Dan101 Retires From Nachos Army

Fjord, Nachos Capital – Following the departure of Dan101 from the Nachos, will Camperohn64 and Stone523 be able to keep the Nachos afloat?

The Nachos army, getting an average size of 17 at recent events, received the news that their leader, Dan101 has decided to step down from his position of leader of the Nachos army. He left no post on the Nachos website explaining why he decided to step down.



The Nachos Army With 17 Troops

The Nachos have held their position of 6th place in the Top 10 for the past 2 weeks. Camperjohn64 and Stone523 are tasked with the challenge of leading the Nachos. They have a new 2ic, former AR & NR leader, Ryan.

Retirement Post:

Hola Nachos!

It’s been one crazy ride these couple of months. Me achieving leader in a legendary army such as Nachos — a few have ever had the honor to say that. Keeping the army alive without any legends was a great feeling, we also won a tournament without any legends and we were a dominate force not be reckoned with. But sadly it’s my time to go, I got bored of armies, it became more of a chore than a fun hobby.

* His full retirement post can be found by clicking here. *

Dan states it was a huge achievement to lead an army as legendary as the Nachos. He states his reason to leave was because he got bored of armies, when I asked him if there were any other reasons, he said school was a factor too.

Server Draft:

Following the server draft, the Nachos hold a total of 13 servers, making their nation the 7th largest in club penguin armies.

Nachos Holding 13 Servers

Interview With Dan101:

Do you think the Nachos can rise in your absence?

Yeah, I think they can rise without me.

Do you plan on returning?

If I ever have time then I might return.

Will we be seeing a new Nachos leader soon?

That’s up to the current leaders, but as of now, I don’t see there being another leader.

Any last words?

Yeah I’ve one last thing to say to the readers! Please vote for me to win the CPAC 25 tournament.

Thank you Dan101!

Do YOU think the Nachos can rise without Dan101? Will the Nachos have a new leader soon? Will Dan101 ever return to our community? What do YOU think? We want to hear YOUR opinion. Comment below!


Club Penguin Army Central Reporter


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  1. Jack, please take down this post for now; it’s a bit incomplete. Interview to be added, and a retirement post will be published soon. Publish this when Dan’s post is published. Gg

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