The Stock Market: New Recruits

Klondike, CP Army Central Stock Market Analysis Office – This week I introduce the CP Army Stock Market’s article, we’ll be showing how armies are growing. New recruits, where do they come from? Is there enough recruits to sustain an active community? Is our community growing? Find answers to these questions and many more by reading this article.


Firstly, we must establish the methods of new recruits. Please note the word ‘new’ is key in this. We’re not talking about troops from one army joining another army as new recruits as they may be new recruits to the army they’re joining, but they’re not new recruits to the community as a whole.

There are a few methods to recruit new troops. CPPS recruiting, bot recruiting on club penguin and advertisement on other websites are some of the most notable methods.

CPPS Recruiting

CPPS recruiting increased in popularity when FreePenguin was released. Since then, the chat is now set to subscribers only, making CPPS recruiting a bit harder. It still exists on FreePenguin but is no longer as popular among armies. It’s fairly difficult to convince the majority of people on CPPS’ to join your army, and with the main chat being disabled for the majority of users on the FreePenguin chat, the chat is rarely used. This also limits recruiters to private messaging members of the ch

Bot Recruiting

Bot recruiting is still very common amongst some armies who have the luxury of a ecruiting script. Although it is a great way to recruit, it can land you with a ban from club penguin. Many armies fail to excersize this method of recruiting. This is probably one of the main sources of new recruits to our community though. We see many armies returning to this method of recruiting this summer which is certainly an improvement. With the summer here, this is one of the easiest and fastest methods to improve your army’s size in the long run.


Lastly, advertisement on external websites. It’s not very common in recent years. Some armies have gotten tweets about their army, banners on different sites, CPPS sponsorship etc. It’s also not a very consistent method of recruiting. Typically, getting an advertisement on an external website costs money. Many people in armies do not wish to invest any of their own money into increasing their own army’s sizes. 


It’s scary to see these methods written down, as they are 3 of the most common methods, yet the majority of armies fail to excerise them. It is key not only for the growth of an army, but for the growth of a community that these methods of recruitment are excercised to a maximum.

Why Is Our Community Still Alive?

So, if these are the most commonly used methods of recruiting new recruits, and the majority of the community fail to use them, why are armies even alive? It’s obvious our community is declining rapidly. People think it’s growing, but that’s the summertime effect, old troops returning because they have spare time. Compare summer sizes with past summer sizes. The drop in size is evident and so is the drop in the number of armies. Past summers have seen SMAC filled with 15+ armies. In recent weeks we’ve seen SMAC reaching 10 armies.

Don’t Be Fooled By Armies Maxing Big Numbers!

Armies are still maxing impressive numbers though, right? If every army’s size was added together, you’d get the size of the community and that would be huge, so our community is still massive. There has never been a more false statement as the one above me. The ally help for ally help means the same troops are attending events for multiple armies. Not to mention the overuse of rogues in many armies. 5 bar events and calling rogues to certain servers can help an army’s size dramatically.


This article was a page filled with philosophical words compiled together. It reflects the opinion of an individual author on a news website expressing his own opinion on the community’s current status. His opinion is just his opinion.

We want to hear YOUR opinion! Is our community declining? Are armies doing enough recruiting to sustain a community the size of ours? What will army sizes be like in 1 year from now? We want to hear YOUR opinion. Tell us YOUR opinion. Comment below!


Club Penguin Army Central Reporter & Philosopher


2 Responses

  1. I don’t really see how this relates to the stock market, no offense, as there isn’t any mathematical data or proof representing the flow of recruits into this community, even so much as a chart would have been enough. The title aside, you spent a big portion of your post talk about the “methods of recruiting,” and while none of them are wrong, you spent a little too much time summarizing something that is common sense, without adding anything unique to the conversation.

    You continue on the post by addressing how the community is decreasing in size in comparison to previous years, and we all are obviously seeing this unfold, simply saying that army sizes are smaller isn’t enough, it would be nicer if you provided pictures from top tens to the years prior. Structurally your post is fine, there wasn’t anything that made me want to rip my eyes out, but this post is far too redundant, and as I previously stated you haven’t added anything new to the conversation.

    Also: “This article was a page filled with philosophical words compiled together.” Seriously that line made me cringe.

  2. I really miss doing CP Army Advertisement, those were the days.

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