The remaining two battles, between the Smart Penguins and ACP, as well as the Water Vikings and Penguin Army Force, have been rescheduled due to raids. The results that have come in so far leave the bracket looking like this:

Legend cup

The first weekend of the tournament is over and we (almost) know who the final eight armies will be in the 7th annual Legends Cup. What do YOU think about the results? Who was the most impressive and who looks like they will take the overall tournament victory? Comment YOUR opinion on the opening weekend of the tournament.


Interim CPA Central Manager


7 Responses

  1. Woohoo! Nachos are the biggest so far!

    • multilogers and wv and rpf only nr golds and wn are legit with ar

      • ..wwhat? I don’t get you, bro..

        • and tbh rpf had 17 at the lc silver badboy and taco were not there but when there all there they max 30-40 I was at the evnt so I know who was there and who was not and these 3 were not

          • ??


  3. WV maxed around 40 until we got raided and everything fell apart. Hope to see a non-raided battle on Wed, though.

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