Changes to the Administration of CPA Central

In recent months the essence of CP Army Central appears to be lost slightly. While we are not just here to post news and to update people on the latest developments across armies, as we are also here to act as a hub for all of the community to gather, the idea that this website is a news website is key. Battle reports and other news articles have rapidly declined with a shift away from such posts and I feel that it is important we return back to regular and quick reports on all of the important and relevant changes in our community. This also offers you more of a chance to debate the key issues and ideas that are taking place, to further the chance for CPAC to be a centre for our community. Following the retirement of Goblin from the role of CEO and some of the problems that the site has endured over the past months, the Blue Brothers and CPAWM Administration have decided to temporarily change the way in which the site is run. While CPA Central appears to be improving in more recent times in terms of post quantity and running effectiveness, we need to sustain this and bring the site back to what it was before.

For these reasons, it has been decided that Myself and Jodie, SMAC CEO, will fill the roles of Interim Managers of CPAC, working closely with Atticus and Lorenzo – who has agreed to stand down to Executive Producer to further learn more about the role of being in-charge of the website. I would like to make clear that this does not make Jodie and I the 11th and 12th CEOs of the website, as this position has been scrapped for the Summer of 2016. We will instead by Interim, meaning temporary, managers to run the website and to train Atticus and Lorenzo to make sure the site can be run to its highest ability once we leave this role.  Both of these two Executive Producers are key to how we run as they offer fantastic qualities as reporters and leaders, both important and required from someone in a top position at this website. There is no doubt that they will be up to the task if they are asked to run the website in the future and I will be relying on them during this summer.

I am excited to be working alongside Jodie in this role, as her ability to get the best out of the team she has is evident in the continued activity of SM Army Central and while in charge of this website she has seen both quantity and, more importantly, quality go up. I have no doubt that she will be up for the challenge of Interim Manager and will not be fazed by anything that comes up to challenge her. As for myself, after being CPA Central CEO in two separate spells before, working with most staff members that have had the chance to work here, I feel that I bring a wealth of experience that can guide the website to the standards and quality that are required. Everything I have learnt, not only here but in the many armies I have lead, will help me to make the right decisions and not make any mistakes that have been made in the past. I am confident that we can flourish with the new administration.

We remain committed to the plans put forward by Goblin and Lorenzo in the Summer @ CPAC plan and to make sure that we offer the best we can give over this summer – starting with the Legends Cup seeding this weekend. Things can be said, proposed and suggested, but in the end it is only a success if it is implemented by the team around you. I hope that the staff at CPA Central will join us in making the website great again, to bring back the success’ of the past and to gain the confidence of the whole community.


CPA Central Manager


27 Responses

  1. congratz jodie and welcome back funks ily ;3 btw first comment! :mrgreen:

  2. Funks you’re a piece of shit you stupid nigger faggot. I hope you kill CPAC more than it already is. I will not REST until I have you hung on above my fireplace while I sip champagne in the moonlight. I will be the conqueror of all of the Water Vikings land and I will be the savior of many. You have kept “SOME” people hostage, not many, because most are multi-logs. I don’t know why you’d bring back Funks of all people, the person labeled worse ACP Leader and CPAC CEO. I, Lord Trader, would of taken this job if I knew that Funks was getting it. Why make many people suffer by letting this scum back into the sacred land known as Klondike. You have brought shame upon your people and everybody who bares the name of the Club Penguin Army Central. Everyday my hatred for Klondike grows, as my penis does. It is not your fault, it’s not, It’s because you need people like me to steer you into the right direction. I am the savior you are looking for, I will put an end to this.

    Captain Lord Trader of the Pretzels SS

    • Funks you’re honestly in your 20’s bro, give it a rest. If I knew you IRL you’d probably fall if I took your cane away from you. Just retire you aren’t special.

  3. The role of Interim Manager was never a role which I expected to receive here at CPAC. Being given such an opportunity comes to me as a large shock, and I ensure that I will take on the role, alongside Funks, and perform to the best of my ability; for the welfare of CPAC. This new administrative role for the both of us is a chance to prove to the community once again that CPA Central is still the very popular, familiar and inspiring organisation which has continued to guide armies in the right direction in the past years. As the community continues to evolve, whilst seen by some as decreasing, it is CPAC’s job to deliver to you not just the most recent news in which our readers long for, but also with the determination and will to keep this community blossoming in all of its glory. I am honoured to be taking on this position here at CPAC, and together, as a community, we will all work in unison once more.

  4. Kiss ass

  5. shits either gonna get a whole lot better or a whole lot worse lmao aye turn up fam

    • M

    • spoiler: it got a lot worse lmao

  6. L

    • omg hi mach

  7. Congratulations to both of you and the best of luck.

  8. Who will be doing the top ten calculations and posts?

    • I’m not sure if by that you mean a.) Top Tens and b.) “posts,” or just all Top Ten-related content. I can say Lorenzo will retain his duty as Top Ten Maker, one which he has fulfilled very effectively throughout his time as CEO. Regular CPAC staff will, of course, continue to assist him in that mammoth weekly endeavor.

  9. lol rip pretzels cus now funks is gonna make sure his beloved water vikings get whatever they want whenever they want. watch me get banned from armies again too lol get ready for the biggest joke cp armies have ever seen

    • Badboy you might be an extremist but I am worried about the number 1 army leader being temp CEO

      • I would just like to address that Funks will not be making the CPA Central Weekly Top Ten. That job will remain with Lorenzo.

      • Right?? Especially when his leaders are hitting off mine and now he’ll have access to everyone’s IP who comments on CPAC this is a fucking joke we’re going to have a repeat of zaksters term

  10. I feel this decision will be helpful in the long run for CPAC. I hope this gives Lorenzo a chance to rest up and comeback a kick ass CEO. I hope with this temporary change leadership that CPAC will produce frequent, high quality, unbiased material. I am sorry that Gob had to leave on less then fortunate circumstances and I hope be might change his decision.

    • lol i doubt id be let back even if i ever wanted to

      • Nah fam only funks can return a 3rd time after failing twice…. Shades nice over here instead of out in that hot sun..

  11. Great Post! Also, welcome back to CPAC, Funks!

  12. Ehhh, I second the motion of a earlier commenter.

    Funks should not be on CPAC’s employee list. Nothing against the guy, hell, I’ve only spoken to him once or twice three or four years ago, so I can’t say he’s a jerk or powerhungry or whatever.

    Its the idea of having a major army leader being in charge of CPAC. Even as a interim. Maybe funks won’t be bias, who knows. But being interim gives that person power to write the top tens to keep their army in a good spot.

    Get someone from a army that is not in the top tens or who is of moderator rank or lower in any of the major armies.

    Having the leader of the army in the current number one spot as a “interim CEO” is just asking for corruption.

    At the very least get a outsider to do CPAC top tens, because I doubt people will take it seriously if KingFunks is writing and/or editing the top tens.

    Like come on.

    • In regards to your point about the top ten, I will have no influence at all in the making of the top ten and that will still with be with Lorenzo and Jodie.

    • Here’s the problem: at one time, it was entirely possible for people like myself and B1 to build our careers entirely in the media, with little-to-no army influence at all.

      But those days aren’t here anymore. Frankly, most of the competent, intelligent people in armies have finally retired, and suitable replacements are few and far between. There are no candidates that I am aware of who fulfill the requirements you suggest — if any of the major armies had such a person at a moderator or member rank, I assure you they’d promote them rather rapidly to owner.

      So while in theory it would be preferable to have the Managers have no army affiliation whatsoever, that simply isn’t possible in today’s Armies — it’s a choice between no army influence and utter incompetence at running the site.

      As has been pointed out, Funks is a longtime CPAC staff member who understands how to keep his duties separate and free of influence from his army leadership. And, in addition, he isn’t even making the Top Ten — that still falls to Lorenzo. The Managers are simply serving as overseers for the site during the summer, because of their known experience in the media business and ability (we hope) to get CPAC back on track.

      • I like pie

      • Fair enough, if the amount of intelligent and competent people in this community has dwindled to the point that you are stating, then I would say its perfectly reasonable to have someone who has a history with CPAC to run it.

        All I am saying is that You have someone not a high rank in any major armies, yes I know its most likely not feasible to have someone who is not a significant rank in any of the Top Tenners to be a staffer, I just mean of a low enough rank so that the chances of corruption are minimized. Because a private in ACP is less likely to fudge their top ten scores then a 2ic in ACP would(Just as an example).

        Did not realize the amount of intellectually competent people in this community had dwindled to such a point, although if one of my “candidates” did exist, then I would suggest to monitor their rank in whatever major army it is, and if it “magically” goes up by a spot or two then confront them about it, or fire them.

        But I digress, this is not good if you are that low on potential staff.

        Are you really that bare boned in the potential candidate department?

  13. Welcome back funks

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