Seven Days of Trivia — A Seam Of 2013

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The questions begin to get harder, as the CPAC 7 Gala is now only three days away.

Yesterday’s question was regarding the legends of 2012, and I asked ‘Who are the four people that now hold a position on the CPAC Legends page as a 2012 legend?. The answers were ‘‘Pochoma123′, ‘Saw’, ‘Xiunknown’, and ‘Waterkid100’. The first person to comment a correct answer was Legofan Cy, and will take home 150 xats and 5 points for their efforts. The remaining 4 (in order) were: Sonic, Robot, Pengiz, and Meta. These people will all receive points that will contribute towards the bonus 500 xats at the end of the week.

So onto today’s song which has a 2013 theme.

The year 2013 saw a progression in the quality of reporting at CPA Central. Investigative journalism was at its finest point, as a result of the fantastic upper staff of the site. In late 2013, one report stood out amongst the rest- as an ACP soldier’s mother teamed up with Bluesockwa1 to produce one of the greatest and most memorable interviews of this generation. My question for today is- ‘Which ACP soldier’s mother joined CPAC for an interview?’

Be sure to leave a comment below with the name that we’re looking for to be in with a chance of taking home today’s prize. The answer for today’s question will be revealed tomorrow at the exact same time as this post comes out, and the winner of the prize will be able to collect their xats.

Be sure to return tomorrow at 16:00 EST for another chance to win!


21 Responses

  1. tori

  2. tori

  3. Tori’s.

  4. Damn I’m late. I forgot about it 😥


    • Will Grigg’s on fire 😀

      • Your defence is terrified! 🙂

  6. tori!!

  7. Tori

  8. Tori’s mom

  9. Tori’s mother.

  10. Tory’s Mom

  11. Tori’s mom is the correct answer by my knowledge

  12. Tori’s mom

  13. Tori’s mother


    It was Tori, ACP Leader, who had her mom interviewed by CPAC

  15. Tori’s mother

  16. Tori’s mom

  17. Tori’s mum.

  18. Taritaritaritari

  19. Lmao I remember reading that back in 2013. Funnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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