ACP Engage in “Make ACP Great Again” Project

BREEZE, ACP Capital – Over the course of a few days, the Army of Club Penguin has released information on a project entitled “Make ACP Great Again.” Let’s take a look to see the meaning behind this project and what ACP plans to do with it. 

The Army of Club Penguin has reached the peak of success once before; however, ACP has also seen its fair share of turmoil and decline. Why has the Army of Club Penguin faltered as of late? ACP owner, Skipper223, has released a post designated as the “Make ACP Great Again” project.

Along with the “Make ACP Great Again” project, another post titled “My Strategy For Making ACP Great” was released by ACP owner, Crazy Tow. This post can be found here. With both posts to provide insight for the army’s troops and leaders, ACP has high ambitions of taking back their former title of  #1 army in the Club Penguin community.


Recent ACP Event

Faced with the issue of ACP’s faltering sizes, Skipper223 seized the opportunity with the help of his fellow comrades to release an article discussing how the Army of Club Penguin can become a major power in the Club Penguin community as they were before. An excerpt of Skipper’s post can be found below.

Hey guys!

As a army who has been battling and server the island of Club Penguin for almost 10 years! We need to start becoming MORE apart of the Club Penguin community, so we need to do things like attending Club Penguin Mascot/Moderator Meet Ups, post club penguin updates/news on the ACP site (So turn the ACP site into a Club Penguin blog as well) and have ACP host and create their own Club Penguin parties, and get people attending them. So then we will be able to have A LOT more support from Club Penguin players, and since we are the ARMY of CLUB PENGUIN, we won’t be known as outsiders in the Club Penguin community, people won’t think of us as some evil group seeking to destroy Club Penguin.

CLUB PENGUIN BLOG: One step in becoming apart of the Club Penguin community a lot more, is to have the ACP site, half Army site, half Club Penguin blog. And make posts on the latest Club Penguin updates, news, cheats, parties, glitches and more. That will get the site viewed by a lot more Club Penguin players. And the ACP will be more aware and updated of the changes Club Penguin is making, and when more Club Penguin players come see the post on the latest CP updates, they will then, might check out the rest of the ACP site and think on weather they should join. So turning the ACP site into a Club Penguin blog as well, will also bring in more Club Penguin views and possible recruits.

This step is pretty much already done, because that is the reason I was added to the ACP site in the first place. Knowing I have a history of working for Club Penguin blogs, and youtube. So I was added onto here, to post the latest Club Penguin updates and etc.

CLUB PENGUIN MASCOT/MODERATOR MEET-UPS: Mascots and Club Penguin moderators are the most biggest things current in the Club Penguin game. So if the (ACP) Army of Club Penguin comes to the meet up, they will be more known into the Club Penguin community and people will start getting more interested in the ACP, if we continue to start doing fun activities and take part in parties on Club Penguin, and be more better known to the community.

HOSTING/CREATING CLUB PENGUIN MINI PARTIES: Hosting Club Penguin mini parties is a big thing people really, really love. A lot of people has been doing it, and a lot of people attend them, and have a whole lot of fun. They do Club Penguin mini games, dance at the Town, Night Club and other rooms. People takes a lot of pictures and post them on twitter, and some people records the mini parties and put them on Youtube. Creating mini parties gets a lot of attention, and they’re always people joining in. For a example here is a Fashion Show Mini party I created a while back, and it went really really well, a lot of people came and etc.


So as you see, if you create or want to create a party, it’s not really that hard. You just have to find a date, to give people time to see/hear about it and see if they can or cannot come. You have to do a lot of advertisement for it, ask people to spread the word, and ask people personal if they can come. So if we do this as well, we will be more known out there, and become more apart of the community, and we will then get a WHOLE lot more support from Club Penguin players, Club Penguin themself, and other people in the Community, and that are high of in the community such as CP World, Riyita, Trainman, and etc.

PARTNERSHIP WITH CLUB PENGUIN BLOGGERS/YOUTUBERS: Club Penguin blogs such as Trainman1405  and Riyita  and other Club Penguin blogs are really popular as well in the Club Penguin community, people has made their own CP blogs for years now. And they’re still popular now as much as they were back then. Also Club Penguin youtubers are popular as well, one most of y’all are familiar with is known as CP World. They are all really, really popular in the Club Penguin game, they all have over thousands of Club Penguin fans.

So if the Army of Club Penguin did partnership with a few Club Penguin bloggers, and they add the ACP banner to their blog, and we add their banner to our site. And if we all ask CP World, if he could do a video about the ACP – Army of Club Penguin, then we will be well known to their fans that plays Club Penguin, and the ACP will be getting more recruits, and people will start taking interest and look us up, and maybe even join. But the ACP will be getting a lot more Club Penguin views, and we will be more and more part of the Club Penguin community, and well known to the people in it.


Shown above, Skipper223 put forth a list of four ideas on how ACP can better improve the current state of the army. The first idea mentioned by Skipper is to turn the ACP site into a site for both army news and also a place to find the latest updates, glitches, and parties that are hosted on the Club Penguin website. By doing this, Skipper has hopes that this will strengthen the amount of traffic going through the Army of Club Penguin website.

Secondly, Skipper mentioned hosting meet-ups with Club Penguin moderators and mascots, in addition to hosting mini parties for the whole Club Penguin army community to enjoy. By hosting events during the presence of a mascot, he has hopes that this will gain popularity for the army.

Lastly, Skipper states that he would like to create a partnership with famous Club Penguin bloggers and youtubers; notably, Trainman14o5  and Riyita. By gaining a partnership with youtubers and bloggers, ACP would become well known by both media groups posting videos and shootouts for the Army of Club Penguin for their respective fans to see.

Interview with ACP Owner, Skipper223

CPAC- What inspired you to make this plan to boost ACP?

Skipper- Well, like the whole thing, CP armies in general is based off of club penguin, I believe we need to be more involved in the game that CP armies was created upon, parties, meetups, etc.

CPAC- When did you start thinking about this plan?

Skipper- A while back and now that I was added it to the site, I have spread the word, you know? I’m going to do whatever I can to make it happen.

CPAC- When will all the mentioned measures be taken?

Skipper- Well, were hoping soon, I’m trying to get some people in the CP community and who are not in armies into the idea on twitter, I already have gotten the support of Commando, Fever and 1223344a.

CPAC- Anything else to add?

Skipper- Anything can happen if you put your mind to it, you just got to keep working at it, and get a whole lot of people to suport you.


The interview has shown us the determination that Skipper has to plan all of this. Also, he gave great ideas to the community, especially for people who are beggining to create their army. By following Skipper’s advice, this could ultimately benefit the whole community, not only ACP.

The ideas that were proposed are intelligent and can probably give a significant help to ANY army. With that said, if this does turn out successful for the Army of Club Penguin, it may be something that all armies should pursue to benefit the whole community.

 Comment YOUR opinion on ACP’s plan of action. Will this plan work out well for ACP?  Share the thoughts YOU have below!





7 Responses

  1. An interesting programme of course; after all, in a community lacking in so few positive visions, I’m sure for many of us anything will do.

  2. And if most of you remember, this is sorta the thing both Fever and Boomer a little bit, has down in the past. Fever had a club penguin blog, and used his fans to join WW, Boomer led ACP into some of the Club Penguin activities, such as mascot meeting and mazes, parties, etc.

    CP Armies are based on Club Penguin, so if a army wants to be the best army of Club Penguin, they need to be more involve in Club Penguin stuff, and interacted with the non-armies members on Club Penguin. So armies need to be more part of the CP community, because now, with all the bots and stuff. People on CP that are not in armies, are thinking armies are bad and are going to destroy Club Penguin.

    So armies needs to have that special relationship with the Club Penguin community, in order to be able to move forward, if they wanna last longer. So that’s my plan with the ACP.

    I already have gotten much support, from 122344a, Commando (a little bit) and when I contacted Fever on twitter (@Watex) he replied back, telling me he fully supports me, I also have support from famous CP bloggers that are not in armies such as Trainman1405 and Riyita.

    So yea, i’mma do whatever I can, to make this project success and i’m going to continue to try get more support, and then hopefully a new change will happen in ACP.

    Nice post, and thanks for y’all support and interest!


    • Yeah l worked with Watex during that blog with you. I had a great time buddy! Sadly it got suspended.

  3. Also one part of the project is ACP attending CP mascot/moderator meet ups, and yesterday we went online for a Rookie meet up, and here were the results

  4. Nice work getting on CPAC Skipper! I really hope this works out well for us, though maybe you could make a few less post? I almost couldn’t find the AUSIA events on the site.

  5. I actually couldnt help but laugh at first

  6. gay

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