This Day in CPA History [July 24th]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Once again it’s time to get nostalgic and become reminded of all the great times, and not so great times, armies went through on this day in other year. Without further ado let’s get straight into this weeks addition of This Day in CPA History!

Retirement of Nachos Leaders 6789cool

A great leader of the Nachos called 6789cool announced a very upsetting retirement in 2014. In his retirement post he went through his history in armies and how he managed to get Nachos leader. Everyone, including B1, said he would be remembered for his dedication to the Nachos army and his time working for CPA Central. The post contained humor, saddening moments and a small small shut down of Zing who apparently offended 6789cool slightly. The full post can be seen here.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve decided to step down from Nacho leadership and overall, from service in the Nachos. I want to first say thank you to everyone who has made my time here interesting, funny, even annoying and absolutely frustrating, and at times I’ve wanted to hire gunmen to kill several people who have been rampaging around on chat. But that’s part of being a Nacho (right now anyways). Many of you haven’t been in the army for the period that I have so I have a lot to say about people who made the first part of my nacho career special.

-6789cool, Former Nachos Leader.

The Reds Return and Declare War on UMA

Only days after the Reds returned they declared war on UMA this day in 2014. The Reds had just had their second event before they declared war on UMA, who had been struggling at this point in time. The Reds was recreated by Elitesof who then quickly promoted Shadow, Konrad, Tony and Beruff as leaders. The reason for war is mainly because Reds wanted UMA to shut down because of low numbers and “being useless to the CPA community”.

Our army has to decided to declare war on UMA. They are a disgrace to Cp armies and deserve to be shut down. They have no good central leadership and they max low. We will take them out and declare them dead. They will be merged into Reds after they lose. If they choose to keep their name they will be a colony of Reds.Your army is a waste of space and a waste of time. You will be shutdown. You will lose to us and Honestly you should have been declared dead a long time ago. We will take every server you own. You will have nothing. So you have two options. Win or merge. After this is complete your army will now be apart of Reds. We don’t wish you good luck. This is not about a friendship. You’re over with. Better start recruiting because we are coming after you.

-Reds Army.

Crazy Practice Battle Between ACP and Nachos

Once again on this day in 2014, obviously a busy day, another exciting thing happened. This time it was a practice battle between ACP and Nachos. The battle took place on ACP’s capital Breeze and in town and Ice Berg. Both armies claimed to have 20 online but Nachos became victorious in this battle. The battle was a great one and both armies showed why they’re both arguably the most legendary armies in Club Penguin Army history.


ACP vs Nachos in 2014.

RPF and Nachos battle for Fog

Once again Nachos is involved with this. They were very busy on July 24th. This time however, this is from 2013. RPF and Nachos had been at war for a bit at this point and they were ready to battle again. Nachos attempted to invade the server Fog from RPF but sadly came up short. RPF managed to pull through and stay victorious. The Nachos managed to get 35+ troops online but RPF managed to get even more maxing 40. The battle took place in Town, Snow Forts, the Swimming Pool and the Ice Berg.


RPF vs Nachos in 2013 for Fog.

Nachos and ACP battle for Tundra

On this day in 2012 ACP and Nachos were in a very epic war. On this day 2012 they battled for Tundra. The battle was epic and a winner was too hard to find. At the start of the battle it looked like Nachos was going to win but then Army Republic got involved and helped ACP making the battle a very tight battle. No army was found victorious meaning Tundra didn’t officially change hands.


After a very well-fought, touch battle between the two armies.  I think that when you compare the Nachos to the ACP in the Casa Fiesta, the Nachos were much more dominant size wise.  I think once ACP were helped out by AR in the Docks, it was a much tighter battle with ACP and AR slightly larger.  Due to very different power switches in the battle, it is very tough for the two armies to confirm an outright winner due to the battle’s tightness.

-AJMan, Former CPA Central Worker.

ACP vs Nachos War Becomes Allies War

A war that had been raging in 2012 suddenly became a war between different allies. On ACP’s side there was the Pretzels, the Army Republic, the Ranger Troops and the Romans. On Nacho’s side there was the Dark Warriors, Club Penguin Ice and SWAT. This made for the war to become even more crazy then it already was! Instead of 2 armies involved there was 9 armies involved!


Picture of the CPAC report on this day 2012.

Elitesof makes his “Final retirement”

On this day in 2011 Elites said he was making his final retirement. We know from other past stories this wasn’t true but at the time everyone thought it was. Elites set up a party which would be held on the 30th of July. CPAC wrote a small post about him even mentioning the party. It wasn’t long until Elites of returned.

The Past years were fun, in that time ive done many things like Lead the reds in the color wars as my time as Korn. Enter RPF become a legend in that army and help them alot. Eventually went on to create FGR and start my career over as Elitesof. Ive been dubbed one of the most influential leaders of all time, The Godfather of CP armies, and the Sun Tzu of CP tactics.


That’s all for this week! Make sure to tune in next time (July 28th) for a very special addition of This Day in Army History!

CPA Central Associate Producer


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  1. Nice Post Zoomey.

  2. … => Nachos are the most active army 😛

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