Night Rebels’ US Division Hits a Slump

WHITE OUT, Night Rebels Empire – After holding numerous UK/AUSIA events throughout the past week, with a schedule which appears to have lacked events from the US division, the Night Rebels have made a statement as to why this sudden turn of events has come about.

After coming 5th in our most recent Top Ten, falling two places from last week, it is apparent that this fall was partly a result of their lack of US events over the past few days. Throughout the week, the Night Rebels held AUSIA and UK events which attained sizes between 20-23 throughout, all events which proved beneficial in keeping them stable without their US division present.

An image of the Night Rebels during an event last week, maxing 18+.

On July 17th, 2016, a post was released onto the Night Rebels’ site by Kyle103, NR leader, regarding his inactivity and how this affects the army and their US division. The full post can be read below, or you can be redirected to it by clicking here.

Hey Night Rebels!

I am very sorry for not doing the US division this week, but that’s because l was too busy helping my mom doing the stuff and boxes for moving to different house. My mom is still trying to find one and is thinking what house to get for. Tomorrow l won’t be here because l will be going to my dads, for almost a week. I will not be back until when l have time, my mom also needs me to pack when l get back from the vacation to go to the rent house, because the new house aren’t build yet until November and l am very sorry. If you see me inactive, then l have to step down. If US division doesn’t work properly then you may have to deal with the Ausia and UK, or hire some more US people. I won’t be able to get your messages when l have WIFI their or not, text me if you need me. I might go to some food place where free WIFI is at. Thanks!

Sorry for inconvenience!

In the above post, Kyle states how he will be moving house, which means that he was too busy preparing to lead the army and their US division. However, he continues on to say that his activity in future days, weeks and perhaps even months could be altered by this due to regular visits to his fathers’ house, alongside continuing to prepare to move house. As an alternative to taking up space as a leader, he claims that he wouldn’t mind stepping down from his role in the army if he is perceived as being too inactive to help the army and its function.


CPAC has taken an interview with Haroonniaz, Night Rebels leader, to find out more about how Kyle’s inactivity has affected their US division.

CPAC: How has Kyle’s recent inactivity impacted the Night Rebels and their US division?

Haroon: Honestly, not by much. Our US division has been inactive recently anyway, and I doubt that his inactivity has made much of a difference. 

CPAC: How do you plan to rise the army’s US division?

Haroon: I recently hired JackFrenzy, and Billy is close to a promotion. These two will be able to help me in order to rise this aspect of the army. 

CPAC: What would you like to achieve with your US Division once it is newly reformed?

Haroon: I would like for it to be active, strong and functional like both of our other divisions.

From the above interview, it appears that Kyle’s inactivity may not be as much of a bother to the army’s activity as previously perceived. However, Haroon seems to have a plan regarding how to boost the army’s US division, with the aspiration of it achieving the same heights as their other divisions.

Personally, I feel that Kyle’s influence in the army is limited, and that the army will, more than likely, be able to cope in his absence. However, they could find themselves needing him once again if the plans to improve the US division don’t quite go to plan.

What do YOU think? Is Kyle’s absence the main cause of the Night Rebels’ lack of a US division? Will Haroon’s plan to improve the division prove successful? Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Interim Manager


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  1. I think both Night armies have based on the chat sizes I saw today no disrespect

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