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KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – In a new column at CPAC, “The Leaders Lounge”, I will be looking into what leaders have done and what they have gone through. Today’s leader will be NRs HaroonNiazHaroon has been in CPA for around two years now and has led both the armies he has been a part of. 

Over Haroon’s two years in CPA so far he has accomplished a lot. He has led both DW and NR.  Haroon ran an old CPPS server called OldCP, which is where he began the majority of his career. His sister, Jessica, had been recruited into the Light Troops and, as a result, Haroon also joined the LT soon after. Unlike Haroon, Jessica stayed in LT; soon becoming leader. Instead, just one day after, Haroon left LT for one of its biggest enemies, the Dark Warriors. During his time as a troop, one of the many leaders he was under happened to be Elmikey, who was leading when Har joined. However, Elm was eventually fired.

Haroon quickly rose through the ranks in DW, an army which was like a family or a home to him; he loved the army, and he even called Drake, former DW leader ”his inspiration”. Drake had been a role model to Har, both assisting and guiding him through tough parts of his career. Haroon proved a loyal and dedicated member of the army, earning his way through the ranks from Private to Leader. He was able to lead the army’s AUSIA division to great sizes of 20+, and high spots in CPAC’s Top Ten. 

Lead by Haroon, DW maxing 25  whilst being bot raided.

Despite his accomplishments, both Freezie and Toy made the decision to demote him back to the rank of Second in Command, after agreeing that he did not have the skill level, nor experience, to lead such a demanding army. 

During the summer, Haroon entered retirement due to his busy life and school. DW began to fall at the time you would expect armies to rise. Xxtoysoldier, a DW legend and now former NW leader, closed down the army; with many troops in DW at the time not appreciating Toy’s leadership. As a result of this closure, Tirodragon took it upon himself to create the Night Rebels – an army which all loyal DW troops could join in the absence of the army. Haroon was very successful in NR, leading them to sizes of 25+, attaining consistently stable sizes throughout his leadership.

An image of the Night Rebels attaining high sizes.


CPA Central has taken an interview with Haroon, current Night Rebels leader, to find out more about his career and how they have played a role in his life.

CPAC: How have Club Penguin Armies affected your life?

Haroon: It has affected me greatly. I sleep at 3am thanks to CPA and have to waste more than a half of my day to get to an event.

CPAC: What, for you, is the best part of armies?

Haroon: The best part of armies is that you make friends all around the globe which is impossible even with social app like Facebook because if you don’t know them they might not add you.

CPAC: What has been your best moment in armies? 

Haroon: The best moment was when I was made a Dark Warriors leader. I had been waiting for a year so I was quite happy. 

CPAC: If the Night Rebels died today, what army would you want to lead?

Haroon: The Rebel Penguin Federation is the only army that I would want to lead if NR because I really like RPF troops and how they are all trained.

As you can tell from the interview above, Haroon has had to make a lot of adjustments to his personal life just to cater for NR. Haroon appears to be a great leader and gives the impression of a nice person. He has shown himself as a good leader and is truly dedicated to the armies he joins. 


Leaders Lounge is back and so is another new column, “Talking with Troops”. Each column will be out every other week, with the release of each alternating between the two. 

What do YOU think? Is Haroon truly a good leader? How could he improve his career? Who do you think should be our next featured member of the Leaders Lounge?Comment your thoughts below. Here at CPAC, we value YOUR opinions!


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Interim Manager 


6 Responses

  1. The history man. 😥 btw great post and first! :mrgreen: boyah!

  2. Thanks for bringing this column back. A suggestion: this was not done too effectively the last time the Leaders’ Lounge was around, either, but I have often thought that the column would work better in a way that interpolated and juxtaposed your writing on Haroon with the interview itself.

    To start with, the interview should be much, much longer than your average news post’s interview. I would suggest asking at least ten questions, maybe twenty if you can think of them, and place them throughout the post, not just at the end. Throughout the interview, interpolate your writing about Haroon or your analysis of his answers. This makes the post not only longer, but more interesting for the everyday viewer, and it expands on what you were told in the interview.

    Also, perhaps the title of this column is misleading, but the intention was never for it to be limited to just firsts-in-command of major armies (as this is already a small crop to begin with.) Reach out to former leaders, community legends, and any figureheads with something interesting to say. The intention is for it to be a case study on anyone worth hearing in CP Armies, and if you make the suggested changes, I believe this column can become a staple for CPAC’s readers in perpetuity.

    • I don’t think there are any, but I can draw up a mock version of what I’m looking for.

  3. Good post, SH. Please remember to preview your sentences before you publish, or get someone to check it over for you first!

  4. I should be next, cuz why not.

  5. Good post to SH, I believe… Your writing skills are excellent!

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