The Server Map By Itself Won’t Solve Our Problem

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central Philosophy Desk –  After much observation and research, and learning what happened with the previous attempt with the Server Map, the conclusion can be made that the Server Map all by itself isn’t some magic bullet.

“Isn’t it obvious, Chris? We know what to do!” While many of you do say that, let’s recall what happened last time when people started saying that. The Server Map in the previous use was soon forgotten as soon as armies had their servers, it didn’t even last a year due to many complications and mindsets that were found to be not in the right place.

The Server Map, of course, is a wondrous tool. It helps to keep track of invasions, server transactions, and even current wars with its own map legend (though personally, I’m not sure if that map legend has made a return). The servers are color coded according to whoever owns said servers, and they’re in the form of an actual world map (though.. its technically Club Penguin’s world map in this case). The Server Map even comes with a leaderboard! A leaderboard! It doesn’t get more organized than that! Wait, a list of upcoming invasions with a status of who won? A coalition chat? It truly doesn’t get more organized than that.

With as much organization this community has, it’s up to us to keep that organization. Let’s be real for a moment, think about the best ideas the most influential people have come up with, let’s take Iceyfeet1234’s past idea of reviving the server, Mammoth, for nostalgia’s sake. The idea failed due to not keeping up with it, it was forgotten by everyone for a while. Then there was the Club Penguin Army Council, and that idea didn’t really keep up well due to sort of.. lack of following, per se.

“Chris, are you saying that the Server Map will fall again?” To be honest, we’ve seen this before, and if we make the same mistakes, we’ll never get anywhere.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.14.29 PM

“So, Chris, what kind of mistakes caused the Server Map’s downfall last time?” That’s a good question, beloved readers, there were plenty of mistakes, but for the sake of getting to the point only four major key points will be presented.

Lack of keeping up 

As mentioned several times already, the Server Map’s previous attempt kind of failed due to a lack of keeping track with the invasions, for some reason, it just stopped being updated and the whole thing fell. When something becomes so outdated and someone can’t seem to update it, then what would the point be?

Perhaps it was never the direct fault of those in charge of the Server Map the first time, but the Server Map is more optimally updated when the people in charge have feedback from the rest of the community. What if people just stopped giving feedback for some reason?

The first ever Server Map was created several months ago, and note that it was compiled in the middle of the school year. Is it implausible to go out on a limb here and say that the time that school doesn’t give us could’ve caused the downfall of the Server Map in its first attempt? Well, no, it’s not. Think about it, after being at school for about 6-7 hours a day, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Sports? Homework? Well, people do have those on their minds, but what’s the most common thing that people want to do after school? Rest, forget the day, recuperate so they can move on with their past times (Though some people don’t need to recuperate as often..).

It’s either that, or it could be the lack of time management, let’s be real here, raise your hand if your time management isn’t as good as you think it is. Mhm, just as suspected. As one can see, time management may seem like a small thing, but the concept is extremely important throughout anyone’s daily life. Time management was probably a key factor in the Server Map’s downfall the first time, which lead to lack of updating and failure to keep the Server Map optimized.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 12.35.27 PM

It doesn’t matter how anyone manages time, there’s no correct way, just write notes on my lecture. This black board was expensive! It wasn’t acquired for nothing!

Bad mindsets 

It happens, an outstanding idea is brought up, and people will start acquiring negative and/or careless mindsets that can lead to an idea’s ultimate downfall. While the mindsets in the first attempt were overall positive, there was only one thing: the Server Map could only be updated by the developers, but they had to have community feedback to make up for not letting just anyone update the Server Map at will.

According to past resources, the community needed to contribute to the Server Map updates, but there’s a peculiar mindset that exists here and in the real world:

“I’m just one person, there’s nothing I can do. Perhaps I’ll let everyone else take care of it” 

That is a careless mindset, and we all know for a fact that sometimes we all think this. Think about it, how often do you hear about donations and charities? It’s often that we will think “Oh, I’m just one person, nothing I can do”. I’ll be completely honest, this mindset will take over me too at times, but this is an issue everyone can improve. Nobody’s perfect.

It’s a careless mindset because if the majority has this mindset, then a lot is not getting done. Not only does this mindset lead to the downfall of many ideas, but it’s a very insecure mindset that everyone has to be rid of.

Think about it. Insecurity + outstanding idea = too insecure of one’s self to even make it to step one.

But then this mindset also comes from laziness, such as: “I’m too busy to think about this, I’ll let other people take care of it” and what happens when a majority has this mindset? A lot doesn’t get done. A lot remains unfinished.

“Chris, there are millions of people in the world though..” While that is true, logically speaking, we’re referring to Club Penguin armies, the brief reference to real world charities and donations were just for example. How many people do we have in the Club Penguin army community? Conservatively speaking, there’s approximately.. roughly hundreds, if not thousands, of troops in the community.

That’s not a lot of people at all. If troops in this community keep having careless mindsets such as these, the community will not get very far at all.

Remember this simple equation:

Insecurity/Laziness + outstanding task + the task takes a whole community + the person hearing the idea thinks they can’t do anything about it = BARELY ANY PROGRESS. 

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 4.41.24 PM

A clear lack of progress


This needs to be kept with us

The Server Map isn’t a thing where anyone can just say “Ok, this Server Map has given everyone a server, we’re alright, let’s not use it anymore”. The Club Penguin army community can only maintain order and organization through this server map, it can only keep order through the organized lists of invasions that have happened or have yet to happen.

The Server Map needs to stick with the community permanently, remember what happened last time? There’s a really good chance that when things were going well, most of the community thought the Server Map was no longer needed, and so it was forgotten.. now look what happened.

Chris, if that’s true, then why do we need to keep track?” Well, without the Server Map being modified when it needs to happen, things can become confusing, as a matter of fact, things can become so confusing that they can’t be recorded efficiently after enough downtime. The Server Map needs to be here to keep organization and order throughout this community.

If this community has news sites, WordPress blogs, XAT chats, personalized uniforms, a need for a Server World Map, and a leaderboard.. then.. this community really does need to keep this map.

Things go much more smoothly when every invasion is recorded, every war is documented, and when server ownership is written down, it keeps order and keeps a record. Think about it, in a few years, anyone would like to look back at these files and compare it to the current timeframe. Would the community undergo a massive fall? Does the community rise in a few years?

It’s useful to keep all this on record.

The community is lacking in an adequate surplus of servers 

This has to be one of the biggest problems in the community in terms of the Server Map, the Server Map may help record server ownerships and all that, but the amount of servers is too little for our massive community, it’s way too underwhelming.

A lack of servers is even why the community has to do the server draft now, this is the second time because of this issue. No one can invade servers without ending up on someone else’s property, there’s no free land. “Chris, after an army dies, don’t the servers under that ownership become free land?” If you’re referring to the S/M army community, you’d have a good point; however, the whole community has seen armies practically give away their servers when they die off.

It’s practically all the time that an S/M army will find themselves on the brink of death, but bigger armies in CP Army Central? Not a lot of luck there at all. Once the Server Draft essentially takes all the servers away, only leaving behind a select few depending on the armies, then nobody gives the servers a chance to be free because every army has to scatter for new land.

To be honest, none of this is the community’s fault, this fourth major key point is from CP’s inability to somehow make more servers. They won’t accommodate for the community, so we’re all stuck with the 150 servers that’s currently sitting there. 150 servers aren’t a lot, there should at least be 200 or 250 servers. There isn’t enough for everyone, and each time invasions and ownership overlaps enough, there’s the need for another Server Draft.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 5.02.05 PM

Wow, Oyster does look like a nice server.. too bad someone already owns it.

Oh.. um.. shout out to Oyster, it never made it to the Server Map at the time of writing.


Other than the other fourth point, the community can at least do something about the first three points. The community can be more secure and less lazy about contributing, the community can work together to keep a record of invasions for future reference, the community can work together to keep it optimized and updated as time goes on. Together, we can conquer what it truly means to be organized and ordered!

Now, let’s go out on a limb here and say the fourth key point is the one doing all of this, all on its own. There’s nothing we can do about server numbers, there’s nothing we can do about Club Penguin’s lack of accommodations. Nothing.

If that’s true, a 3rd Server Draft may become inevitable 

Here at CP Army Central, we want YOUR opinions! Please leave your thoughts in the comments below! 


CP Army Central Philosopher and Historian 


7 Responses

  1. “Lack of keeping up”

    this is why CPAWM is now involved

    “Bad mindsets”

    so long as people continue to abide by the protocols of CPA, it’ll continue to maintained. Not sure why anyone’s mindset would change that.

    “The community is lacking in an adequate surplus of servers”

    155 American servers. 10 CPAC + 10 SMAC.

    20 divided by 155 means each army can start with 7 servers. 15 servers left over for free land.

    I’d say maybe only 5 armies can maintain an empire of 7 servers without missing nearly every event.

    155 servers is more than enough for the 20 armies that will inhabit the map.

    • Oh.. somehow I knew this topic wouldn’t be the best to start off with for my first time back in forever. #NotEnoughResearch #ChrisHasRustySkills

      • Please just don’t bother making anymore posts its god awful.

  2. I didn’t even bother reading the post. Thing is, nothing is going to solve our problem. CP doesn’t have the pool of players to recruit from anymore, its nearly vacant. The problem isn’t what we’re doing/not doing, the problem is the clear lack of new players from a game without an audience anymore.

    I don’t give a shit about the server map. Armies have gone on for so long without it and might I add previously IW owned a major portion of the servers.

    Lets be real, its nothing anyone did or didn’t do.

  3. What problem? CPA is doing just great.

    • I remember when my philosophy was great, now that I didn’t write here in ages, I’m starting to lose my skill.

      • You’ll get there again, don’t worry. (^:

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