Ghost Joins RPF For Leader

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation’s Nation – Not long after the death of the controversial Ice Warriors, Ghost has decided to move onto a quickly rising army that goes by the name of RPF. How will this effect RPF? Lets just see!

On the 10th of July Ghost released a post entitled “My official retirement from the Ice Warriors”. In the post he goes through his time in the Ice Warriors. He mentioned that he left Dark Warriors for the Ice Warriors and how he helped make IW one of the strongest armies during 2015. Here’s a bit of what he had to say:

Wow. What can I say? I would have never thought that I would end up leading arguably the most legendary army there ever was, the Ice Warriors. I joined the Ice Warriors as a 2ic, under my good friends Andrew24 and Spyguy202  after I decided to resign from my leadership position in the Dark Warriors. It was tough, but it ended up working out very well for me. After a couple of months, I have already proven myself enough to them and Iceyfeet, they ended up promoting me to the rank of Leader. I was very excited and ready to lead IW to new heights. I ended up basically leading IW for an entire year, almost.

-Ghost, Former Ice Warriors Leader.

If you’d like to read the rest of the post click here. Towards the end of the post he goes on to say he’s proud to be able to call the Ice Warriors his home army. This is understanding since he did lead the Ice Warriors for nearly a year, as mentioned in his post.

Since Ghost left the Ice Warriors and IW shut down he’s moved onto other things, the most notable one being Ghost joining RPF, a rapidly growing army, for the rank of leader. Now that he’s a leader of RPF it makes RPF an army with 6 leaders, the others being, Silverburg, Clout, Luis, Elmikey and FlameAries.

Many people were shocked to see Ghost join RPF as not long before he was leading the Ice Warriors during its arguably most controversial generation. Now that people have got over the shock they will be looking to see if he can rise the army more than it already is. People will just have to wait and see for that question to be answered.

RPF have been rising really quickly even managing to get to 2nd place on the CPAC Top Ten Armies this week. They’ve managed to show that they’re strong and that they can still dominate the Top Ten in 2016 like they did during some of 2015. Now that Ghost has joined RPF, RPF should be aiming for 1st place on the CPAC Top Ten.


Picture of the most recent Top Ten Armies.

Some people are worried that the multilogging controversy that happen in the Ice Warriors will hold him back in RPF. When asked about it Ghost said it won’t effect him because he “had no part in that”. Hopefully this doesn’t hold him back because as he said he has no part in the controversy and just wanted to lead the Ice Warriors back to what it used to be in 2015.

CPAC managed to conduct an interview with Ghost about him joining Rebel Penguin Federation. Let’s just see what he had to say!

CPAC: Why did you join RPF?

Ghost: IW wasn’t working out, and after observing what RPF was doing it really caught my attention so I decided to join them.

CPAC: What plans do you have for RPF?

Ghost: I plan to help the army anyway I can. Recruiting, expanding the nation, etc.

CPAC: Do you think the multilogging scandal that happened in IW will effect your time in RPF?

Ghost: Not at all, as I really had no part in that.

CPAC: How long do you plan on staying in RPF?

Ghost: Probably until the end of Summer or after the Legends Cup. I’m thinking I’ll retire once the Legends Cup is over, most likely.

CPAC: Any final comments?


As you can see in the interview Ghost hopes to rise RPF more than it’s already rising. Only time will tell to see if he can successfully do so. He also said he wants to get RPF through the Legends Cup and hopefully win before he retires. Only time will tell to see if he can do this as well.

What do YOU think? Was Ghost joining RPF a good thing? Will RPF win the Legends Cup? Will RPF get first place in the CPAC Top Ten?
Comment below YOUR opinions!


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