CPAC Invasions Review [7/11/16-7/18/16]

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters –With summer progressing quite fast and tremendous strides have been made on the CPA project, CPA Central would like to announce the return of the column CPAC Invasions Review. 

With the addition of the Server Map, armies have been fast to schedule invasions in order to control as much of the map as possible. To help YOU the readers keep up with the multitude of invasions every day, CPAC Invasions Review will be your home to find all invasions, transactions, and news that took place in the week!

CPAC Invasions Review will be scheduled for release every Monday and we’ll recap all the news from the previous week. Along with this, CPA Central have thought of ideas for fun and interactive columns so make sure you keep an eye out for upcoming columns!


The format of this post will closely resemble our format from previous use. The column will begin with a round-up of all the invasions of the week, then will continue to give a brief overview of the transactions and events from the week. Directly below you can find the symbols used in this post to help you navigate your way through the column better.

  • The invading army will always be on the left, while the defending army will always be on the right.
  • The server will be displayed as follows: “Klondike:”
  • The arrow (←) will be pointing toward the victor.
  • If the battle is disputed, the arrow will point both ways ( ↔ ).
  • If the battle is agreed to be a tie, an equals sign will replace the arrows (=).
  • In the rare case of a disputed tie, the equal sign will be on the side of the army claiming a tie, while the arrow will be pointing towards the army claiming victory.
  • If one army posts of a battle on their site and the other army does not, the army that posts will be marked the victors on the review unless they formally admit defeat.
  • If a server is being invaded for the first time, it will be succeeded with: “Claiming”
  • If a server, which is already owned by an army, is being invaded by another army without a specific war in effect, it will be succeeded with: “Cleanse from army name. “



Striking Raiders vs. Smart Penguins


Monday, July 11th

Beanbag[Claiming]: Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Blizzard[Claiming]: Nachos  ← [No opposition]

Icicle[Claiming]: Army Republic ← [No opposition]

Frozen[Claiming]: Golds ← [No opposition]

Deep Snow[Claiming] Pretzels ← [No opposition]

Iceland[Claiming]: Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Snow Plow[Claiming]: Army Republic ← [No opposition]

Ice Rink[Claiming]: Rebel Penguin Federation ←[No opposition]


Tuesday, July 12th

Snow Bank[Claiming]: Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Flurry[Claiming]: Smart Penguins ← [No opposition]

Winter Land[Claiming] Smart Penguins ← [No opposition]

Mullet[Claiming] Nachos ← [No opposition]

Snow Fall[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Snowboard[Claiming] Pretzels  ← [No opposition]

Ice Shelf[Claiming] Army of Club Penguin  ← [No opposition]

Beanie[Claiming] Golds ← [No opposition]

Ice Age[Claiming] Army Republic ← [No opposition]

Crystal: Army Republic  ← Wild Ninjas


Wednesday, July 13th

Wind Chill[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Rocky Road[Claiming] 

Altitude[Claiming] Smart Penguins ← [No opposition]

Permafrost[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Elevation[Claiming] Nachos ← [No opposition]

Ice Cold[Claiming]  Army of Club Penguin ← [No opposition]

Crunch: Army Republic  ← Wild Ninjas

Snow Ball[Claiming]  Golds ← [No opposition]

Cozy[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Bonza[Claiming] Army Republic ← [No opposition]


Thursday, July 14th

Snow Cap[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Icebound[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Hockey: Smart Penguins → Striking Raiders

Skates: Smart Penguins ←  Striking Raiders

Kosciuszko[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Bonza[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Caribou[Claiming] Tacos ← [No opposition]

Brumby[Claiming]  Army of Club Penguin ← [No opposition]

Hot Chocolate[Claiming] Army Republic ← [No opposition]

Walrus[Claiming] Pretzels  ← [No opposition]

Ice Breaker: Striking Raiders ← Smart Penguins

Snow Angel: Striking Raiders ← Smart Penguins

Berg: Striking Raiders ← Smart Penguins


Friday, July 15th

Sparkle[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Cloudy: Smart Penguins  Striking Raiders

Migrator[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Snow Globe[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation ← [No opposition]

Boots: Striking Raiders → Smart Penguins

Mountain[Claiming] Nachos ← [No opposition]

Antarctic[Claiming] Rebel Penguin Federation  ← [No opposition]

Belly Slide[Claiming] Army of Club Penguin  ← [No opposition]

Altitude: Striking Raiders  ← Smart Penguins

Sherbert: Striking Raiders  ← Smart Penguins

Zipline: Army Republic → Wild Ninjas

Mittons[Claiming] Nachos ← [No opposition]


Saturday, July 16th

Tea: Night Rebels ← Rebel Penguin Federation

Ice Breaker[Claiming] Smart Penguins ← [No opposition]

Misty[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Glacier[Claiming] Water Vikings ← [No opposition]

Husky: Water Vikings  Lime Green Army

Icebound: Nachos ← Pretzels

Bubblegum[Claiming] Army of Club Penguin ← [No opposition]

Down Under: Army Republic ← Wild Ninjas

Outback[Claiming] Pretzels ← [No opposition]

Mukluk[Claiming] Nachos ← [No opposition]

Alaska: Rebel Penguin Federation ← Water Vikings


Sunday, July 17th

Chinook[Claiming] Night Rebels ← [No opposition]

Glacier[Claiming] Pretzels  ← [No opposition]



Rebel Penguin Federation/Pretzels

Snowboard ↔ Snow Bank


Golds/Silver Surfers

Snow Day ↔ Great White


Rebel Penguin Federation/Ice Warriors

Sub Zero, Hypothermia, Husky, Thermal ↔ No Servers


Water Vikings/Wild Ninjas

Alaska ↔ No Servers


Water Vikings/Rebel Penguin Federation

Subzero, Hypothermia, Thermal ↔ Tundra


Army Republic/Imperial Argonauts Empire

Wool Socks  ↔ No servers


Lime Green Army/Golds

Beanie ↔ Deep Freezer


Silver Surfers/Golds

No Servers ↔ Canoe


Lime Green Army/Rebel Penguin Federation

Husky ↔ Cold Front, Yeti


Hairy Bears/Golds

No Servers ↔ Polar


 Rebel Penguin Federation/Imperial Argonauts Empire

Dry Ice ↔ Snowbound


Night Rebels/Pretzels

Walrus ↔ Icebound


Lime Green Army/Rebel Penguin Federation

No servers ↔ Tea


Smart Penguins/Striking Raiders

Berg, Snow Angel, Ice Breaker, Sherbert ↔ Altitude, Skates



No servers ↔ Mittons


Night Rebels/Rebel Penguin Federation

No servers  ↔ Tea


Parkas/Army Republic

No servers ↔ Bigfoot


Imperial Argonauts Empire/Army Republic

No servers ↔ Wool Socks, Sled, Downhill


Lime Green Army/Smart Penguins

Rocky Road  ↔ Beanie


Lime Green Army/Night Rebels

Chinook  ↔ Snow Cone


That concludes the first edition of the newly returned CPAC Invasions Review. Leave a comment on what you would like to see implemented for future editions of the column!


CPA Central Executive Producer


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