Top Ten Armies: 7/17/16

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- The server draft brought a significant upswing in activity this week, with one army rising to the top during their conquest. This week’s Top 10 will also count towards the seeding of the Legends Cup.

Top Ten

1. Rebel Penguin Federation [81.48] [+1] 

2. Water Vikings [74.79] [-1]

3. Pretzels [71.62] [NEW!]

4. Army Republic [66.00] [+0]

5. Night Rebels [63.22] [-2]

6. Nachos [56.00] [+0]

7. Wild Ninjas [53.00] [+2]

8. Army of Club Penguin [52.63] [-3]

9. Smart Penguins [52.43] [+1]

10. Striking Raiders [52.08] [NEW!]

Full Statistics Here 


1. Rebel Penguin Federation: Embarking on another week of events, the Rebel Penguin Federation began another journey with a max size of 25 at an AUSIA training. Showing of its strength, RPF then continued with a war training with an amazing size  of 40 on Club Penguin. At the first invasion of the week, RPF invaded the server Beanbag where they also managed to max 40. On the same day, July 11th, RPF also invaded Ice Rink and Iceland with similar sizes. On the following day, RPF welcomed the following servers of Snowfall and Snowbank to the empire. They then advanced through the week with an AUSIA invasion of Wind Chill with sizes of 25 and the invasion of Cozy in which the army hit 40. Showing of its AUSIA strength, they maxed 20 at another event and then had a tremendous event portraying a force of 45 on the server Bonza. As the empire continues to expand, RPF invaded Snow Globe and Snowbound with a force of 30-35 penguins online. To finally conclude the week, RPF reached its best size of the week showcasing a huge force of 55 RPF soldiers on the beaches of Alaska.


2. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings kicked off their week with a practice battle against the Golds Army whilst the event being bot raided, they reached sizes of 38 with 8 lockouts due to bots.  They had another practice battle with the Golds where they saw sizes of 36.  The Water Vikings then held a Parade on Sub Zero to celebrate the capture of the server, while maxing 37 in the process.  The army then held invasions of Antarctica and Glacier, where they maxed 28 and 32.  They proceeded to hold an AUSIA recruiting sessions where they got sizes of 28, very high for an AUSIA event.  They finished there week with a bang with an invasion of Husky that saw a max of 46.  The Water Vikings have had growing tensions with the Pretzels Army, and those tensions seem to be reaching sky high.

3. Pretzels: To begin another generation of the Pretzel army, Braze posted the results of the return event that displayed the Pretzels maxing a great size of 20. As leaders and owners flocked to the army, the Pretzels invaded Deep Snow and Snowboard in which they had 20+ online at both events. Showcasing some of its top size of the week, the Pretzels logged on to the server Matterhorn with a size of 32. Later that week, PCP maxed 34 on Walrus and 25 at an AUSIA event. Following a number of flame posts pointed towards the Water Vikings, PCP held another two events with over 30+ at both. 

4. Army Republic: To begin the week, Army Republic condensed onto the server Icicle and successfully took control of the server. As all armies have been, AR continued with another invasion of the server Snow Plow. Following this, AR used its UK force to capture Ice Age and also fought against the Wild Ninjas for the server Crystal. AR also won this server. On July 13th, AR then invaded Bonza and Crunch to strengthen the empire. Hitting some of their top sizes, AR maxed 20 at the invasion of Hot Chocolate and maxed 15 at the invasion of Zipline. Finally, AR concluded the week with sizes of up to 22 at the invasion of Down Under and 13 online for an event on Cream Soda. 


5. Night Rebels: At the beginning of the week, the Night Rebels held a successful AUSIA event that saw a max of 20.  They proceeded to hold a training event that got sizes of 20+.  The Night Rebels then invaded the servers Permafrost, Kosciuszko, Sparkle, and Migrator, all of which saw sizes around 17-23.  They ended their week with an AUSIA invasion of Tea, where they maxed 18, and a UK invasion of Misty that reached sizes of 21. A solid week for the Night Rebels.

6. Nachos: Following a pretty successful week, the Nachos began another with a recruiting session on Ice Berg with sizes of 17 penguins online. The Nachos then invaded a total of 2 servers being Blizzard and Mullet, they successfully capturing both of them. Between another set of scheduled invasions, the Nachos maxed 11 at a recruiting session. Following this, they then used their UK force to capture the servers Mountain and Elevation with varying sizes of between 10 and 12 on Club Penguin. Finally, the Nachos had tremendous sizes of 19 online at the invasion of Icebound and then concluded the week with the invasion of Mukluk.


7. Wild Ninjas: The Wild Ninjas started their week with a small training session that maxed 6, and then held another training session that got sizes of 8.  WN picked up the pace in the next two events against the Army Republic, both maxing around the 15-17 area.  They proceeded on with events and held a training session that maxed 9, and then invaded Zipline from the Army Republic with sizes of 16.  They held 3 events that ranged from sizes of 7-10, and capped off their week with a training on Yeti, where they maxed 7.  The Wild Ninjas claim the Army Republic sabotaged the battle of Crystal, due to the battle being bot raided.

8. Army of Club Penguin: Kicking off their rather slow week, the Army of Club Penguin held an AUSIA training session that maxed 11, then went on to max 8 at a UK session.  After these two events, the ACP maxed 35 at a recruiting session, held an invasion of Ice Shelf that reached sizes of 11, and an invasion of Ice Cold that got sizes of 10.  They ended their week with an invasion of Belly Slide, where they maxed 8.  ACP will look to gain some momentum and rally into a higher spot next week.

11th july 2016 uk 3

9. Smart Penguins: The Smart Penguins had a rather consistent week, beginning with a UK training in which they maxed 14. The army then continued with an AUSIA invasion of Flurry with a max of 10. They shortly after held the invasion of Winterland with the army hitting sizes of up to 12. Continuing the invading trend, SP invaded another four servers with varying sizes of 10-14. After hearing of the retirement of AUSIA leader, Astro, the Smart Penguins are currently engaged in a conflict with the Striking Raiders.


10. Striking Raiders: The Striking Raiders began the week with a US raid, wherein the army maxed 10 and averaged 9, then they held a US invasion wherein they maxed 8 and averaged 7. The army then held a US invasion where they maxed 11 and averaged 9, then they maxed and averaged troop sizes of 10 at another US invasion. The army held a US defence with a max of 8 and an average of 7, then held another US defence with a max of 7 and an average of 6. The Striking Raiders reached a max and average of 6 at a US invasion, then maxed 14, averaged 13 at another US invasion. The aforementioned army once again held another US invasion, maxing 8 and averaging 7, then maxed 10, averaged 8 at once again another US invasion. In another US invasion, the Striking Raiders maxed and averaged 7, then ended the week with another US invasion wherein the army maxed and averaged 9.

Screen Shot 2016-07-16 at 5.00.17 PM



CPA Central Interim Manager

Lorenzo Bean

CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Executive Producer


CPA Central Vice President

Doctor Mine Turtle

CPA Central Editor-in-Chief


25 Responses

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    9th but with a WAY better score than last week good job SP!

  2. Great Job WV & RPF!

    PCP is 3rd, you gotta calc again bruv

    • You called Funks your boyfriend, you fucking hermaphordite.

      • Aren’t you bi….?

  3. RPF has achieved #1 for the first time in a while, well done!

    It’s quite evident that the Top Ten formula needs to change. I proposed the system for the Top Ten that’s currently in place over a year ago before the Summer of 2015, when there were 6-7 armies who were maxing 50+. However nowadays most armies can only hit sizes of 15-20, so this formula doesn’t really benefit them.

    The formula should put more emphasis on Event Quality, especially since the map has just been released and there will be lots of invasions of spare territories, invasions/defenses etc.

    It shouldn’t always be one army with 15-20 points above the other armies. There needs to be some sort of handicap.

    • RPF achieved No. 1 before you Joined Leader Silverburg!
      Salute to RPF!

  4. I started that acp recruiting event :mrgreen: during a Rookie mascot meet up.

    Skipper233 – Life of a Pro

    But good job to RPF at gettin to the top, and the ACP is going get higher next week. just you wait 😀

    • What’s up with all the down votes?

      • uhh what???

        • Your comment has huge number of down votes.

          • what are u talking about…

            • Nvm!

              • kk…

  5. LOL WV’s highest size this week was 28, we literally counted all their event pictures and they exaggerated so much it isnt even funny. Don’t believe me? read this

    So I really do not know if those sizes you have up there were put into the formula when you were calculating the top ten because if it was then PCP was robbed of 2nd. If they weren’t put into the formula then whoever writes the descriptions needs to fix them

    • Holy nuts dude, it’s just a Top Ten.

      • Um you’ve tons of essays on top ten comments almost every week so you’re not one to talk. Im just disappointed we got robbed from 2nd place which we rightfully deserved

        • You’re taking a top ten formula very seriously, just shutup and stop complaining like a baby.

          • Anyone who takes anything seriously in this game isn’t mentally right, I’ve never taken anything too seriously so thats a false statement. Take your stupidity elsewhere

    • “my opinion should displace a tried and true formula”
      and there we have it folks

      • Considering opinion on event size goes into a formula, just because the formula goes your way you aren’t the one bitching this week XD

      • They counted exaggerated sizes into your score all week which isn’t fair to PCP who performed better.

  6. Heck yeah! FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! Suck it Water Vikings!

  7. I swear if any army could survive an CP Army apocalypse it might just be DCP, Rebel Penguin Federation, Water Vikings, Army Republic, ACP, and Nachos right now honestly so talk about a slick 6 there, wary

  8. Good Job RPF. Fight The Good Fight.

  9. OMG 17th of July is my B’ day and on that day RPF Stands first. My B’day and RPF are lucky.

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