Wheelo Overthrown From Army Republic

TOBAGGAN, Army Republic Capital – Army Republic has been one of the biggest armies so far this year, constantly staying up in the top five of the CPA Central top tens. Recently, the Rebel Penguin Federation had declared war upon the army. This war lasted very shortly as the Army Republic stated an unexpected coup.

Leader Wheelo had been inducted his role in April 2016. A few years back Wheelo had been AR’s first and only successful UK/EURO leader in the army’s history. He led one of the golden ages in Army Republic’s prime 2013 era.

AR in a war battle against RPF, which happens to be almost a year ago today.

Unfortunately, Wheelo has been suddenly overthrown from the army. An unexpected chat reset happened, leaving troops confused as a post was put up on site. Below is an excerpt of that post.

Hello AR,

A lot has happened in the past couple hours and I would like to give everyone the correct info here. AR is not shutting down, we just decided to remove one of our leaders, Wheelo. He was removed for many reasons including getting us into a war we didn’t want to get into and having too much of a grip on the army. Also, as of now the Army Republic opts out of CPA and the server map. We declare independence from it.

What are YOUR thoughts about Wheelo being overthrown? Do YOU think AR will go down in size? Here at CPA Central, we want YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter


7 Responses

  1. I wasn’t surprised about a coup happening


    • Post has been updated. Apologies for posting at 1-2am.

  3. We aren’t opting out of the server draft thingy btw

    • sure….

  4. O o well this is crazy

  5. WOW Wheelo overthrown by Yank….

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