Ice Warriors Return at The Helm of Andrew24

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Capital – In the recent days, the Ice Warriors have been an army trying to succeed what they have done in their previous eras. In a post a while back, I talked about the Ice Warriors going leaderless and the army shutting down, to which Andrew24 responded that there may be a return if the troops wanted it. Here’s what happened after.

If you’re new to the community, you may not know about the Ice Warriors, as they are an on and off army. The Ice Warriors were created in 2007, being known as one of the oldest armies in the community. Their sole creator, Iceyfeet1234 led the army alone until 2012, as the army was introducing a new leader. The army had a spike in their sizes in 2015, when Andrew24 joined the army during the summer. The army reached sizes of 60+ and dominated the top ten staying at a constant spot of number one. The army rapidly declined as the summer ended, leaving the army to have less and less troops. The army then was shut down by Iceyfeet in January of 2016.

Ice Warriors in Summer 2015 – Led by Andrew24

Recently, Andrew24 posted on the site announcing their returned. Below is an excerpt of the post.

Coming back for a few weeks to conquer the community once again.

First order of business is finding owners who will be loyal under me. I don’t care about your experience and I never have cared about experience. The biggest trait I look for in people is loyalty, and that is the only way you will be hired.

I am also accepting armies that wish to merge into IW. You will be granted high ranks considering your position and out-look on armies.

Why should you merge? There are quite a few reasons why you should considering merging your army into the Ice Warriors. But I’ve worked so hard on my army! Together we can accomplish heights you have never seen before, and you will be on top alongside me. But won’t I get just an owner rank? Wrong. I will be permitting one of the leaders of your army one of the highest honors this community has, which is IW Leader. Whoa!!! IW Leader? Yes. You will be leading one of the greatest armies this community has ever seen. I will personally train you and teach you everything I know on how to become the best in this community.

Stating that he will be posting the event schedule in the next day or so, he listed six armies he would like to merge into Ice Warriors. Unfortunately he said that only three of the six armies will be able to merge. An exciting twist was added to the end though. Leaders of the armies will have a shot at becoming leader of the army and working alongside him.

CPAC were unfortunately not able to catch an interview with any owners or leader(s). The interview will be posted at a later date.

My opinion is the Ice Warriors will have a successful era under Andrew24. Hopefully the Ice Warriors will last as a dominant top five army as they did last summer. I believe after summer the troops will return to school and have no time for armies, turning to a sharp decline in the army’s size.

You heard it here first folks! What is YOUR opinion on the return of Ice Warriors? Do YOU think they will survive and be a dominant army as they did in the past? We want YOUR comments here at CPAC! 

Apollo // CPA Central Reporter


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