Ice Warriors in Decline || Andrew24 Returns

HUSKY, Ice Warriors Capital – The Ice Warriors, a very controversial army, have had their ups and downs. In their most recent era of the army; starting in early June of 2016, the army hit great sizes. The army soon then started to die off leaving the troops and even the leaders concerned.

In their previous era, the Ice Warriors had peaked at heights of almost 70. In the concluding days of September 2015, the Ice Warriors had been caught in a scandalous multilogging investigation. In January of 2016, the Ice Warriors had officially shut down.

“Although there is so much I can say, I will have the most important parts of the post in this next paragraph, and then later add edits in regarding the history of the Ice Warriors. To start things off, it wasn’t an easy decision to end one of the oldest and most legendary CP armies. The fact is that CP armies are long gone. We are living in a continuous cycle of pointless events that are for the most part faked to somehow show that the community is still “alive”. The heart of CP warfare stopped beating long ago, and I don’t want my creation to take part in this fake world any longer. The Club Penguin army community will unfortunately never decide as a whole on what to do, but that doesn’t mean we can’t decide as a majority. Some people will want to stay, others will want to change games, and some will want to separate forever. As for the current Ice Warriors, the remaining troops can either choose to join another army and/or hangout on IW chat and possibly take part in future plans. All former troops and other members of CP armies are always welcome to hangout on IW chat.”

-Iceyfeet, Ice Warriors creator

Above is a statement from Iceyfeet, the original creator of the Ice Warriors. This came as a shock to many in the community due to the Ice Warriors being one of the most powerful armies in the community, as well one of the oldest.

The Ice Warriors attempted to come back in April of 2016, which ended up resulting in a failure. Their official comeback was then set for June of 2016. With a new group of leaders, the Ice Warriors expected great sizes. In an unexpected turn of events, the Ice Warriors faced another multilogging accusation.

Trader and Badboy are hereby removed from the Ice Warriors Leadership

My reasoning for doing this is pretty clear. The night it was agreed on that Bam, Trader, and Badboy would be taking over as Leaders, we made some rules that came with dire consequences if disobeyed (removal from the army). And of course, one of those rules was that we will NOT tolerate mutilogging, at all. Especially the encouragement of such action. The Ice Warriors are a great army, legendary, and the last thing we need is for those claims to be slapped right on us just because someone or some people decided to be selfish.

In the upcoming days, the army rehired Trader as it was claimed that Badboy was the only one multilogging; which happened to be five penguins. Again, the Ice Warriors were caught multilogging by no other than Trader. The follow info below is only an excerpt of the evidence brought together.

Only a couple weeks following their last deduction, the Ice Warriors are being penalized again for multilogging, this time at the hands of Trader. The evidence collected below (submitted to CPAC anonymously), along with confirmation from a couple of IW troops, proves that IW reached illegitimate sizes this week. They will be deducted points in this and the following week’s Top Ten.

Note: The following was submitted to CPAC anonymously, and was not written by CPAC staff.

The previous Romans generation, led by Badboy, Trader, and Serpent, seemingly came out of nowhere with sizes of 25+. This immediately raised suspicion throughout the community.

Following the recent multilogging accusation, the Ice Warriors were left being led by Silverburg, Ghost and Dr.Matt. After three days of being caught, Silverburg returned home to lead Rebel Penguin Federation. Following his departure, Ghost decided to leave aswell. Leaving the Ice Warriors in the hands of Dr.Matt, who then left for Pretzels.
Event of RPF led by Silverburg and Ghost

Event of RPF led by Silverburg and Ghost

On July 11th 2016, Andrew24, a former Ice Warriors leader, announced his return to the army. The return is unknown at the time but it is known to happen in the near future. With the return of one of the Ice Warriors most well-known legends, we should expect to see the Ice Warriors become a serious contender in the community once more.

Heavily crippled, but still standing. That is how legends are born.

There’s nothing better than hearing or seeing a comeback story.

Question is; is that what you want? Comment below.



 With the addition of the server map, there is not a better time to see legendary armies return and make this community more competitive than ever before. The Ice Warriors certainly would also like to take part in controlling the largest amount of land as they can. Whenever the Ice Warriors do return, certainly they will be anxious to return to the center stage in the Club Penguin community.

Comment YOUR opinion on the return of the Ice Warriors. Will the Ice Warriors return to major status?  Share the thoughts YOU have below!


CPA Central Reporter


CPA Central Executive Producer


2 Responses

  1. Good post.

    Just specify when you’re going into an excerpt from someone else. “An excerpt of Andrew24s post can be seen below.”

    Always assume the reader knows nothing.

    But good post.

  2. Great post! ;D

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