Legends Cup VII – Round One Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – As the first round of the Legends Cup VII quickly approaches, the annual accompanied column returns to give the Editors’ predictions at CPAC a chance to give their predictions on who they think will win their battles.


Legend cup

RPF (1) vs Silver Surfers (16)

The RPF come in this year as not only the top seed, after they took the top spot on the top ten last week, but as the reigning champions after a close final last year. They managed to reach sizes of 50+ and win in a narrow 3-2 vote in extra time to beat the Water Vikings in a tight encounter. They will be looking to win again to match the Ice Warriors’ record of three Legends Cup triumphs and go down in history by doing this. The same leaders in Elmikey and Silverburg will be leading the road to the final once again, assisted by highly experienced leaders including Ghost, formally of the Ice Warriors. Their other Legends Cup victory 2013 when they pulled away in the second half of the clash to defeat the Doritos and Nachos.

The Water Vikings and Rebel Penguin Federation clash in the Forest during the 2015 Legends Cup Final.

The Silver Surfers narrowly took a place in this year’s tournament as the 16th and bottom seed, after they dropped down one place from the week before to remain in the top ten. An army with little Legends Cup History, they only have a name to make for themselves as they look to make one of the biggest shocks in the seven-year history of the tournament. In their most recent event, five days ago, they managed to reach sizes of 5+ in a successful takeover of Canoe. It is fair to say that they will need to greatly enhance their sizes for the battle on Saturday to stand any chances of winning and moving onto the Quarter-Finals.

It should be an easy victory for the Rebel Penguin Federation, who will have too much size and strength for the Silver Surfers to handle. It truly would be the greatest shock in the Legends Cup’s history if the Silver Surfers were to prevail.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Rebel Penguin Federation
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Rebel Penguin Federation


Striking Raiders (10) vs Wild Ninjas (7)

The Striking Raiders have managed to burst onto the top ten scene during their on-going encounter with the Smart Penguins and look to challenge nearby rivals the Wild Ninjas in the first round of the Legends Cup. The SR have consistently been hitting sizes of 7-10+ and, with a possible boost in sizes for a hyped Legends Cup Battle, could push on to beat the higher ranked Wild Ninjas. In their most recent event they maxed sizes of 9 in an invasion of Sherbet against the Smart Penguins, three days ago. The Striking Raiders will be looking to create their own Legends Cup history this year, as they could face the top ranked army if they succeed against the Wild Ninjas.

The Wild Ninjas in a recent event

The Wild Ninjas (or Ninjas Salvajes en español??) can call themselves the second biggest non-english army in the history of CP Armies, as the Spanish Civilians reached an incredible seventh in the last top ten – short of the Metal Warriors’ (an old Croatian Army) record of 5th in a top ten for a foreign army. They technically come in as favourites for this army as the higher ranked army and in their most recent event maxed sizes of 14-15, slightly above the sizes reached by their opposition in the Striking Raiders.

This could be one of the closest battles of the round, with both armies having the ability to reach the same sizes. The Striking Raiders may have a greater pull for support in their bid to win, but I fancy the Wild Ninjas to narrowly win this encounter – but it could truly go either way.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Wild Ninjas
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Striking Raiders
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Striking Raiders


Night Rebels (5) vs Night Warriors (12)

This is an interesting schedule in what could be described as the ”Battle of the Night”, with the Rebels facing the Warriors in round one this year. Both also have an interesting history with the Dark Warriors, with the Night Rebels forming as an opposition to the Dark Warriors shutting down, while the Night Warriors’ most recent generation was hosted by former Dark Warriors leaders on their old website. The Night Rebels have been fairly consistent over the past few months and this was evident this week as they found themselves in a solid 5th ranking with sizes of 20-25+ in their most recent UK/USA event last week.

NR use suns in their most recent event.

The Night Warriors have not hit top heights lately and, after the departure of key leaders such as Toysoldier, have not managed to challenge the top armies in the Top Ten Rankings. The Night Warriors dropped to 2nd on the SMAC top ten, failing to reach the CPA Central top ten this week. In their last event, they maxed sizes just short of 10 in a training session on Bunny Hill. They will certainly need to hit slightly larger sizes to challenge the Night Rebels in this battle, but they can certainly do this with a lot of hype and recruitment to boost their sizes over what they have achieved recently.

Overall, it should be the Night Rebels that pull through to victory and represent the Night – as their superior size should be more than that of the Night Warriors who may not be able to handle the challenge. However, an upset could be on the cards so look out for this space!


The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Night Rebels
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Night Rebels
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Night Rebels


Tacos (-) vs Army Republic (4)

In a wildcard entry, the Tacos come in for the Lime Green Army who died earlier this week. A modern day army with history spanning across the last half decade, the Tacos have always managed to appear in the community in some form and at times have been a major force to be feared. They have the potential to rise from their initial ranking of 17th across both the SMAC/CPAC top tens, with their most recent event seeing a high of just under 10 troops in an invasion of Caribou. As a new wildcard army it is hard to judge how well they will do in this tournament, but they have potential to cause an upset against the third highest seeded army left in the first round.


The Tacos have returned this week with this being their most recent event.

The Army Republic are one of the top armies left in the tournament and are third in the seedings, after the Pretzels pulled out, meaning that all eyes will be on them to see if they can live with the expectation. Previous finalists of the tournament, they will expect to go far and eventually challenge the RPF for a place in the final. They have been recently reaching 20+ in their events and have earned a greatly expanding empire with their dominance. Under a successful and strong leadership of Wheelo and Yank, they have proved to be a force in CP Armies and should expect a place, not only in the Quarter Finals, but the Semi-Finals as a minimum.

I expect the Army Republic to win this battle as the Tacos, a newly regenerated army, will surely not have enough to overcome AR. Although, this could be closer than some people may think as the Tacos have the potential to grow to larger sizes than they have over their opening week.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Army Republic
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Army Republic
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Army Republic


Fire Warriors (-) vs Golds (14)

Following the removal of Trader, Bad, Apollo, Taco and others as leaders from the Pretzels, they have since moved to the Fire Warriors and in attempt to regain their position in our community. Their creation of the Fire Warriors will surely be an appropriate wildcard replacement for the Pretzels, as with this controversial leadership they have the ability to reach sizes currently achieved by the top three armies. They have had no events yet and they have yet to open, but they will be expected to hit sizes that were achieved during the height of the old Fire Warriors and Roman Fire Warriors generations. As of yet, however, they are an unknown quantity.

Golds use angry faces in a tactics session

The Golds, a staple part of the top ten for the past month, unexpectedly crashed to 4th on the latest SMAC top ten after a poor week in comparison to their recent standards. They have proved, however, that they can still reach decent sizes as you can see from the picture above when they nearly got 15 in a training session over the weekend. They hope to return to the top ten this week, but their failure to reach it this week saw they given one of the lowest seedings in the tournament this year. It is hard to tell how difficult it will be to defeat the Fire Warriors, but they will hope the FW don’t grow into a major force.

This is hard to predict, as only one army has opened yet and this army had a poor week compared to previous ones, but due to the expectation of growth from the Fire Warriors – I feel that they will pull through to victory.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Golds
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Fire Warriors
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Fire Warriors


Imperial Argonauts Empire (11) vs Nachos (6)

The Imperial Argonauts Empire were in last years Champions Cup as their only other CPAC appearance, but did not go far. They have been consistently around for a while as a modern SMAC Army and were ranked at the top of SMAC this week. The oddly named army have been achieving consistently 5-10+ and hope to push onto the major top ten listings this week and beyond for the first time in their history. This could be called a ”Golden Age” for the IAE Army.


The Nachos have a great history in this tournament, reaching multiple finals and also winning the tournament in the opening year in 2010. They have failed to win the tournament since, but will be hoping for a change in fortunes and growth in size to fight the top seeds this year. They have a fairly favourable draw after the Pretzels dropped out and are the second highest seeded army left on the right-hand side behind the WV. With sizes reaching 15-20+ and a history for amazing tactics, the Nachos could be a dark horse to watch.

The victory will probably go to the Nachos, who on an average day will be able to beat the IAE. The Imperial Argonauts Empire on their Legends Cup debut will be hoping to upset the Nachos and pull off historic sizes.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Nachos
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Nachos
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Nachos


Army of CP (8) vs Smart Penguins (9)

The Army of CP have been in a poor state as of late and have launched a project (”Make ACP Great Again”) in an attempt to regenerate the army. They dropped to near the bottom of the top ten this week and have not seen sizes improve over the past few weeks. Coupled with a previously rotten history in the Legends Cup, with no final appearances or overall victories, it is hard to see the ACP going on to win this tournament. However, they have shown in the past they have the ability to rise to greater sizes and have consistently returned to join the top armies in periods over the past few years. Below, the ACP invaded Belly Slide in their last event.


ACP use Pizza emotes with sizes of 7.

The Smart Penguins will be hoping to overcome the ACP in what would be seen as an upset to take a place in the Quarter-Finals. They are not one of the biggest armies around and heavily depends upon their AUSIA division to challenge other armies, they have a decent USA/UK division with sizes at times reaching above 10 and this ability to reach sizes similar to the Army of CP will mean they have the ability to challenge them in what should be one of the closest battles of the round.

These two armies are the closest seeded armies, 8th and 9th, and I think this will lead to a close battle. It is hard to say who will win, but I fancy the Smart Penguins to shock the ACP and move on to the next round.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Army of CP
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Army of CP
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Army of CP


The Penguin Army Force (15) vs Water Vikings (2)

I am sure many of you are wondering who TPAF are, as a relatively unknown army that managed to take a low seeding position by moving up to 5th in the latest SMAC top ten. They are a division/special force of the Spanish Army the Wild Ninjas and consistently reach sizes of 3-5. They are used as a tactical assistance to the Wild Ninjas and, similarly to their parent army, speak and deal with their troops in Spanish. They lately hit 6 as a record for their army in training to battle the Water Vikings, and will hope that a major switch in sizes will allow them to challenge.


The Water Vikings go into this tournament as the major rivals to the top seed, the RPF, after losing to the very same army in the final last year. After being a low ranked army, the WV managed to grow and reached the final and force overtime in a Cinderella story. Such a run would be expected this year, after four consecutive placements at first were ended this week after a slightly less impressive week, but they still managed to reach second and will expect to reach the final for a second year running. With sizes at times reaching above 40+, they will hope this will be enough to see off most armies.

While I will personally not be predicting this battle, the Water Vikings will surely expect to win with ease. The Penguin Army Force will dream and hope that they can achieve higher sizes and create one of the biggest upsets of the tournament.

The Editors’ Predictions:

  • Superoo, CPAC Vice President: Water Vikings
  • Chip, CPAC Associate Producer: Water Vikings
  • Lord Jay, Former CPAC Executive Producer & Reporter: Water Vikings


Now it is over to you and YOUR opinions. Which armies will win in round one, will there be any upsets and who will win the tournament overall. Comment what YOU think about the draw for the Legends Cup VII


CPA Central Interim Manager


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