Top Ten Armies: 7/24/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- In the second week after the server draft, armies have continued to expand their territory, but many experienced a downturn in activity. 

Top Ten

1. Water Vikings [77.84] [+1]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [73.50] [-1] 

3. Army Republic [67.00] [+1]

4T. Pretzels [54.50] [-1]

4T. Nachos [54.50] [+2]

6. Wild Ninjas [52.74] [+1]

7. Fire Warriors [46.00] [NEW!]

8. Army of Club Penguin [45.00] [+0]

9. Night Rebels [43.65] [-4]

10. Smart Penguins [42.59] [-1]

Full Statistics Here


1. Water Vikings: Returning to the top spot this week, the Water Vikings began with an AUSIA training event on Blizzard. In this, the army successfully saw heights of 22+. This event was followed by a US division event, which attained sizes of 45+. Followed by another AUSIA, maxing 21+, the next two US events also maxed sizes of 35+. The Water Vikings also defended the server Hot Chocolate with the Army Republic, their brother allies, against the RPF. The army maxed sizes of 27+, winning the defence.

Best Pic - JULY 18.png

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF dropped off slightly from last week, but they still hold a top two spot this week. Their week started with a battle against the Lime Green Army, where they maxed sizes of around 30. This was followed by a war training on Tuxedo where sizes peaked at 25. The third event of the week for the RPF was an invasion of Wool Socks, in which they maxed sizes just short of 30. In a scheduled battle against the Water Vikings, in which they did not attend, the RPF again hit sizes of around 30. They again hit similar sizes in a Legends Cup training session, their final one before their first battle. In this battle the Rebel Penguin Federation defeated the Silver Surfers.

3. Army Republic:  The Army Republic began their week with two war training events, in which they maxed 16-17 troops. This was followed by the invasion of Cream Soda, reaching sizes of 26+. They then invaded Yukon, maxing 21, Zipline, attaining the same sizes throughout against the Water Ninjas, and with more events alike. They finished their week with the Legends Cup battle against the Tacos, in which they won with sizes of 14+ – moving on to the next round.

4T. Pretzels: The Pretzels only had one event this week before the army folded. They maxed 27 during an invasion of Glacial.

4T. Nachos: It was an important week for the Nachos Army, as it was the first without their influential leader Dan101. They started with a Fiesta on the sever of Fiesta, in which they had sizes in the region of 17-19. This was followed up the next day with a training session on Flurry with sizes slightly higher at 18-20, with seemingly perfect tactics. Another training and preparation event came on Tuesday as they maxed 17 in a ”U-Lead” session. They hit similar sizes in yet another training session with similar sizes maxing 17. Their final event of the week was a recruiting/mining session where they hit sizes maxing 30. To end the week there was announcement that former leader Chrisi would rejoin as Second-In-Command, as they prepare for a Legends Cup battle against the Imperial Argonauts Empire.

6. Wild Ninjas: The Spaniards got their week underway with a training session with sizes maxing 14. This event was followed the next day with a battle against the Army Republic in which they maxed slightly higher sizes of 15. On the same day they held a training session in which they had 14-16 troops online. On Tuesday 19th, the Wild Ninjas had a decent AUSIA event with sizes hitting 10, as well as a UK battle against the Army Republic in which they managed to get sizes topping 25+. Their next event was a training session on Polar Bear in which they had 21-24 troops online, with impressive tactics. Two more events, a training session and battle against the Lime Green Army, followed in the next two days as they had 10+ at both events. Their week ended with a Legends Cup victory over the Striking Raiders, as they won be forfeit with sizes maxing 13.

7. Fire Warriors: The Fire Warriors returned this week, maxed 25 at a recruiting session, then merged into RPF.

8. Army of CP: The Army of Club Penguin’s first event this week was a Rookie meeting where they claimed to reach 36 with rogues. Several days later, they had a mining expedition with a top size of 17.

9. Night Rebels: It was a confusing and turbulent week for the Night Rebels, as several leaders overcame a possible shutdown from Haroon to survive the week – but they do drop to 9th on this edition of the top ten. Their first event was a decent AUSIA event with sizes of 12+ and good tactics, as well as another AUSIA event during the week where they maxed 15+. Their only UK/USA event of the week was their Legends Cup victory over the Hairy Bears, with sizes hitting 8-10. They are looking to regroup and regrow for next week and their Quarter-Finals tie against the Army Republic.


10. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins kicked things off this week with their AUSIA training event on Ice Breaker, during which they maxed 14. Next, they took control of Snow Angel with a top size of 12 with their UK division. SP maxed 11 at an AUSIA invasion of Altitude, then 9 while invading Sherbet.


Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Interim Manager


CPA Central Interim Manager


12 Responses

  1. first! 😀

  2. Good job to all armies this week!

  3. Nice to see the true #1 army back on top! WV is the greatest.


  5. Pretzels and FW both made the top ten both with one event each, lmao XD.

  6. Good Job RPF.

  7. We will try and do this again Night Rebels!

  8. Nice

  9. Congrats to all who made the top ten.

  10. good job wv

  11. RPF falled down because of RPF AUSIA leader ★Ƒʟaϻҽaгies™★ retired.

  12. CPA is close to dying out. Move to another game already

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