Seven Days of Trivia — The 2015 Challenge

Untitled drawing (14)

With the CPAC 7 Gala tomorrow, be prepared for the chance of a lifetime.

Yesterday’s question was regarding the investigative journalism in 2013, and I asked ‘Which army won the 2014 CPAC Summer Award for Biggest Army. The answer was the ‘Dark Warriors’. The first person to comment a correct answer was Legofan Cy, and will take home 150 xats and 5 points for their efforts. The remaining 4 (in order) were: Sonic, Turk, Chuckfalay, and Pengiz99. These people will all receive points that will contribute towards the bonus 500 xats at the end of the week.

So onto today’s question which has a 2015 theme.

December 2015 once again saw return of the popular ‘Person of the Year’ award here at CPA Central. Although Mustapha10, ‘the universal adversary’, took home the award, the runners-up have been well documented. Today’s question relates directly to those people- “Who were the runners-up to the award who held the titles of ‘The Stalwart’, ‘The Populist’, and ‘The King of Controversy’?”

Be sure to leave a comment below with the three names that we’re looking for to be in with a chance of taking home today’s prize. The answer for today’s question will be revealed tomorrow at the exact same time as this post comes out, and the winner of the prize will be able to collect their xats.

Be sure to return tomorrow at 16:00 EST for another chance to win!


11 Responses

  1. kingfunks4, silverburg, and andrew24

  2. Kingfunks4, Silverburg and Andrew24

  3. Andrew24, Silverburg, and Kingfunks

  4. Andrew24, Silverburg, Kingfunks4.

  5. Andrew24-king of controversy

  6. Kingfunks4. Andrew24. Silverburg.

  7. The populist- silverburg
    The king of controversy-andrew24
    The stalwart- kingfunks4

  8. Andrew,Zakster,Waterkid100,Silverburg,XXtoysoldier,Bepboy9.Kingfunks4,Bam117,Mach. were the god damn run ups

  9. Kingfunks4, Silverburg, Andrew24

  10. The Stalwart – Kingfunks4
    The Populist – Silverburg
    The King of Controversy – Andrew24

  11. 1.Kingfunks4

    Im probably gonna get this wrong but eh.

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